I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 613 - My Opponent Is a True God

Chapter 613: My Opponent Is a True God

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An Lin was a little skeptical of the authenticity of the man standing before him. How could he be his opponent on the ninety-ninth level?!

This was a man with long silver hair who wore a stern expression on his face.

He was clothed in a purple and gold robe, and everything in this entire universe seemed to revolve around him.

That’s right, the man standing before An Lin was none other than one of the four Emperors of the Heavenly Court, Emperor Ziwei of the North!

An Lin felt like he was dreaming. How could Emperor Ziwei be his opponent on the ninety-ninth level?

This was an exceptionally powerful being with the titles of Lord of the Stars and Master of All Things. He was an expert in all immortal spells and held the bad*ss title of the godfather of immortal spells. For a man like him to be his opponent…

This had to be a joke!!

“You… Senior, aren’t you still alive? Why would you appear in the Immortal Spirit Tower?” An Lin asked with an incredulous expression after recovering his composure.

A warm smile appeared on Emperor Ziwei’s face. “Who told you that only deceased immortals could act as your opponents within this Immortal Spirit Tower? I can also leave a wisp of my own divine intent here. This is the final level, so we have to give everyone a small surprise.”

An Lin drew a sharp intake of breath. This wasn’t a small surprise, this was a f*cking massive shock!

Emperor Ziwei extended a hand as if he was extending an invitation.

“Let’s not waste any more time with words, An Lin. All the spectating students and teachers must be quite eager to see our battle commence, so let’s not make them wait any longer.”

Were they really going to fight?

An Lin was starting to have thoughts of backing down. After all, Emperor Ziwei was one of the most powerful people within the Heavenly Court; he was a Dao Integration Stage True God! He could even be considered as one of the most powerful cultivators across the entire Tai Chu Continent.

Why were the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas so intent on producing a Dao Integration Stage mighty figure? It was because only powers with a Dao Integration Stage mighty figure within their ranks could have true speaking rights on Tai Chu Continent.

From that notion alone, it was clear to see just how powerful a Dao Integration Stage mighty figure was.

And now, An Lin was about to fight one… How could he not have thoughts of backing down?

Emperor Ziwei seemed to have guessed what An Lin was thinking as a slight smile appeared on his face. “Don’t worry, I’m just a wisp of divine intent, so I’m nowhere near as fearsome as you think.”

Heh… you may be just a wisp of divine intent, but my power has been reduced to one percent as well!

Even this wisp of divine intent would obviously be freakishly powerful, otherwise, it wouldn’t be the final BOSS! What if it couldn’t control its power in battle, and what if it could actually kill him?!

“Would it be possible to let Senior Bai Zhong lift my power restrictions before I fight you?” An Lin asked.

Emperor Ziwei: “…”

Outside the Immortal Spirit Tower, all the spectators were also collectively dumbstruck by what was happening.

They would have never foreseen that a True God would be the final BOSS of the tower!

Sword Immortal Dong Yi chuckled and said, “You didn’t expect this, did you? I am a disciple of Master Ziwei, despite the fact that I am lacking in talent and have yet to break through to the Return to Void Stage. The reason why I have made the trip here is just so that I can see Master in action. Even if it’s just a wisp of his divine intent, I’m sure the battle would provide me with a lot of inspiration.”

Yao Mingxi and Yao Xiu both nodded numbly, but they were stunned beyond words.

Xu Xiaolan and the others were also staring at the screen in shock. All of them were rendered speechless with astonishment.

It was clear that this final BOSS was designed to give everyone a huge fright.

“Is he really going to have to fight a True God? Holy sh*t…”

“And this is a living True God too. Why did Emperor Ziwei come here to bully little kids?!”

“Should we get a bit further away from here? I fear that we might die from the shockwaves emanating from the battle!”

“This is bullsh*t! This final level is clearly insurmountable!”

Emperor Ziwei was a legendary character throughout the Heavenly Court. Even a wisp of his divine intent was more monstrous than they could ever imagine.

The end result of this battle was already obvious to everyone. In all honesty, even An Lin didn’t think that he had any hope of winning. He was normally quite confident, but he simply couldn’t muster a single shred of confidence against an opponent like this.

“Ding Dong!”

At this moment, a familiar sound rang out in his mind.

An Lin was extremely familiar with this sound, but if he had a choice, he would rather not have to listen to this accursed sound ever again.

In the end, he opened the system mission reluctantly.

“Detected that host is too scared to fight. Now assigning the following special mission ‘Show Them The True Colors of The War God’:

“Defeat the divine intent of Emperor Ziwei and grind its face into the ground.

“Mission Success: Receive one raffle for the Special Spell Technique lottery.

“Mission Failure: All of the host’s clothing will be a hundred percent see-through for an entire year.

“Note: This mission cannot be rejected.”

An Lin: “…”

True colors of the War God? Did that mean the system had admitted that he was a War God? This was quite a happy notion to consider…

Happy my a*s! How the f*ck was he supposed to be happy about this?!

Grind Emperor Ziwei’s face into the ground? Why didn’t the system just ask him to kill himself?!

And what was this stupid consequence for mission failure? Was it trying to make him become an exhibitionist freak?! That had to be the case!

An Lin was enraged to the point of laughter by the mission conditions. If he were to fail the mission, he would be regarded as a perverted freak! At that time, he felt like he could only seclude himself in a cave with the two Gundams for company…

Hmm… Come to think of it, it appeared that the Gundams did have some good points about them. At the very least, they wouldn’t denounce him as a perverted freak…

Emperor Ziwei’s eyes lit up as An Lin began to chuckle to himself. “Have you finally made up your mind, An Lin? Then let’s begin!”

An Lin came to his senses before curbing his enraged smile and looking at Emperor Ziwei. “So there’s really no chance I could have my power restrictions lifted before we battle?”

Emperor Ziwei shook his head with a smile. “No. These are the rules of the Immortal Spirit Tower. Come on, An Lin, I trust you’re not one to back down from a battle like this!”

He had wanted to test out the extent of An Lin’s power for a long time, and he obviously wasn’t going to pass up this opportunity to do so.


The sound of a sonic boom erupted.

An Lin’s body instantly broke through the sound barrier before appearing right in front of Emperor Ziwei.

His Earth Lotus Supreme Skill was activated to the maximum as he launched a monstrous golden fist.

Emperor Ziwei nodded with a slight smile. “Very good. It appears you’re ready to battle…”

An Lin’s fist struck Emperor Ziwei’s face, but Emperor Ziwei exploded into a cloud of purple mist before reappearing by An Lin’s side and pointing a shining, golden finger at An Lin’s waist.

“Divine Golden Finger!”


Overwhelming power swept forth, and An Lin flew through the air like a cannonball.

He fought to ignore the acute pain radiating from his waist as he twisted his body in mid-air to unleash the lightning he had gathered with his Lightning Manipulation Technique. A scintillating bolt of Golden Void Lightning appeared before striking down upon Emperor Ziwei after being enhanced by the Lightning Amplification Technique.

The Golden Void Lightning transformed into a golden lightning sword before striking down upon Emperor Ziwei’s head.

“Purple Void Bridge.” Emperor Ziwei extended a finger that was glowing with a purple light, and he thrust his finger at the bolt of Golden Void Lightning with a purplish-black ball at his fingertip.

At the same time, another purplish-black ball appeared right before An Lin.

A chill ran down An Lin’s spine upon seeing this.

The Golden Void Lightning, which struck the purplish-black ball on Emperor Ziwei’s fingertip, suddenly disappeared before reemerging from the purplish-black ball in front of An Lin!

Everything happened far too quickly, and An Lin had no time to unleash his Lightning Manipulation Technique again.


The fearsome Golden Void Lightning struck An Lin’s body, and he roared with pain as the destructive power exploded forth.

He tumbled to the ground as wisps of black smoke rose from his body.

Never did he think that he would be struck by Golden Void Lightning again after transcending his lighting tribulation. The destructive numbing sensation spread throughout his entire body and would’ve most likely blasted a massive hole in his chest if it wasn’t for his body of the War God.

An Lin was a little dumbstruck. He was already mentally prepared, but he didn’t think that he would be unable to touch Emperor Ziwei even once in their first few exchanges…

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