I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 103 - I’ll Take Care of This Battle!

Chapter 103: I’ll Take Care of This Battle!

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“How come even human cultivators know of this place?!”

The Silver Winged King was astonished upon seeing An Lin and the others appear.

However, he composed himself very quickly.

Through sensing their auras, he detected that the highest rank amongst these human cultivators was merely that of the Tenth Stage Dao Body.

On the other hand, he and the Giant Lotus Demon Frog were both of the Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage. Why would they fear these humans?

“You’re simply seeking death by coming here!” the Silver Winged King sneered.

He waved his hands and vital energy swarmed about. Several wind blades shot fiercely outwards.

An Lin threw another Mountain Quaking Fist and shattered most of the wind blades. However, there were still a few which made it past his defenses.

“Student Luo, hurry up and go!” An Lin shouted.

Luo Ziping gritted his teeth and rushed to the front, his fists emitting a red glow as they punched toward the wind blades.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As he shattered the wind blades, he was also pushed back by the massive force.

The Silver Winged King was slightly alarmed. Clearly, he didn’t expect for his attack to be blocked by a few cultivators of the Dao Body Stages.

Right at this moment, Sun Shenglian, Miao Tian, and Zong Yongyan had already appeared before the Silver Winged King. They cast various types of powerful immortal spells and forced him to falter for a moment.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xue Zhuoming led his hunting group and dashed toward the Mysterious Azure Spirit Blood Tree.

Seeing this, the Silver Winged King roared loudly. “Lotus Demon!”

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog was shape-shifted as a black-skinned human right now. As he leaped, he caused the ground to cave in significantly. Moreover, his body was like a cannonball as he rocketed toward Xue Zhuoming.

“Leader, be careful!” one of his group members cried in alarm.

Xue Zhuoming was unable to dodge, so he hacked his battleaxes ferociously toward the Giant Lotus Demon Frog.

“Frog Palm!”

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog lashed out with both his palms, obliterating the battleaxes. The terrifying power of his strike sent Xue Zhuoming reeling backward and spitting blood.

“Croak!” The Giant Lotus Demon Frog suddenly opened his mouth.

The soundwaves caused the air to tremble violently, pushing back the several other humans who had rushed over.

“Humph! Do you think you weaklings can penetrate this frog’s defenses? In your dreams!”

The giant frog grinned, a look of disdain etched across his face.

Right at this moment, however, An Lin dashed over and slashed at the Giant Lotus Demon Frog with his Evil-Slaying Sword.

“Void Shattering Slash!”

He raised his arms and performed an overhead strike.

“Humph, what a trashy strike. Did you think that this frog wouldn’t realize? See how I shatter it with my palm. Frog Palm!”

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog once again lashed out with both his palms, slapping toward the black sword.

Then, with a tearing sound, both his hands were chopped off…


There was a look of panic on the Giant Lotus Demon Frog’s face, and he croaked in pain and misery.

An Lin didn’t waste a second and slashed his sword toward the Giant Lotus Demon Frog’s neck.


The Giant Lotus Demon Frog was terrified. With nothing else in mind but his safety, he leaped hundreds of meters back.


With lightning-fast speed, An Lin plucked all nine of the immortal fruits from the Mysterious Azure Spirit Blood Tree next to him and placed them into his storage ring!

“Done! Time to leave!” An Lin chuckled to himself before shouting loudly.

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog finally came to his senses. “None of you will be able to escape!” he yelled in rage.

Luo Ziping and the others were already struggling quite a bit. Hearing An Lin’s cry, they all fell into a continuous retreat.

Realizing that the immortal fruits had been snatched, the Silver Winged King shape-shifted back into his original form.

He transformed into a gigantic silver eagle fifty feet in size and stirred up tornadoes which ripped through everything in their way.


Five of these tornadoes encircled An Lin and the others. Then, they slowly moved toward the center, clearly intending to rip An Lin and the others to shreds.

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog also started to attack. He opened his large mouth and spat out a fearsome air-cannon which shot toward An Lin and the others.

“So what if your blade is insanely sharp? It’s fine as long as I keep away from you. Using long-range attacks, I can slaughter you all the same. Croak!”

There was a look of hatred in the frog’s eyes. He had to take revenge for his hands being chopped off!

Right now, the group members were all gathered near An Lin. Seeing the two Spirit Beasts attack together, their expressions became anxious.

“Big Brother An, what should we do?” Luo Ziping asked worriedly.

“Student Luo, didn’t you say that there was not a single worthy opponent? Now’s the time for you to prove it!” Miao Tian shoved the muscular male standing in front of her as she spoke.

Luo Ziping’s face twitched as he heard this, and he immediately shuffled closer to An Lin…

“Don’t panic… I still have some moves up my sleeve.” An Lin smiled calmly and fished a paper talisman out of his storage ring.

“Gigantic Frost Wall!”

An Lin yelled loudly and activated the talisman with his vital energy.

Instantly, a circular ice wall enveloped them all.


The tornadoes and air-cannon smashed into the ice wall, causing the ice to crumble and shatter. Countless splinters of ice flew out, yet the attacks were unable to penetrate through the ice wall.

“Run!” An Lin yelled.

After blocking a single wave of attacks, the ice wall crumbled.

Knowing that they had achieved their aim already, everyone understood that now was not the time to engage with the enemies. They all followed An Lin and fled into the distance.

“Who would’ve thought that this cultivator would have a talisman made by a Spirit Nurturing Stage cultivator. However, they’re deluded if they think that they can escape from this king’s grasp!”

The silver-winged eagle spread his wings and swooped toward An Lin and the others at a terrifying speed.

Unexpectedly, another talisman appeared in An Lin’s hand.

“Cloud Dragon’s Shackle!”

An Lin roared loudly and activated the talisman.

This talisman was gifted to him by Cloud Exploring Daoist, and it possessed a powerful restricting ability.

Following the activation of the talisman, two cloud dragons appeared in the sky and wrapped around the Silver Winged King’s wings.

“You still had another talisman?!”

Being bound by the cloud dragons, the Silver Winged King faltered, and he fumed at An Lin.

Right at this moment, however, a gigantic figure descended from the skies.

The Giant Lotus Demon Frog had pounced over, and he was attempting to flatten An Lin and the others with his gigantic body!

“Croak! Die, human!”

A cruel smile appeared on the frog’s face, and he stuck his long tongue out.


Suddenly, a silver staff smashed over, striking the gigantic frog on the head.

The massive power of the strike sent the frog flying backward. His mouth was also smashed shut, causing him to bite off his long tongue…


The gigantic frog landed heavily, and tears brimmed in his eyes.

The assailant just then was none other than this spirit mountain’s Golden-Eyed Monkey King!

“Stinking monkey! You dare run around?!” Metal staff in hand, the Great Ox King chased after him.

The Silver Winged King’s eyes bulged. “Ugly Monkey King, have you gone mad? It was the human cultivators who snatched away your immortal fruits just now. Why did you attack the Giant Lotus Demon Frog?!”

With his silver staff in hand and his back facing toward An Lin, he replied, “I obviously know that it was them who stole my immortal fruits…

“However, I’m already unable to preserve my immortal fruits. It’s much better for these immortal fruits to fall into the hands of the human cultivators than into the hands of the despicable beings who betrayed their brother!”

Saying this, he turned to An Lin and said urgently, “Lad, didn’t you hear me? Hurry up and run! I’ll take care of this battle!”

At this moment, the Silver Winged King had already broken free from the cloud dragons. Along with the Great Ox King, he leaped toward An Lin.

The wings of the eagle brought with them blades of wind which felt as if they could tear everything apart, and the metal staff of the ox started to emit a soaring black aura.

Both exuding a mighty aura, they streaked toward An Lin.

Silver staff in hand, the Ugly Monkey King blocked An Lin behind him. The rays of sunshine cast a long shadow behind him.

He stood steadfast and regarded the two pouncing figures coldly.

How courageous and fearless he was right now; how indomitable his spirit was right now.

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