I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 507 Lets go home

When Hinari heard him yell in pain, she was finally convinced this was earth and that she and this man under her were absolutely alive and kicking. So everything wasn’t a dream... I am alive and my love is here with me!!

As Hinari let go of Zaki’s neck, a loud bang startled them both. Hinari abruptly pulled herself up, still straddling Zaki and turned towards the source of the sound.

Ryou who seemed to be in panic was the one who stepped inside the room. It looked like he was alarmed by Zaki’s yell.

"What happened?! Are you guys alr---" upon seeing Hinari straddling Zaki, Ryuo blushed and he immediately clamped his mouth.

"Err... uhm... forgive me. Please continue what you were doing." He shyly said and then in a blink of an eye, the door was shut closed again, leaving Zaki and Hinari speechless.

After a moment, Hinari bit her lip and turned her gaze back to Zaki. Her eyes fell on the marks her teeth left on his neck and she blinked. It looked like she had bitten him quite hard.

"My love... I’m so sorry. I was too happy I forgot to control my strength. Let me soothe the pain I caused." She said and licked Zaki’s neck, like a sweet little tease.

"Is it still painful?" she asked when Zaki helped himself up. He sat on the bed, holding Hinari’s waist while she was still straddling him.

Zaki moved his face closer to hers and he smiled. "Yes, your remedy isn’t quite enough. But I’m sure the pain will go away if you kiss me like you’ve never kissed me before."

Hinari was speechless for a moment but she soon smiled at him seductively. She held his face as she spoke.

"My pleasure, my love." She said and the next second, she slammed her lips on his.

Thus, under broad daylight, just as he requested, Hinari kissed him with all her boldness; deep, passionate, and seductively lustful.

As her kisses became more and more intense, Zaki wanted to ease off but it was too late.

There was no way he could stop her; no, it was more like he didn’t even want her to stop anymore. Despite knowing the fact that they were inside a hospital and that at any second, someone might come in.

"Hinari..." Zaki uttered, calling out her name like he was chanting a seductive spell. Their kisses had turned shameless and wet until Hinari finally felt Zaki’s rock hard little brother rubbing against her.

"Err... Z-zaki..." Hinari pulled away from the kiss. She looked at Zaki who was breathing heavily and she didn’t know what to say. She could see his ears were red as he stared at her with eyes filled with desire.

Seeing her surprised expression, Zaki buried his face on her chest. "Damn... you’re too much. You made me like this." He said in his husky voice and Hinari couldn’t help but blush.

"Y-you asked for it you know?" she retorted when Zaki held her hand.

"Hinari... t-touch it." he said and Hinari’s nose almost bled. She could see him starting to sweat so she could only bite her lips.

"B-but we’re in this-"


"Okay but... n-not here. Let’s go to the-" Hinari couldn’t even finish her sentence because Zaki suddenly moved. He hastily climbed out of the bed and carried her like a princess. Upon closing the bathroom door, Zaki put Hinari down and without wasting another second, he kissed her hard this time as he put her hand on his big, little brother.

The instant Zaki felt her warm hand griping him, he let go of a moan as the passion of his kisses intensified. Hinari, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate anymore. She wanted to give her all to this man. She was willing to do anything for him and she would be very delighted to do so for as long as she lived.

"Hinari... ahh... I’m getting close." Zaki uttered and when Hinari felt him getting closer to the edge, she did her best to give him more pleasure. She leaned in and bit his nape again, while going faster, until Zaki finally let go.

Zaki then rested his head on the nook of Hinari’s neck.

When he raised his face, he stared gently at Hinari. "I’m sorry... I’m becoming more and more hopeless when it comes to you." He said and Hinari smiled as she kissed his forehead.

"Silly. You know I’d do anything for you so you don’t have to hold back." Hinari assured him and Zaki hugged her tight again.

"Hinari... I love you... let’s get married now." As those words left Zaki’s mouth, Hinari looked at him in surprise. Zaki, on the other hand shyly rubbed his nape with his hand upon realizing that they were still inside the bathroom.

"I’m sorry. I even said this inside a bathroom. Damn... I’m so lame." He said as his face reddened but Hinari just chuckled.

"Pfft! It’s not lame okay? It’s adorably cute. And who cares where and when you say it? As long as my beauty says it, there’s no way I’d reject it." She replied and Zaki’s eyes widened in surprise and then utter happiness.

"Thank you... Hinari... let’s go home and get married."

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