I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 34 - Enigmatic An Lin

Chapter 34: Enigmatic An Lin

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“The person being held down by the giant dog looks like Liu Qiang. He’s ranked forty-fifth on the Immortal Rankings Board.”

“Brother, your eyes are so sharp! You can still recognize him even though his face has been beaten to such an extent!”

“Can someone please explain to me what’s up with this dog?”

The moment this was said, silence once again fell over the plaza…

“I don’t know what’s up with the dog. However, I think that person is the new student, An Lin!”

“What… He’s the one who entered this university with a Zeroth Stage Dao Body?”

On the live-stream of the battle, only the side of An Lin’s face could be seen. Thus, many students did not recognize him at first glance.

After being prompted though, many students started to see the similarity between him and the portrait in the university’s Famous Persons Register.

“Holy sh*t, it really is him!”

“Didn’t he only have a rank of Zeroth Stage Dao Body when he enrolled? How come he’s become so strong now?”

Many students were astonished by what they saw.

Even though they were only spectating the battle through a live-stream, they could tell that the power erupting from An Lin’s fists was beyond that of what normal prodigies could wield.

As the fist launched, a fierce wind screamed; as the fist landed, it was swift and violent!

Shock! The most networked backdoor entrant, who entered this university with a Zeroth Stage Dao Body, unexpectedly gave a prodigy of the Immortal Rankings Board a violent pummeling!

Is this the decaying of morals, or is it the counterattack of a loser?

Many students came to a gradual realization. This was breaking news!

The atmosphere on White Jade Plaza became fiery and many students started debating this battle endlessly.

Some students speculated that An Lin had concealed his strength when he enrolled, whilst others concluded that An Lin possessed a supremely divine bloodline which had only awakened recently. What more, some female students had already started covertly inquiring about An Lin’s address.

Right at this moment, another statement sounded.

“Anyhow, I’m still more keen to find out what’s up with that dog…”

The moment this was said, the students on the plaza once again fell silent…

Within the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, An Lin was clueless about what was going on at White Jade Plaza.

He was busy pummeling Liu Qiang, with every one of his punches striking flesh and making a loud slamming sound!

The pitiable Liu Qiang. Before he even had the chance to make a move, An Lin had already used his fists to beat the golden defensive barrier out of him…

Liu Qiang was teary-eyed, and his lips quivered softly. With great difficulty, he opened his mouth to speak. “An Lin, f*ck you! Did I dig up your ancestor’s grave?”

Sh*t! He only wanted to deal a last hit in peace.

A person and dog suddenly descended from the skies and without a single word, started beating him. More importantly, they only beat his face!

Who had he offended?

An Lin looked at him with an expression of extreme fury. It was as if he wanted to skin him alive and swallow him whole…

However, this was clearly the first time they had met!

What was with this hatred and desire for revenge?

Seeing the golden defensive barrier appear, An Lin frowned slightly. “It hurts,” he said as he rubbed his slightly swollen fists.

Liu Qiang’s chest tightened as he heard this, and he almost spat out another mouthful of blood.

An Lin glanced at Liu Qiang.

“Oh, I’ll answer your question,” he continued. “You didn’t dig up my ancestor’s grave.

“The reason I beat you up was because you stole my business.

“Listen carefully…

“I’m the professional last hit hunter. Last hits… can only be performed by me!

“I’ll definitely become the Last Hit King!”

When he finished speaking, An Lin pointed his thumb at himself. A look of complacency and triumph was plastered across his face.


After hearing this, Liu Qiang successfully spat out the mouthful of blood which was trapped in his chest.

The students on White Jade Plaza were stunned once again.

The crystal screen could only record and stream, meaning that the students were unable to hear conversations taking place on the battleground.

Thus, the students only saw An Lin say something before Liu Qiang suddenly vomited blood!

“So powerful! Is this the crushing might of a powerful cultivator?”

“No, I think that it’s some kind of sonic power which can injure others formlessly!”

“Holy f*ck! This magical power can even injure people through the golden defensive barrier? That’s bloody badass!”

“An Lin is truly enigmatic. He’s a peerless prodigy!”

Within the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks.

Once Liu Qiang disappeared, An Lin once again cast his attention towards Xu Xiaolan.


Flames erupted, and a scorching heat surged outwards.

Xu Xiaolan walked out of the flames, and as if they had a spirit of their own, the flickering flames circled around her body.

Behind her, the twenty-ninth ranked Xiong Sha was already kneeling on the floor, a golden defensive barrier appearing around him…

Seeing Xu Xiaolan’s appearance, pain stabbed at An Lin’s heart and he hurriedly ran up to her.

There were numerous sword wounds on her body and her plain colored daoist robes were drenched in blood. Her pretty little face appeared especially pale.

“Xu Xiaolan!” An Lin yelled.

Seeing the person running up to her, a look of joy lit up on her jade-like face. “An Lin! How come you’re here?”

“I heard the sounds of battle, thus, I made my way here. Say, are you alright?” An Lin asked worriedly.

Xu Xiaolan shook her head softly. Being injured in battle was very normal, and to her, these injuries were not very serious.

Afterward, she saw the giant dog behind An Lin and a look of surprise appeared on her face. “An Lin, what’s with the dog behind you?”

“Oh, him? That’s Da Bai,” An Lin explained.

“Ah! He’s that perverted dog you told me about? The one who peeped on bathing girls?” Xu Xiaolan’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth as she exclaimed in surprise.

She was clearly in disbelief that the perverted dog was in fact so mighty and fearsome!

“Woof! An Lin, is this how you normally introduce me to others?”

Da Bai was furious. “They all say that the disgrace of a family should never be spread out… Bah! They all say that the disgrace of friends should not be spread out. Can’t you beautify my deeds?”

An Lin scratched his head awkwardly. Xu Xiaolan also knew of his frank and outspoken nature and knew that he had gotten himself into trouble. “Ah, I really didn’t expect for Da Bai to be so adorable and mighty! Seeing is believing! Say, how did you guys meet up?” Xu Xiaolan quickly changed the topic.

Hearing Xu Xiaolan’s compliments, Da Bai’s expression relaxed a little.

Seeing this, An Lin continued along with Xu Xiaolan’s topic and started explaining to her how he and Da Bai had met.

When An Lin started walking towards Xu Xiaolan after defeating Liu Qiang, the students on White Jade Plaza thought that another mighty battle was about to erupt.

However, much to their disbelief, the two people and one dog started chatting cheerfully!

“What… They were actually acquainted already…”

“Forget about it, let’s watch the other battles.”

Some students voiced their disappointment.

Currently, there were over ten windows on the crystal screen and each window was streaming a different battle. The students focused their attention on the battles which interested them most.

The teacher in charge of the live streams was just about to remove An Lin’s stream. However, it appeared as though he had caught something and he froze, his eyes widening in astonishment.

“Quick, look at An Lin’s stream!” the startled cry of a student suddenly erupted on the plaza.

Upon hearing this, many students turned their attention towards that stream. Then, as if they had witnessed something completely incomprehensible, they all became rooted to the spot, dazed.

This scene was far too beautiful. It was so beautiful that everyone forgot to breathe. The plaza once again descended into silence.

An unexpected change of events suddenly occurred amongst the two people and one dog who were chatting cheerfully.

The gigantic white dog suddenly opened his large and bloody mouth and swallowed Xu Xiaolan whole…

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