I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 19 - You're Very Famous, You Also Need a Spanking

Chapter 19: You’re Very Famous, You Also Need a Spanking

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After a while, An Lin finally accepted this harsh reality.

If I’m going to die either way, I might as well put up a bit of a struggle before I die…

The scenery at the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks was very dull. Earthly-yellow soil and crushed rocks filled the place and even the thousands of sword-like mountain peaks were completely bare.

“Ah… Apart from fighting, aren’t there any other interesting things to do in this event?” An Lin placed his hands behind his head as he wandered around aimlessly.

The fifty thousand students were scattered all over the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, which was hundreds of square kilometers in area. If one wanted to come across another student, the only way to do so was by continually moving forward.

After walking for a short while, An Lin heard the sounds of a battle coming from right in front of him. The roars of spells sounded non-stop and occasionally there were cries of pain.

When An Lin finally hurried over, what he saw was this:

A student had already collapsed to the floor and a golden defensive barrier had appeared around his body.

Huh, so that’s what happens when the Defeat Judgement Seal is activated?

An Lin hid behind a rock and peeked towards the battleground.

Shit, this is way too brutal!

Look at the dude who’s collapsed on the floor; he’s been cut a few times, hasn’t he?

The Defeat Judgement Seal can only be activated after sustaining such severe injuries?

The more An Lin looked, the more frightened he became. Too scary, this event is way too scary… At this moment, An Lin had already developed the urge to escape.

At the same time, numerous strange and unusual symbols appeared on the golden defensive barrier.

Immediately afterwards, the injured dude suddenly disappeared. It appeared as if he had been teleported out of the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks.

The victorious male smiled triumphantly and brandished his red-colored sword for a bit before looking towards a certain location.

An Lin felt a cold chill as an ominous feeling arose in his heart.

“You behind the rock, stop hiding. I’ve already discovered you.”

The male was looking directly towards An Lin’s hiding place.

An Lin had no other choice upon hearing this and could only muster his courage and appear before the person.

The male who was brandishing the red sword looked fairly ordinary. The only notable point was that he was especially tall and sturdy, making him appear as if he was filled with strength and power.

He was surprised when he saw that it was An Lin who had appeared. “Huh? I think I’ve seen you somewhere before.”

Huh? Seen me?

An Lin stared at the unfamiliar face of the male in front of him and couldn’t recall where he had seen him at all.

“You’re An Lin, the first-year student, correct?” the male asked.

“That’s right.” An Lin was feeling puzzled but answered the male’s question anyway.

Hearing An Lin’s answer, the male instantly started roaring with laughter. “Just as I thought. Your appearance is exactly like that of the portrait on the ‘University Famous Persons Register’. Can’t go wrong with that.”

An Lin was startled when he heard this. The ‘University Famous Persons Register’? I’ve become a famous person?

Although he didn’t know what this was about, he still felt elated when he heard the male’s comment.

However, An Lin was completely dumbfounded by what the male said next.

“I’ve wanted to beat you up since ages ago. Who knew that the Heavens would be so kind and send you to me so quickly. Bahahaha…” The male was clearly in a pretty good mood at this moment.

“Say, brother, have I ever provoked you in any way?!” A string of curses raced through An Lin’s mind.

What was with this brawny male who suddenly appeared and seemed to have a profound hatred for him… More importantly, he didn’t recognize this person at all!

“Cut the crap! I’m Second-year, Class Seven’s Li Zhengyang. An Lin, show me what you’ve got!”

As he finished saying this, the brawny male pointed his red-colored sword at An Lin and an astonishing aura exploded from his body.

An Lin stared at the male, stupefied.

Holy f*ck, how is it possible that I have connections to a senior from the second year?

And this extremely terrifying aura… It’s f*cking killing intent, isn’t it?!

Before An Lin could even come back to his senses, another male appeared in the distance.

“Huh? You’re An Lin?” The male looked at An Lin as he slowly walked over.

An Lin looked towards the young male who had a heart-warming smile on his face.

For some reason, An Lin felt a sense of security when he saw this smile.

“That’s correct, I’m An Lin!”

As if he had found a saving grace, An Lin immediately answered the male.

He could already imagine how the male—who gave him a sense of security—would generously help him and beat Li Zhengyang to a pulp.

“Hehe, it really is you…”

A shadow suddenly fell across the face of the male who was smiling warmly. “Third-year, Class Twenty-six, Zhong Wen. An Lin, show me what you’ve got!” he said coldly.

When he finished speaking, he took out a meteor hammer 1 and an astonishing aura exploded from his body.

An Lin was stupefied once again and was now rooted to the spot, dumbfounded.

What kind of joke is this? What heinous crimes have I committed?!

Right at this moment, another student appeared before them.

“Woah! What’s going on here, and why does it seem so lively?” A frail male, who had the air of an intellect, walked over with an expression of curiosity.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. “Huh? Are you An Lin?”

Tears welled up in An Lin’s eyes. “I think you’ve got the wrong person… I’m not An Lin!” he denied.

“Haha! I read a lot, don’t try to fool me! Your appearance is exactly like that of the portrait on the ‘University Famous Persons Register’!” the scholar said to An Lin, a look of joy on his face.

When he finished speaking, he took out a metallic-looking fan and a powerful aura exploded from his body.

“Fifth-year, Class Ninety, Chen Shubao. An Lin, show me what you’ve got!”

An Lin felt as if he had been crushed by ten-thousand grass mud horses 2 and didn’t even have the energy to speak anymore.

Anyhow, what exactly is the University Famous Persons Register?

And what kind of enmity even exists between me and these seniors?!

From first-year to fifth-year, all we’re missing now is someone from fourth-year. Hurry up and come! Don’t frustrate the OCDs to death!

Right at this moment, a sweet female voice sounded from behind An Lin.

“Huh? Are you An Lin?”

An Lin was a bit dazed as he turned around. Then, he saw a cute girl who was dressed in pink clothes smiling at him.

It really was a unique type of consolation to An Lin that a beautiful girl would suddenly appear just as he was about to be bullied and humiliated by a bunch of guys.

Before he could say anything, the cute girl started nodding to herself. “When I saw your clothes, I already felt a sense of familiarity. Now that I’ve seen your face, I’ve already confirmed your identity!”

When she finished speaking, the girl drew a dagger—which had a dazzling gleam—from her pink clothes.

“First-year, Class Nine, Xia Shiyao. An Lin, show me what you’ve got!”

An Lin sniffled. He was feeling a bit depressed.

It turned out that not only was it males that had a bone to pick with him, but even females wanted to tear him up…

Anyhow, what heinous crimes have I committed? Why do I have no recollection of them? Don’t tell me that I’ve lost my memory?!

Four students, with whom An Lin was completely unfamiliar, were seething with killing intent as they pointed their weapons at him.

In this peculiar moment, An Lin recalled something that Xu Xiaolan had once said to him.

“Don’t worry! In the free-for-all battle event, only fewer than ten students die from mishaps each time!”

Perhaps, he was fortune’s favorite amongst these ‘fewer than ten students’.

Just as An Lin was feeling a great sense of despair, another voice sounded.

“Huh? Are you An Lin?”

An Lin: “…”

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