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Chapter 35 - The Gallant Human and Dog Duo

Chapter 35: The Gallant Human and Dog Duo

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“She died young! The dog ate a person!”

“She was swallowed whole, no less. Does it really have to be so bloody?”

Tens of thousands of students stared dazedly at the giant white dog displayed on the screen.

Even up till now, they still hadn’t recovered from seeing such a young and beautiful girl be mercilessly swallowed by a fierce beast.

“Aren’t they friends? How come he suddenly attacked?”

“Just as I expected, that dog is extremely abnormal. I think he’s the Final Boss of this event!”

“So, who can tell me what the hell is up with that dog?”

Everyone: “…”

Right at this moment, when everyone was silent, something unexpected occurred once again. The giant white dog opened his mouth and a golden light radiated out from it, appearing extremely shocking.

“Holy f*ck! This dog can even spit out golden light!”

The students were shocked once again.

“Hang on, this seems to be the golden light emitted by the Defeat Judgement Seal…”

Some students came to their senses and a suspicion had already formed in their minds.

Within the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks.

An Lin finally heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the golden light radiating from Da Bai’s mouth. He knew that his attempt was a success!

It was only following Xu Xiaolan’s request that Da Bai had swallowed her.

In the battle earlier on, Xu Xiaolan had expended all of the power coming from her Heavenly Phoenix Divine Bloodline already. This type of power was extremely hard to replenish in a short period of time.

Simply put, she had already displayed her full strength to the observing teachers.

Without the power of her divine bloodline, Xu Xiaolan would be unable to fight at her full strength. If she continued on, she would just be asking for a hard time. Thus, she was better off leaving the battleground as early as possible.

Thereupon, Da Bai used a swallowing spell and gobbled Xu Xiaolan up.

After entering Da Bai’s stomach, Xu Xiaolan was unable to break out with the strength she had remaining. Moreover, the vital energy in her body was being continuously stripped away by Da Bai. This truly was a hopeless situation!

Just like that, her Defeat Judgement Seal was activated.

There was a flash of gold, and without needing to endure any extra suffering, Xu Xiaolan left the battleground.

That method worked unexpectedly well!

An Lin rubbed his chin in thought.

“Da Bai, can I request something of you?”


“If I meet a particularly strong opponent, swallow me!”

Da Bai: “…”

After Xu Xiaolan had left, An Lin once again flew off with Da Bai and continued on his conquest.

There was a flash of gold on White Jade Plaza and Xu Xiaolan’s tall and slender figure emerged.

Immediately afterward, the strong healing ability of the spell formation activated and started healing the sword wounds on her body.

“Such strong healing effects!”

There was a look of surprise on Xu Xiaolan’s pretty face. Her wounds were healing very quickly and at this rate, she would recover fully in just a few hours.

At this moment, a voice sounded next to her ear.

“Student Xu, congratulations on escaping through a dog’s mouth!”

A male student had a look of sympathy on his face as he offered his sincere blessings.

“Student Xu, it’s all in the past now, don’t dwell on it.”

At this moment, another girl spoke.

“That’s right, staying alive is most important. Wasn’t it just being swallowed by a dog? There’s nothing embarrassing about that!” another student consoled.

Immediately afterwards, countless students looked towards her caringly and consoled her kindly.

Xu Xiaolan: “???”

Two hours later, fewer than one hundred students were left in the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks.

In the meantime, apart from focusing on the battles of Spirit Nurturing Stage prodigies, the students paid most attention to An Lin’s battles.

An Lin and Da Bai flew about freely in the sky. Once they found an opponent, they would swoop down from the skies and pounce upon them.

Do you recognize the fist descending from the skies?

Mountain Quaking Fist!

The moment the golden fist descended was the moment the opponent’s nightmare began.

One had to admit, the unique fighting style of the human and dog duo attracted the attention of countless people.

Numerous prodigies ranked amongst the Immortal Rankings Board fell victim to their vicious attacks and they ‘died’ one after another.

Thanks to their gallant exploits, An Lin and Da Bai became famous and received a reverberant title.

This title passed from mouth to mouth amongst the tens of thousands of students and it was especially momentous.

Their title was—The Gallant Human and Dog Duo!

“Look! The Gallant Human and Dog Duo have set their eyes upon another prodigy of the Immortal Rankings Board!”

“Oh? Which unlucky b*stard is it this time around?”

“It’s Zhou Qingyun, ranked ninety-second on the Immortal Rankings Board!”

“Oh no, so weak… I think that he’ll be finished off by one strike of the Dominant Golden Fist.”

“I don’t think it’ll be that bad. I feel that he can hold off until the second move, Dog’s Takedown!”

The students were all engaged in fervent discussion and it was extremely lively.

As An Lin and Da Bai always followed a general sequence of moves when they attacked, the students took it upon themselves to name their moves. Then, they would guess which move the opponent could last till…

In the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, Zhou Qingyun traveled with his sword strapped to his back. He had already defeated eleven students of the Tenth Stage Dao Body and his Sword Intent had already accumulated to a frightening level.

So what if the opponent is strong. One thrust of my sword is all I need to destroy them!

“First-year, Class One, An Lin. Please enlighten me!”

A voice sounded from the skies.

Zhou Qingyun looked towards the skies. Feeling a strong presence, he shouted, “Good one. Fourth-year, Second Class, Zhou Qingyun! Please enlighten me!”

A golden fist descended from the skies. With the weight of Mt Tai 1 , it bore down towards Zhou Qingyun.

“Hahahaha, what a powerful immortal spell. Regardless of what immortal spell it is though, I’ll shatter it with a single thrust of my swo-… Pfff! Ah!”

Before Zhou Qingyun could even finish his sentence, a massive wind claw appeared from thin air and smashed into his chest.


As he was struck by the wind claw, the golden fist also arrived. The devastating power instantly knocked him to the ground.

Even though blood was frothing from his mouth, there was a look of unswerving determination in Zhou Qingyun’s eyes. “Youse actually cast two spells at once, one hidden and one unhidden. Impressive!

“But so what? I’ll shatter it with a single thrust of my swo-… Pfff! Ah!”

The giant figure descended from the skies and crushed down on his body. The massive force caused him to spit blood once again.

Zhou Qingyun felt a bit dizzy. Seeing the massive figure in front of him though, his eyes narrowed. So, it turns out that his opponent wasn’t a human but rather a giant dog?

What the hell was going on?

The white dog even flashed him a sinister smile?

Before he could wrap his mind around what was going on, a human figure leapt down from the giant dog.


The human figure was insanely quick and was upon him in an instant. Then, a torrent of punches rained down upon him…

Zhou Qingyun was beaten stupid by the devastating punches, and it took him a long time to utter out a single sentence. “Hang… hang on a second!”

Hearing Zhou Qingyun speak, An Lin stopped his flurry of fists. “Senior, what’s wrong? Don’t you want to continue fighting?” An Lin looked at him in confusion.

Zhou Qingyun could barely hold back his tears when he heard this.

What do you mean ‘continue fighting’. You mean ‘continue being beaten by you’, right?

“Little Friend An Lin, do you dare face my sword thrust?”

Zhou Qingyun spoke with great difficulty.

He had already been charging up this strike for a long time. If the battle ended before he could use this move, he would feel very frustrated!

A strange look appeared on An Lin’s face. “Is your zodiac sign Virgo?”

Zhou Qingyun: “???”

Seeing Zhou Qingyun’s expression, An Lin chuckled. “Seems like your mortal studies isn’t up to scratch.”

Zhou Qingyun was still baffled: “???”

“Okay, okay. I’ll let you thrust your sword once,” An Lin said in exasperation.

He knew that if someone with OCD couldn’t vent their feelings, they would suffocate to death!

An Lin’s last sentence was one which Zhou Qingyun could finally understand.

A slight smile appeared on his face. “Is that so. Thanks, An Lin.”

Da Bai, whose body was pressed down upon him, moved aside. An Lin also retreated slowly, providing him with space to move.

Zhou Qingyun was secretly overjoyed. He knew that his opportunity to turn the tables had come!

Even though he was critically injured now, he was confident that he could defeat his opponent with a single strike of his sword!

He tried to crawl up from the ground. However, he found that both his legs were trembling and he was unable to stand back up…

He tried to draw his sword. However, he found that he had temporarily lost the senses in his arms due to them being pressed down by Da Bai…

Zhou Qingyun’s entire body trembled, yet he was completely unable to move.

Seeing the situation that Zhou Qingyun was in, An Lin and Da Bai exchanged a glance.

“Um… senior, do you need a hand?” An Lin asked in concern.

A tear slowly rolled out from the corner of Zhou Qingyun’s eye. This tear was manifested from the grief that he was unable to conceal.

“Uh-huh, I need a hand. An Lin, please continue bashing me. Beat me until my golden defensive barrier appears…”

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