I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 517 - Prediction

Chapter 517 - Prediction

Meanwhile, as soon as Zaki reached the kitchen, he saw his wife standing by the stove. She was wearing a cute apron and a hairnet, holding a knife in one hand and spatula in the other.

"Please stop her, fourth boss!" Ryuo was begging Zaki, looking at him like he was about to cry. "You have a big shot guest today, right? Miss Hinari can’t be the cook today at all cost! T^T"

Zaki could only sigh. Everyone in this mansion had experience a great tribulation once before because of Hinari. Zaki had just left the hospital that time so he was resting when his wife offered to cook since Sei and his wife and son were still not home late that night.

After their wedding, Hinari had been busy with her work. So once she’s home, she would always spend her free time cuddling or being together with Zaki in everything she does. She sometimes do house chores but as far as Zaki remembered, the only food Hinari ever cooked for him were eggs and miso soup.

That night, once the foods Hinari cooked were served on the table, the Chen family, including the guards, experienced a traumatic event. Hinari’s cooking skill was beyond terrible. Of course, not wanting to hurt his wife’s feeling, Zaki forced everyone to eat. Of course, including himself. The poor bodyguards were crying as they ate that night. Since then, everyone would always panic upon seeing their fourth boss’ wife heading towards the kitchen.

Zaki didn’t notice the real level of Hinari’s cooking skill before because he was always the one cooking. Apart from the fact that Zaki had learn how to cook since he was young because he had to cook for Sei during their times together in that war torn country, Zaki also ended up being the official cook once he married Hinari. Zaki was not allowed to overwork himself so he was always sent home earlier than anyone else despite him being Red Empire’s president. He understood Sei’s decision so he didn’t complain, he can’t also sadden his wife so Zaki could only be obedient. Due to that, Zaki and his two body guards, Ryuo and Kaide became the Chen household’s cook every dinner time. Surprisingly, Zaki actually had such a great cooking skill. In fact, he was better than most of their chefs in the country, making Hinari so damn proud of him that she even wrote a book about him entitled, "Mr. President is a houseband".

"C’mon fourth boss! Please stop her!" As Ryuo continued begging, Zaki finally approached his wife. He wrapped his arms around her waist as he hugged her from behind.

"Today is your rest day Hinari." He whispered in her ear.

"Well, you have a guest and I’m a little bored so let me make some snack." She grinned, looking quite motivated.

"Snack?" Zaki was relieved. At least, she’s not aiming to cook for dinner.

"Yep, I’m planning to bake a delicious cake."

"Ohh, do you know how to bake?"

Hinari’s lips curved up mischievously as she turned and pinched her husband’s chin. "Wait and see my love." She told him. "Now go back so I could start now."

However, Zaki didn’t let go. "I’m worried. You might start a fire." He replied and Hinari puffed her cheeks.

"I’m not going to make love with you tonight!" she retorted, causing Zaki to chuckle.

"Oh really? Are you sure about that my wife? Did you forget that your pervert self had r.a.p.ed me not once nor twice?" he whispered and Hinari’s face turned as red as a cooked lobster.

"T-that’s just because I was drunk! And you seduced me to r.a.p.e you!" she argued and Zaki chuckled again. Hinari had really turned into a total putty in his husband’s hand. Her perverted side was like a turtle’s head, hiding, whenever Zaki attacks her. Hinari had soon realized that Zaki was a much bigger pervert than her. He was such a shameless husband in bed and she really couldn’t stand a chance against him since they got married!

"Haha, okay. Got it." Zaki smiled but Hinari continued puffing her cheeks.

"No kisses for you either!" she declared before she turned her back and faced the stove again.

However, Zaki suddenly pulled her and he captured her lips. He kissed her deep and hard until Hinari felt her knees slightly weakened.

Once their lips parted, Zaki smiled at her. "I’m going back, make sure not to destroy the kitchen okay?" he kissed her forehead before he finally left.

Hinari was left standing there, speechless. Sigh... her beast just wouldn’t stop getting better by the day... in shamelessness department though. She just couldn’t beat him anymore!


Inside the study, Sei and Yu Chen were already back in their seats. Davi was also present.

Davi already knew Yu Chen because Sei introduced him to her months ago. Davi had become one of Yu Chen’s doctors and she was currently studying Yu Chen’s CIP syndrome.

However, the main reason why Davi joined their talk was because this talk was about Zaki and Nine and Ten. Davi was currently working her ass finding cure for Zaki and she had partnered with Yu Chen’s own team of scientists.

"There’s a mistake in the scientists’ predictions about (Nine)Kyuu’s lifespan." Yu Chen began. "It looked like his lifespan is shorter than Zemei’s Scientists’ prediction. Kyuu suffered multiple pain attacks for one whole day, two days ago. His doctor said he has only two months left after that pain attack. And he said that he would spend these two months of his life suffering from severe pain." Yu Chen told them.

Hearing Yu Chen’s words, Davi pressed her lips tight. It was because she actually had the same conclusion about the pain that the three of them would suffer. Although she was certain that Zaki would live the longest life among all the survivors from that lab, this news changed everything. When Davi was working on Juu and Kyuu’s data, she realized that the children who passed as the perfect products of the experiment, the children numbered from 1 to 10, have a far shorter lifespan than Zaki, who was dubbed as the only failed product. According to the scientists in that lab, the boys would die in their 20’s and Davi predicted that Juu and Kyuu would reach the end of their lifespan, three years earlier than Zaki.

However, it seemed like that prediction was only if nothing bad would happen. Does this mean that if Zaki would suffer such a sudden attack, his lifespan would also dramatically decrease?

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