I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 20 - The Reprehensible An Lin

Chapter 20: The Reprehensible An Lin

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Hearing this familiar opening remark, An Lin had already given up hope. “Do you also want me to ‘show you what I’m made of’?” An Lin said with a defeated expression on his face.

“Show me what you’re made of?”

The expression of the male faltered. He then looked towards the surrounding students—who were emitting auras of killing intent—and seemingly came to a realization.

Only now did An Lin move his eyes to the male who had suddenly appeared.

After seeing the appearance of the male, a look of surprise appeared on An Lin’s face.

“Haha, I’ve got the wrong person. Sorry.”

The male chuckled and turned around.

Then, he sprinted away, leaving only a trail of dust behind him…

Besides the male, there was also a white dog which was running even faster than him…

“Zhao Huaiyin! Don’t leave me to die!” An Lin cried in despair.

The person who had suddenly appeared was none other than the friend that An Lin had met in the detention facility.

He slipped away extremely quickly at this moment and had soon disappeared from An Lin’s sight…

Seeing this, the meteor hammer-wielding Zhong Wen chuckled, “Junior An Lin, even if you scream till your throat is sore, no one will come to save you. Come and fight me obediently.”

“I clearly arrived here first! First come, first serve, I’m going first!” Li Zhengyang, who had a red-colored sword in his hand, was glaring at An Lin and seemed ready to make some trouble.

“What do you mean let you go first? Once you go up, you’ll pummel An Lin until his Defeat Judgement Seal is activated and his defensive shield appears. How can we fight him then?” Chen Shubao said in discontent.

“But if we all attack together, we’ll be disqualified. We’ll even be locked up in detention for breaking the event rules,” Xia Shiyao said anxiously.

An Lin was like a little white rabbit awaiting his slaughter and could only stand to the side and shiver.

“How about this, we’ll all give our reasons for why we want to ‘see what An Lin’s made of’.

“The opportunity will be given to whoever has the best reason. What do you guys say?” suggested Chen Shubao, who had a strong air of bookishness about him.

Hearing Chen Shubao’s suggestions, An Lin’s eyes brimmed with tears of excitement.

He finally had the opportunity to understand the reasons behind his forthcoming death.

The remaining students all agreed with Chen Shubao’s suggestion.

Then, they all turned their attention back to An Lin. The expression in their eyes was as if they wanted to swallow him alive.

There was a look of discontent on Chen Shubao’s face as he looked at An Lin. “When I first entered the university, my cultivation base was Fifth Stage Dao Body. Due to the fact that my rank wasn’t high, I was put into Class Ninety, and to this, I had no complaints.

“In these four years, I’ve put in effort and hard work, and have finally reached the Eighth Stage Dao Body now. Even amongst students of the same year level, this can be considered as an average standard.

“However, a few months ago, I heard that there was a new student named An Lin who entered the university with a Zeroth Stage Dao Body. In spite of this, he was allocated into Class One!

“The smaller the class number, the more teaching resources are allocated to the class. For what reason was he able to occupy a spot in Class One and use the resources meant for other outstanding students? Simply because he had a True God’s letter of recommendation?

“To students like me who toil in the lower ranked classes, such an act is a massive insult!

“After learning of this matter, I made a decision. I decided that I definitely had to find an opportunity to beat up An Lin. Backdoor entrants truly are detestable!”

Chen Shubao smiled at An Lin when he finished speaking. This was a smile of someone who was about to realize their dreams…

Seeing this smile, An Lin felt a chill shoot through his body. So, it turns out that this enemy was a result of him being the ‘most networked backdoor entrant’.

Immediately afterwards, Li Zhengyang started speaking. “Ah… Every time I mention this, my heart starts to hurt.

“On a small lane in the university, I met a girl. It was love at first sight. She was beautiful and noble, like a phoenix soaring in the skies.

“That day, I confessed to her but was ruthlessly rejected.

“But I, Li Zhengyang, am not one to easily give up. I started pursuing her relentlessly, I was going to capture her heart with the flames of my affection.

“Yet, a few days later, she told me the cruel truth.

“She said that she already had a dao partner!

“It was as if I had fallen into a pit of ice and my life descended into darkness.

“Although I didn’t want to believe it, I observed that she often walked to school with this male and also ate with him. They appeared cheerful and lively, and very intimate with each other. I had no choice but to accept this reality.

“But I didn’t want to accept this fact! What was so good about the male? What was so special about him that he could attract the attention of my goddess?!

“There was a time when this became an obstruction in my heart. Thus, I swore that I would definitely find an opportunity to beat up that male!

“Oh, that’s right. The girl that I like is called Xu Xiaolan.

“An Lin… I really don’t understand. Why would she choose you to be her dao partner?!”

Raging flames—which were akin to Li Zhengyang’s anger-filled face—burst forth from his red-colored sword as he finished speaking.

An Lin was stupefied when he heard this, and he felt like spewing blood.

Dao partner? Xu Xiaolan?

If the male didn’t mention this, An Lin would never have known that Xu Xiaolan had already used him as a shield!

“Brother, this is a misunderstanding. It’s all just a misunderstanding!” An Lin cried.

With the fury Li Zhengyang was feeling, how could he calmly listen to An Lin explain?

Regardless of what An Lin said now, the others would simply think that he was finding excuses to escape from battle.

“Hmph! An Lin, who would’ve thought that you already have a dao partner!”

After hearing Li Zhengyang’s comments, Zhong Wen also became furious.

“In spite of already having a dao partner, your relationship with our university’s number one goddess, Su Qianyun, is still so dubious!

“Every time I see Su Qianyun’s portrait on the University Famous Persons Register, my heart beats uncontrollably in my chest. I especially admire her, and I’ve been completely conquered by her beauty.

“For what reason would such an aloof person—who pays no attention to others—stay back at school often, together with a male? I absolutely can’t bear to stand this reality!

“Especially since that male already has a dao partner!


“An Lin, you and I are sworn enemies!”

Zhong Wen’s meteor hammer started trembling, evidently unable to bear with its hunger and thirst.

An Lin’s mind felt exhausted.

The only reason he stayed back in the classroom with Su Qianyun was to help with her Chinese and English!

Say, why was it that even this was able to attract envy and hate?!

At this moment, Xia Shiyao also started to bitterly criticize An Lin’s actions.

“On one bright and beautiful spring afternoon, I was just about to hurry to the dining hall to collect my favorite strawberry dessert. This dessert was a limited offer and was served on a first come first serve basis.

“Then, I suddenly heard that after school that day, two students would be engaging in a magnificent battle of spells near the flowerbed in front of the teaching block.

“This battle managed to intrigue me, thus, I reluctantly gave up my strawberry dessert in order to witness this battle which had attracted such widespread attention.

“What I witnessed afterwards was a battle that I was unable to forget for a long time. When I got home, I washed my eyes many times, yet I still couldn’t wash the memory of that battle from my mind!”

An Lin: “…”

Xia Shiyao’s eyes were brimming with tears as she glared angrily at An Lin. “Because I went to spectate your battle, not only did I miss out on the opportunity to get the limited offer strawberry dessert, my eyes were also soiled…

“An Lin, this matter must be settled!”

An Lin wanted to cry. Why was it that even his battle with Liu Dabao was able to attract such strong enmity?

“Xia Shiyao, missing out on a strawberry dessert is a small matter. The fact that he snatched away my true love is a much bigger matter!” Li Zhengyang reasoned.

“No, the fact that he is the most networked backdoor entrant is still the most detestable!” Chen Shubao said solemnly.

“The fact that our university’s number one goddess is in a dubious relationship with such sh*t is the biggest blow, okay?!” Zhong Wen retorted.

“I don’t care! I have to be the one who beats up An Lin today, or else I won’t be able to swallow my anger!” Xia Shiyao persisted.

Just like this, the four students relentlessly criticized An Lin’s countless crimes. As for who would be the one to beat him up, they once again fell into dispute.

The air was filled with murderous intent. Little white rabbit 1 An Lin’s eyes were hazy with tears, as he finally realized that he was ‘guilty of the most heinous crimes’.

How about I disembowel myself to apologize for the offenses I’ve committed?

An Lin couldn’t see even the faintest glimmer of hope. His only wish now was for these four people to grant him a quick and painless death…

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