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Chapter 37 - Wang Xuanzhan VS Xuanyuan Cheng

Chapter 37: Wang Xuanzhan VS Xuanyuan Cheng

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Xuanyuan Cheng was already prepared for battle since a while ago. Faced with this astonishingly powerful stab, he didn’t dodge or evade. He grasped a sword in his hand and received the attack head-on.


A devastating power erupted from their first collision, and the earth within a thirty feet radius split and cracked open.

Xuanyuan Cheng had lit the fuse to Wang Xuanzhan’s short-temper a long time ago.

Thus, Wang Xuanzhan used his full strength right from the beginning, wishing only to end the battle as soon as possible.

An azure dragon was wrapped around his spear, and his stab, upwards slash and sweep all possessed an invincible might.

Xuanyuan Cheng kept retreating as he avoided Wang Xuanzhan’s attacks. His own sword flashed about, forming a sphere of air around him.

Every time Wang Xuanzhan’s spear stabbed into this sphere of air, the power it carried would be hindered by a thick and viscous force. When this occurred, Xuanyuan Cheng would take advantage of Wang Xuanzhan’s moment of sluggishness and either dodge or block his attack.

Xuanyuan Cheng knew that Wang Xuanzhan was very powerful. If he fought with him recklessly, he would be defeated very quickly.

As such, he used his most powerful defensive technique, only defending and not attacking. He strived to gain more time for Chen Chen to escape.

“Senior Chen, why are you still here? Hurry up and escape!” Xuanyuan Cheng shouted at Chen Chen.

Chen Chen: “…”

Xuanyuan Cheng’s defense was an utter nuisance and Wang Xuanzhan felt especially distressed.

Hearing what Xuanyuan Cheng shouted at Chen Chen, he erupted once again. He directly entered into his second form in a fit of fury.

This time, not only was there an azure dragon wrapped around his spear, but he himself also transformed into a dragon!

Azure colored dragon scales appeared on Wang Xuanzhan’s body and his aura suddenly shot up to the Spirit Nurturing Pinnacle Stage.

“You actually have the bloodline of the dragon tribe?!” Xuanyuan Cheng’s expression changed upon seeing this.

Almost all the students on White Jade Plaza turned their attention to Wang Xuanzhan’s battle.

Indeed, this was a battle between the strongest of the Immortal Rankings Board and the strongest of the new cohort.

In addition, this was a battle between two students who had both received a True God’s letter of recommendation. This was a battle which had numerous points of interest.

“It’s over, Wang Xuanzhan has already activated his dragon bloodline. He’s going to fight at full strength!”

The student who opened his mouth appeared an able person and a cut above the crowd. He had a small mustache and wore a carefree and leisurely expression.

“Student Pan, you mentioned dragon bloodline. Could it be that Senior Wang is a member of the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas?” a cute looking girl asked curiously.

At the same time, many of the surrounding students looked towards Senior Pan curiously.

An enigmatic expression emerged on Senior Pan’s face. It was clear that he especially enjoyed this kind of attention.

What a joke! He was Pan Buyu, ranked twentieth on the Immortal Rankings Board. Students looking at him with an expression of deep respect and reverence was merely the norm!

“Wang Xuanzhan isn’t from the Dragon Court. His dragon bloodline is inherited from an ancient dragon. This is an extremely ancient type of bloodline inheritance.

“How he attained his dragon bloodline is a mystery to us. However, what is certain is that the power provided to him by this ancient dragon bloodline is what earned him the appreciation of a True God!”

Pan Buyu’s explanation allowed the students to suddenly understand Wang Xuanzhan’s power.

A True God could defeat the entire Dragon Court all by himself. How could the bloodline of the Dragon Court compare to a bloodline which was appreciated and valued highly by a True God?

“Then… how much longer does Senior Pan think Xuanyuan Cheng can last?” a girl from first-year asked timidly.

She really adored Xuanyuan Cheng. Hearing Pan Buyu’s comments just now, she instantly became anxious for Xuanyuan Cheng.

Pan Buyu chuckled and held up one finger.

“A quarter of an hour 1 ?” the girl blinked.

“No… He can’t last a single strike!” Pan Buyu said seriously.

Once this left his mouth, it swept through the crowd in an instant and stirred everyone up.

One after another, expressions of surprise and astonishment appeared on their faces. As if in shock, the girl’s body shivered upon hearing this.

He can’t even last a single strike? That has got to be a joke, right?!

However, Pan Buyu was a powerful cultivator ranked in the Spirit Nurturing Stage. Furthermore, he had fought with Xuanyuan Cheng before.

Thus, his comments carried a lot of authority.

Even if there were those who didn’t believe him, they wouldn’t say it to his face.

Everyone was tense as they looked towards the image on the crystal screen. If Pan Buyu’s analysis was reliable, then this battle was about to end!

Like everyone else, Pan Buyu looked towards Xuanyuan Cheng on the screen. He sighed softly.

If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for being too nosy. Wang Xuanzhan’s next attack is really painful! he thought to himself.

I know this because Wang Xuanzhan’s strike under this state was exactly what defeated me last year…

Within the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks.

Wang Xuanzhan, who had activated the power of the ancient dragon bloodline, was covered in azure scales. Furthermore, his eyes had become gold and a boundless might radiated from them.

He pointed his spear at Xuanyuan Cheng.

“To defeat you, I only need one strike!” he said coldly.

Wang Xuanzhan moved. This time, his body moved along with the spear and his movement was lightning quick.

The path he took drew out the shadow of an azure dragon and the tip of his spear was the azure dragon’s fang.


The cry of the azure dragon was extremely intimidating, and the ferocious power of the spear was unstoppable.

Xuanyuan Cheng felt as if the spear tip had reached him the instant that Wang Xuanzhan launched his attack!

In that instant, he felt as if he was facing off against a giant ancient dragon.

A crushing pressure surged towards him from every direction.

If it was a normal Spirit Nurturing Stage cultivator who was faced with this situation, they would almost certainly give up all hope of resistance.

However, Xuanyuan Cheng remained very calm.

“Rotating Heaven and Earth.”

A vacant look appeared in his eyes and it was as if they had lost their focus.

The spear tip approached his body and the sword in his hand started moving. It looked very slow, yet it collided with the spear tip in a timely manner…

A black and white figure composed of two fish shapes formed under his feet and his sword slowly deflected at an abstruse angle.


An azure dragon surged outwards and the extremely fierce spear attack tore apart one hundred feet of ground in front of him, forming a pitch-black chasm.

Blood slowly dripped to the floor…

Xuanyuan Cheng was injured.

However, there was a look of astonishment on Wang Xuanzhan’s face. “You actually dodged it?!”

The spear had punctured Xuanyuan Cheng’s shoulder, and his left arm was drenched in blood.

He didn’t reply. Rather, he took advantage of Wang Xuanzhan’s astonishment to retreat and increase the distance between them.

“Senior Chen, if you still don’t escape then I won’t be able to hold on for much longer. At most, I can only block five more strikes. Hurry!”

When he finished speaking, Xuanyuan Cheng once again took a defensive stance.

Wang Xuanzhan: “…”

Chen Chen: “…”

Somewhere on White Jade Plaza, countless students turned their gaze towards Senior Pan.

To this, Pan Buyu remained silent, maintaining his appearance of an able and superior individual.

What a joke! He was Pan Buyu, ranked twentieth on the Immortal Rankings Board. Students looking at him with an expression of deep respect and reverence was merely the norm!


Senior Pan did not appear to be enjoying himself at this moment.

His face was flushed red and it felt a little hot…

Above the area where Wang Xuanzhan and Xuanyuan Cheng were battling in the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, Earth Immortal Cang Qing was observing them.

When he saw Xuanyuan Cheng dodge Wang Xuanzhan’s most powerful strike, his expression involuntarily changed.

“Xuanyuan Cheng has indeed proved himself to be a one-in-one-hundred-years prodigy of the Ten-Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect. He’s got a grasp of the Ten-Thousand Spirits Taichi Method at such a young age!

“M-hm… Based on this strike alone, his combat capability is far beyond that of Pan Buyu…”

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