I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 516 - Pfftt

Chapter 516 - 'Pfftt'

Sei – who had channeled The Flash – arrived at the front yard in no time. He saw his wife standing there with three anxious maids blocking her from climbing up the tree.

"C’mon, I’m a former soldier. I’m not someone so fragile and weak. Climbing a tree is a piece of cake for me, okay? So stop worrying and let me climb." Davi’s hands were on her waist as she lectured the maids before her.

"But Miss, we can’t let you climb. Master would faint if he saw you climbing up there. Please let the guards climb."

"No! I want to be the one getting that beautiful fruit. I can’t let anyone touch it first." Davi said as she looked up, admiring that yellow little fruit as if it was some precious gem. "Don’t worry about my husband. He’s busy in his study right now. What he doesn’t know won’t make him faint. So all you have to do is keep this a sec –"

Before Davi could complete her sentence, a warm but powerful arm was wrapped around her waist. Oh no! Hubby’s here!

"D-darling... why are you here?" Davi turned and looked up at her husband’s face. "You have an important business to attend to, right?" her voice became as sweet as honey as she turned to face him.

"Davi, I won’t let you climb. That’s dangerous." Sei told her. His voice gentle and filled with worry.

"Geez Sei... don’t worry. The tree is not high and I’m an expert at this. Anyways, I was planning to use a lad –"

Davi’s words were cut off by Sei’s lips suddenly landing on hers, effectively stopping her from talking. The maids – seeing their master’s actions – immediately dispersed and left the lovers alone.

"I’ll get it for you," said Sei when their lips parted. Gladly, the lady didn’t insist anymore.

Davi knew that Sei was a total worrywart. When Davi told him that she was pregnant just days ago, Sei was overjoyed. This wasn’t Davi’s first pregnancy, so she was relatively calm when she heard the news. She was simply happy, but it wasn’t the same for her husband. Sei wasn’t by her side back then so this news overwhelmed him. He couldn’t help but feel very much excited about this.

Since then, the man had gone over the top in ensuring Davi would not have a single chance to get hurt. He began worrying so much that he sometimes pop up out of nowhere around their house to check on her even during the times when he was supposed to be at work dealing with an important project. He even asked the maids and guards to watch her carefully.

Well, Davi admitted that she was being ridiculous lately. She knew that the sudden mood swings and stubbornness she was going through was just part and parcel of her pregnancy. She demands silly things and she couldn’t stop herself from doing unnecessary things that she believes is not dangerous, but was actually very unsafe for a pregnant woman.

However, whenever Sei comes to her rescue, her stubbornness dissipates easily with just a little coaxing from him. It was as if the man already mastered the art of dissolving her sudden hard headedness.

"But Sei, you have work." Davi’s brows creased.

"It’s alright, Yu Chen can wait. I’ll have him stay for the night, so we’ll have plenty of time to continue our meeting later." Sei explained as he patted his wife’s head. "Which one do you want me to get?" Sei then asked as he looked up.

Davi lifted her hand and pointed to a particularly rounded, and juicy-looking yellow fruit.

Sei loosened his tie and climbed the tree so easily. Davi was clapping like a child as she looked up. Well, this was the first time she saw Sei climb a tree!

"My wife, this one?" he asked.

"No darling, the one on the right."

"This one?"

"No, the other one."

"This rounded one?"

"Yes, that’s it darling!"

Meanwhile, a certain someone who was observing from behind the floor-to-ceiling window had his mouth partially hanging open in disbelief as he watched the magnificent Monster he knew from his younger days, now climbing a freaking tree just to get a single fruit for his woman. His eyes filled up with confusion as he wondered why Sei needed to be the one doing such a thing when he could just ask his men to climb the tree for him.

"Uncle... are you lonely?" a little voice reached the man’s ears and he looked down.

Little Shin was looking up at him. The little boy was wearing a catchy black and white uniform. It appeared that he had just came from school.

"My parents are the sweetest, right? Do you have a girlfriend?" Little Shin continued asking. However, the man just turned and leaned his broad back against the glass window.

"Not really." That was his answer for the boy’s first question. "Hmm... I guess so," was his answer for the second one and, "I don’t have a girlfriend," was for the last one. His expression was incredibly calm and almost emotionless.

"Why? You don’t like girls?" the boy innocently asked when suddenly, a loud ’pfftt’ echoed inside the room, causing the two to look at the man by the door.

"Sorry boss. I am not laughing. That was... ahem... fart." The man by the door nudged his companion before he hid himself behind the opened door.

"Uncle, your bodyguards are awesome! They can fart pretty loud. Could that be the reason why you don’t have a girlfriend? Your bodyguards could have farted so loud and scared all the pretty ladies away?" Little Shin said as an impish smile curved on his adorable face. The kid was pretty humorous and even talking like an old man. As expected with the son of two geniuses.

"The smell could be a huge turn off too!" that mischievous little voice added.

"No, no, no, Little Shin!" suddenly, the man who just hid behind the door came out as one of them immediately protested. "It’s definitely not our fault why our boss never had a girlfriend! Definitely NOT our fault!"

As those words left the guard’s mouth, he went into hiding again, using the doors as a shield from the deadly gaze that their boss is throwing them.

Little Shin then looked at his uncle again.

"He said you NEVER had a girlfriend." The boy blinked at him. "So, uncle really don’t like girls?" he asked again and for the second time around, followed by another loud ’Pfftt’ exploding from behind the door.

"Gu Wei ... get out, or else..." before Little Shin’s uncle could finish his sentence, the man called Gu Wei who was hiding behind the door bolted out of the room like the devil himself was at his heels.


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