I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 502 Oh god, please

The scene was like a slow motion movie. She heard her knife tumble on the concrete rooftop as she fell through the gap on the railing and in the next second, she screamed as she felt herself going over the edge. She scrambled for something to hold onto, dropping the stun gun over the side of the building as her hands searched frantically for something, anything!

Luckily, she found a thick piece of rope that was tied to the railing and she managed to grab on to it for dear life. But she was now dangling up in the air, many stories high above the ground, and her only lifeline was this rope.

When she looked up to see how far the rooftop was to see if she could pull herself up, she saw the face of the person who pushed her. She wasn’t surprised to find that it was her stepsister. She should’ve known that this mother and daughter duo would be this world’s most evil partners in crime.

"Mother! Wake up now. Come look! That bitch is dangling on the side of building!! You need to see this wonderful sight!" Hinari’s stepsister shook her mother to wake up and the woman seemed to finally snap awake.

"You bitch! Just let go of that rope and die!!" her stepsister screamed at her but at that moment, Hinari was surprisingly alert and the first thing she did was look around to see if there was anywhere she could land safely. She saw a small ledge below her but it was too skinny for her safely land on it even if she was athletic enough to place herself above it.

"Pull me up and I promise to not take my revenge on you!" Hinari yelled in a dangerous voice.

But her words were only met with hysterical laughter. It was no use. She would not be able to get through to these crazy witches.

"Hahahah, look at you still threatening us when you’re about to die!" the step sister yelled and then laughed some more. "Oh... look what I found. What were you planning on doing with this, you bitch! Were you planning to stab our mother?" Her stepsister continued as she picked up the knife that Hinari dropped on the ground.

The moment Hinari saw her stepsister holding that knife, her heart dropped to her stomach. She just knew what her deranged sister was doing to do with that. She started to feel scared. Her arms were getting tired from holding on to the rope but now, her tired arms were not the biggest worry as she watched her stepsister start to cut the rope with the knife.

"Stop it!! Please stop it!" Her voice was now full of panic. ’Oh god, please don’t let me die here. I don’t want to die! I want to live a long life with my love. I still need to marry my beauty. I don’t want to leave my beauty!’

At that moment, Hinari’s eyes began to well. The rope was getting thinner and thinner by the second and her arms were shaking from the stress. One hand slipped from holding the rope and hung on the air and her other hand was desperately holding on. Her hands were sweating and it was getting harder and harder to hold but it didn’t matter because the rope only had about a couple of centimeters left.

Hinari was losing hope. She estimated that she had less than a minute before her last breath. Tears kept falling from her eyes and she closed her eyes. ’Zaki... Zaki... I’m so sorry... please know that I love you so much...’

As she mentally said this, a spotlight from a chopper suddenly fell on her.

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