I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 506 Pervert girl is finally back

That night, in a matter of a few hours, a chaos occurred within the Zuzuki Corporation. The topic of the mistress and second daughter of the Zuzuki Corporation’s CEO being investigated for attempted murder took over every news headline. The news also revealed that the mother and daughter attempted to murder the real heiress and that they were the cause of the chairman, old man Zuzuki’s, plummeting health. Investigations revealed that the mother and daughter duo bribed nurses to manipulate old man Zuzuki’s treatment.

Every crime Hinari’s stepmother had done in the past and now - the properties and possessions she acquired illegally, her shady dealings, and her link to the death of Hinari’s mother - were all revealed in national television like an endless documentary, as if it was an orchestrated movie. They were even dubbed as ’Cinderella’s evil stepmother and stepsister’ by netizens in a matter of hours.

This revelation shook the country but it didn’t end there. Prior to the shocking news about these respected mother and daughter, the Zuzuki Corporation’s shares suddenly dropped beyond saving. This almost made Hinari’s father go insane. He knew that just the news about his wife and daughter wouldn’t have caused a problem this severe and he was right. They found out that a giant company, a single person, was behind it and they had no idea why.

The mother and daughter were mobbed by reporters on their way to the police station. The board members and executives pressured Hinari’s father to the extreme. Everything happened in flash. Everyone was shocked, most especially the three Zuzuki family members. They didn’t even have the chance to digest what was going on.

While the remaining members of the Zuzuki family- Hinari and her grandfather- were sleeping soundly, the other three had been thrown to hell in utter surprise, with no way out.


The next morning...

As the brilliant sun rays cascaded through the white curtains, Hinari’s lashes finally flickered. Her eyes slowly opened. The light was bright, blinding her so she shut her eyes again.

After some moment her eyes opened again. She stared at the ceiling for a while, opening and closing her eyes as she yawned until she felt something heavy wrapped around her stomach. When Hinari turned her head to the right, her eyes circled.

"B-beauty?" when she saw her beauty’s dreamy and gorgeous face, Hinari finally remembered everything that happened last night and her sleeping nerves all awakened at once. Her heart tightened as last night’s scenario came flashing back in her head like it just happened a moment ago.

The first thing Hinari did was pinch her own cheeks. When she felt pain, she looked at Zaki again. She raised her hand to touch him but she was hesitant. She seemed to be scared to touch him for fear that he might disappear, that this was just a dream and illusion, or maybe that she did die and suddenly woke up in heaven.

At that point in time, while Hinari’s hand was hanging on air, Zaki moved. His eyes slowly opened and when he saw Hinari looking at him with circled eyes, Zaki quickly held her hand, which was about to touch his face, and he kissed it.

"Good morning. Are you feeling better now?" he asked. He didn’t attempt to rise. He instead held her closer to him as if he wanted to cuddle with her more. Well, honestly, he wanted to embrace her a little longer.

"Are you still confused? You’re alright now. This is reality i assure you, so don’t wear such a face." He continued as he planted a soft kiss on her nose and then on her cheeks.

But what Hinari did next was...

She pushed him and she suddenly rose, surprising Zaki. When Zaki was about to rise as well, Hinari quickly held his shoulders and pinned him down. She moved her hands to his wrists as she sat on his stomach, straddling him.

What she did made Zaki smile at her mischievously. Good... it looks like my pervert girl is finally back...

Zaki didn’t say a word. His eyes were just glued on her, waiting for what she was going to do next. She was wearing white hospital pyjamas; her long hair was messy and her eyes were still a bit swollen from all her crying last night but... she was damn sexy in a cute kind of way!

As Zaki was busy admiring the girl on top of him, Hinari then made her move. She bent, moved her face closer to his, raising Zaki’s anticipation for a deep morning kiss.

However, the deep kiss didn’t happen.

Unexpectedly, Hinari’s lips landed on Zaki’s neck. The next second, she bit him hard.

"Ahhh!! Hinari! Did you turn into a vampire overnight?!!" Zaki’s sudden yell echoed inside the room.

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