I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 38 - Formidable Entrance

Chapter 38: Formidable Entrance

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The battle between Wang Xuanzhan and Xuanyuan Cheng erupted once again. Vital energy would surge and explode every time the spear and sword collided, and the power it emitted was absolutely terrifying.

If ordinary people came close to their battle, it was possible that they would accidentally die due to being struck by the shockwaves produced.

Wang Xuanzhan didn’t use his shockingly powerful spear attack anymore. After all, that wasn’t a strike that could be used willfully.

Xuanyuan Cheng was already injured, and it was just a matter of time before he was defeated.

Most importantly, Chen Chen still hadn’t left.

Wang Xuanzhan decided to save some energy to deal with Chen Chen. Thus, he tried to avoid using attacks which consumed large amounts of energy whenever he could.

Outside of the battle, Chen Chen also had an undecided look on his face.

If he chose to leave, Wang Xuanzhan would definitely pay a large price and go all out in an attempt to end this battle as quickly as possible.

At that time, Xuanyuan Cheng would definitely suffer an extremely cruel and miserable loss.

Chen Chen felt that it would be unfair to Xuanyuan Cheng—who stood bravely in front of him with no regard for his own safety—if he did that.

However, if he didn’t leave, would Xuanyuan Cheng become infuriated to the point of spitting blood?

After all, he had created an opportunity for him to escape out of good-will, yet, he remained here and watched on…

“Sigh, how come I’ve come across something so troublesome…”

The expression on Chen Chen’s small and delicate face was as if he had experienced great vicissitudes. He felt as if he had aged a full day.

“Forget about it. I’ll wait till Xuanyuan Cheng finishes his battle.”

After making up his mind, a look of indifference resurfaced on his small face and he remained in the same spot, continuing to spectate the battle.

Wang Xuanzhan was already a powerful cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage. Now that he had activated the power of his bloodline, his strength was off the charts.

Every strike of his possessed an enormous power and Xuanyuan Cheng was repeatedly injured as he was forced into a continuous retreat.

Right at this moment, a giant dog flew past unhurriedly. Sitting on the dog was a relatively handsome male.

He swept his gaze across the battle and the expression on his face suddenly changed.

“Bowing Dragon Head!”

Wang Xuanzhan detected a weak point in Xuanyuan Cheng’s defense, and his spear smashed down.

As the spear fell, a shadow of an azure dragon appeared and pounced down towards Xuanyuan Cheng.


The azure dragon broke through Xuanyuan Cheng’s sphere of air and exploded loudly.

Instantly, a startling amount of energy exploded outwards and the ground within a thirty feet radius of Xuanyuan Cheng completely caved in.

Xuanyuan Cheng spat out a mouthful of blood and his body swayed about slightly. Finally, he was unable to support himself and fell backward.

A golden defensive barrier appeared around his body. Xuanyuan Cheng had lost!

Wang Xuanzhan panted heavily. He didn’t expect for Xuanyuan Cheng to be able to last for so long. Even defeating a powerful cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage wasn’t this difficult. The difficulty of this battle was far beyond what he had anticipated.

He turned his gaze to Chen Chen and a look of eagerness appeared on his face. “Finally! There’s no one here to disrupt our battle now. I’ll definitely…”

Before he could finish speaking, an angry howl came from the skies.

“What audacity! You actually dare injure Big Brother Cheng 1 ?! Accept your death!”

After this howl, a person and dog descended from the skies!

Looking towards the sky, Wang Xuanzhan’s face twitched…

What’s up with me today? Who did I offend?

Chen Chen had originally planned on escaping. Yet, seeing the scene in the sky, he became baffled and remained where he stood.

The loudest response came from Xuanyuan Cheng, who started shouting when he saw who it was that had come. “Student An Lin, don’t come over! Hurry up and escape!”

However, the person and dog in the sky had no intention of leaving. Rather, they dashed over even faster!

Xuanyuan Cheng’s mind felt fatigued. He had initially thought that him stepping forward boldly would allow for Chen Chen to escape.

Everything was even worse now. Chen Chen didn’t escape and now An Lin had also come forward to his doom…

On White Jade Plaza, the students who had witnessed Xuanyuan Cheng’s battle all exclaimed in astonishment at his performance.

“Who would’ve thought that such a powerful individual would emerge from the new students. He was actually able to last for that long under Wang Xuanzhan’s all-out attack!”

“From the strength he displayed, he’s even more powerful than some cultivators of the Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage.”

“Uh-huh. I’m afraid that in two or three years, the top place of the Immortal Rankings Board will be his.”

“Ah! Student Xuanyuan Cheng is so handsome! Even though he lost, his white robes are still fluttering in the wind and he still appears graceful and elegant!”

“Damned screen. Can’t you zoom in so I can look at Student Xuanyuan Cheng’s face properly?”

“The cameraman doesn’t need to go to work tomorrow!”

Xuanyuan Cheng’s fangirls were irate and they protested loudly…

Right at this moment, a dog-riding figure appeared on the screen.

The familiarity of this scene had the students dazed.

“Holy f*ck! It’s the Gallant Human and Dog Duo!”

“What are they doing here? It can’t be that they’re here to smash the Dominant Golden Toxic Fist into Wang Xuanzhan’s face, right?”

“Forget about the Dominant Golden Toxic Fist. Even if they use the entirety of the Eighteen Forms Dog Pounce, they’ll be unable to defend a single one of Wang Xuanzhan’s spear attacks!”

“Being able to clearly recognize the gap between your strength and the strength of others is of utmost importance. If they didn’t rush towards their own doom, they could have still bobbled around for a little while longer…”

The appearance of An Lin and Da Bai once again caused waves amongst the tens of thousands of students.

However, many students weren’t optimistic about their chances. Moreover, they even felt slightly disappointed.

Why do you have to take things so seriously? Can’t you seek out other students? We still want to see more of the Gallant Human and Dog Duo…

Above the barrier.

When the white-haired and white-bearded Earth Immortal Cang Qing saw the human and dog make their formidable entrance, his heart throbbed in pain.

“Are these the weirdos that Earth Immortal Yue Ying mentioned? Sure enough, they’re out of the ordinary…”

Earth Immortal Cang Qing lightly stroked his beard as he spoke.

Their data was already in his hands and after seeing it, he almost yanked his own beard off. Not only was his heart throbbing in pain, but even his head was throbbing in pain now.

An Lin—Combat Capability: 260; Achievement Score: 1010

Da Bai, An Lin’s Summoned Beast—Combat Capability: 400; Achievement Score: 630

What the hell is a Summoned Beast? Are there such things as Summoned Beasts in the cultivation world?!

And what’s with that achievement score? It’s split in half?

Is this the method that Earth Immortal Yue Ying came up with to resolve this issue? It’s way too sloppy!

To enter the top one-hundred and break into the Immortal Rankings Board, students needed a combat capability of at least 250. Students of the Spirit Nurturing Stage usually had a combat capability of above 350.

An Lin entered the university with a rank of Zeroth Stage Dao Body and he also sleeps through his classes. His strength can rank into the top one-hundred after cultivating for a mere four months?

Also, what the hell is with that bloody achievement score of 1010? Is he trying to break the school’s record?!

There was a myriad of things Earth Immortal Cang Qing wanted to say. It felt extremely uncomfortable trying to keep them in his mind…

Finally, he came to a realization.

If it exists, then there is a rationale behind its existence. Since this bloody human and dog duo are still able to exist here, then there is definitely a rationale for their existence!

Let me continue recording data based on Earth Immortal Yue Ying’s method. Ultimately, it’s Celestial Immortal Yu Hua who needs to worry about this anyway…

I’ll just let Vice-principal Yu Hua deal with this kind of troublesome matter!

An Lin was up in the sky and, upon seeing Xuanyuan Cheng being teleported out with his body riddled with injuries, he became even more furious.

“You really couldn’t bully anyone else but my Big Brother Cheng? Da Bai, go kill him!”

“If you have the ability, then you go first! Woof!”

An Lin: “… let’s go together!”

Da Bai: “Let’s go together, woof!”

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