I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 104 - I’ll Let You Taste the Terror of Facing a ‘Whale’

Chapter 104: I’ll Let You Taste the Terror of Facing a ‘Whale’

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“An Lin, the Golden-Eyed Monkey King is holding them back, let’s take this opportunity and run!”

Seeing that An Lin was unmoving, Xue Zhuoming shouted at him anxiously.

However, An Lin completely ignored Xue Zhuoming and continued to stare at the figure standing in front of him.

Seeing that their team leader wasn’t running away, An Lin’s team members also stopped in their tracks and glanced at him uncertainly.

Fighting two on one, the Golden-Eyed Monkey King was quickly on his back foot.

After a period of intense battle, the Silver Winged King swatted aside the monkey king’s silver staff. Taking advantage of the gap in his defenses, the Great Ox King struck toward the monkey king’s chest.


The monkey king’s chest caved in from being struck by the metal staff, and he collapsed to the floor while vomiting blood.

At this moment, the monkey king saw in the corner of his eyes the handsome male standing next to him. His chest tightened, and he spat out another mouthful of blood. “Didn’t I tell you to run,” he fumed. “Why are you still standing here like an idiot?!”

An Lin shook his head and stood in front of the monkey king. “I really dislike it when others sacrifice themselves for my sake, even if that sacrifice isn’t necessarily made for me alone.”

“The reason I’m standing here… is obviously to protect you!”

An Lin turned his head toward the monkey king and smiled.

The monkey king was extremely touched by this. Then, he yelled, “Are you retarded? You only have a rank of the Tenth Stage Dao Body, how are you going to protect me?!”

An Lin winced when he heard this, and he felt an urge to punch the monkey king in the face.

Sh*t! Can’t you talk properly? Why do you have to slander me?

Don’t ruin my flex!

“Bahahaha! This retarded cultivator actually didn’t run! It saves us the energy of having to chase after him though.” The Great Ox King roared with laughter, and he looked at An Lin as if he was a dead person.

Behind An Lin, Xue Zhuoming turned pale with fright. “Hurry up and try to persuade your leader,” he urged Luo Ziping and the others. “If he continues on like this, he really is going to be killed!”

He didn’t want to see his savior die in such a demented manner.

To his surprise, An Lin’s four teammates were all indifferent upon hearing his comments.

As if coming to some realization, Luo Ziping shook his head. “It looks like Big Brother An is going to show off his true skills.”

There was a glimmer in Miao Tian’s eyes, and she smiled sweetly. “I’m so excited! I can witness Big Brother An face off against two Spirit Beasts of the Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage in person!”

Zong Yongyan yawned. “What’s so interesting about that? He can deal with them with a flick of his finger.”

Sun Shenglian shook her head, and her large chest also shook. “A flick of his finger? Perhaps not. Don’t forget that he’s only of the Tenth Stage Dao Body.”

Seeing their unwavering confidence, Xue Zhuoming almost burst into tears. “Oh, even you guys know that he’s only of the Tenth Stage Dao Body… He’s facing off against two Spirit Beasts right now! He’s seeking death! Can’t you guys do something about it?!”

“Do something about it?” Miao Tian fluttered her eyelids. Then, as if she had come to some realization, she raised her arms and shouted, “Big Brother An, good luck!”

Hearing this, An Lin smiled calmly. He gave them a thumbs up and appeared full of confidence.

Xue Zhuoming almost fainted when he saw this.

We’re done for, they’ve all gone insane.

“Leader, what should we do?”

Seeing that An Lin and his team didn’t escape, the members of the hunting group became increasingly anxious.

Glancing at the figure standing in front of him, Xue Zhuoming came to a decision. He gritted his teeth and said, “We’ll wait for a bit longer and see how everything turns out!”

Once again emitting a black aura, the Great Ox King’s metal staff lashed toward An Lin.

An Lin fished out another talisman. “Green River Sword Strike!”


A dazzling azure-colored sword slashed toward the Great Ox King.

Sensing the majestic sword intent, the Great Ox King trembled and hastily parried with his metal staff.

This Green River Sword Strike was extremely powerful. Even though the Great Ox King changed his strike into a parry, he was still sent reeling back, his blood churning.

Right at this moment, the Silver Winged King, who was soaring in the skies, sneered, “Let’s see how many talismans you’ve got. Trying to defeat us with talismans… Simply laughable!”

An Lin smiled calmly. “Is that so? Then I’ll let you taste the terror of facing a ‘whale’!”

“What?” The Silver Winged King didn’t appear to understand what An Lin was referring to.

That was fine though. What this term represented would soon be engraved deep into his heart and bones.

“Come on out, Forbidden Spell—Taboo Talisman of the Boundless Immortal Spells!”

His storage ring flashed.

Instantly, countless talismans appeared in the air. They floated there like a wall, and they emitted a terrifying aura!

As if they had seen a ghost, the eagle and ox’s eyes bulged.

At this moment, the injured Giant Lotus Demon Frog rediscovered his vigor and bounced over to the Great Ox King. “Human, this time I’ll definitely make you… croak?”

Seeing the wall of paper talismans suspended behind An Lin, his voice trailed off.

Holy f*ck! Dozens of talismans?

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog was stupefied. His mouth was agape, and his body started to tremble.

Good Heavens! By the looks of it, the talismans are all of the Spirit Nurturing Stage!

Normally, cultivators of the Spirit Nurturing Stage had to go to painstaking efforts in order to create a single talisman.

This human cultivator had dozens of such talismans. Even talisman producing masters wouldn’t be able to produce so many talismans at once!

“Do you feel the terror of facing off against a ‘whale’? Now, accept my sanctions!”

An Lin snapped his fingers and the vital energy within his body surged, activating all fifty or so talismans behind him!


The surrounding vital energy started to swarm, and the sky changed color.

“Come on out! Dark Binding Ice, Golden Turtle Suppression, Hell’s Gate, Four Elephant Bind…”

A dozen or so restrictive spells appeared, and the three Spirit Beasts were completely bound.

“Slay the enemies! Flittering Sword Projection, Flaming Arrow Rain, Extreme Ice Slash, Soaring Demonic Cannon, Soul Devouring Slash, Spirit Dragon Fist, Nine Spirits Spear Thrust…”

Bringing with them a boundless might, over thirty devastating immortal spells rained down upon the three Spirit Beasts!

Tears rolled down the Giant Lotus Demon Frog’s face.

The Silver Winged King’s lips quivered, and he kept muttering, “So, this is a whale…”

The Great Ox King’s eyes became dull and lifeless.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, the earth tremored and the mountains shook.

The explosions of the immortal spells rocked the heavens. Atop the spirit mountain, a gigantic mushroom cloud billowed upwards.

Xue Zhuoming and the others were stunned to the spot, transfixed with amazement.

Even An Lin’s four teammates gasped in astonishment.

When the smoke and dust cleared, everyone looked toward the explosion site.

The devastating power of the immortal spells had blown out a massive crater in the spirit mountain! This crater had a radius of a few hundred feet!

Where was the Giant Lotus Demon Frog, Great Ox King, and Silver Winged King?

Some people walked to the edge of the crater in curiosity. Then, they looked down.

Uh-huh… they’ve disappeared.

That’s right, the three Spirit Beasts had been blown to smithereens!

“I’ve never seen anyone use talismans in such a delightful manner!” Miao Tian spoke excitedly as she looked toward An Lin in worship.

“One word, epic!”

This time, Luo Ziping truly was amazed. Seeing dozens of talismans being activated at once truly opened up his eyes.

Zong Yongyan and Sun Shenglian nodded emphatically, clearly in agreement with what Luo Ziping said.

An Lin clasped his hands behind his back. Looking at the crater, he shook his head and sighed. “Ah… It felt pretty amazing when I used the talismans, but it seems like I used a bit too much. I feel a bit regretful…”

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