I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 501 Mad woman

Hinari was overtaken by rage and hate. For many years, she had let them off many times. But it looked like she had finally reached her limit.

She slowly stood up, stared at her sleeping grandfather one more time before she finally turned her back. The moment she stepped outside, Hinari glanced at the butler and a bodyguard waiting outside and she walked towards them.

"Mr. Wu, I need a weapon." She suddenly said, causing them to look at her with wide eyes.

"Uhm... Young Miss, y-you mean weapon?"


"Uhmm... w-why?"

"Don’t worry. I’m not going to use it to kill someone. There’s no way I would let that lowly woman soil my hands. I need it to protect myself so give it to me, now."

Hinari’s were blazing like fire that the old man and the bodyguard couldn’t help but feel intimidated.

"I-if it’s for self-defense, then please have these. I can’t give you my gun because I must protect the old master as well." The body guard gave Hinari his stun gun and a mini dagger. Seeing that Hinari was obviously not pleased, the worried old butler spoke.

"Young Miss, why don’t you wait a moment? I’ll call more bodyguards to accompany you wherever you wanna go. You can’t risk yourself like that or the master will be devastated if something happens to you." He pleaded but Hinari suddenly took the stun gun and the dagger.

"I only have ten minutes so I can’t wait for them. Just know that my stepmother called me to go up to the rooftop. If the body guards arrive, have them find me." She ordered and before the old man and the body guard could answer, she already hastily left.

By the time Hinari stepped on the rooftop, the first thing she did was looked around and somehow, her ’dear’ step mother was right. The CCTV’s are everywhere but who knows if this evil woman had already asked someone to manipulate those cameras.

When she saw her step mother leisurely leaning on the railing, Hinari clenched her fists tight. Her eyes roamed around the entire quiet place as if she was quietly searching for this woman’s hidden trap. She was overly cautious. After all, this was the person she would never ever trust in this world.

"So you finally came my dear. Come over, let’s have a short chat." The woman was smiling but her fake smile would never hide the animosity in her eyes.

"You said you would return that to me if I come. I’m here now so hand it over." Hinari said but the woman scoffed. She stretched out her hand across the railing, letting the necklace dangle on air.

"My dear, didn’t I tell you to come over? Come closer and let’s talk or else I’ll throw this away. Don’t even think about sending someone to pick it up because I’ve put a GPS tracker on this and my people below will pick it up. When that happens, I told them to immediately take it away and destroy it or throw it in the middle of the Pacific Ocean."

Hearing her, Hinari gritted her teeth. "So you are planning to push me from up here and then make it look like suicide afterwards? Clever as usual my stepmother. You never cease to put me in awe."

Hinari’s words obviously made the woman’s jaws clench, but after a moment, she just laughed it off. "My, my. Hinari, you’re being so paranoid now, I see. Stop imagining things and just come over. Or else I’m really letting go of this precious thing. Don’t make me wait anymore. If you won’t come closer in 3 counts, say goodbye with this thing. 1...2..."

As the woman started her countdown, Hinari could only move towards her. She always knew that this person wouldn’t even hesitate to do whatever she had said and she was sure that even if she threw the necklace, she would still do everything to execute whatever she was planning.

The moment Hinari was about to reach her, just as she thought, the woman quickly pointed a gun on her head.

"Gotcha! Hahaha." Like a mad woman, the witch laughed like crazy as soon as she pointed the gun at her. "Good job, little girl. Now you can finally meet your mother. You should be thankful, yea? Because I will personally send you to her. I’m sure your mother will be very happy to finally meet you since she’s been waiting for you all this time."

The woman spoke like insanity had crept into her mind and took over her. In a blink of an eye she turned into a demon, a demon craving for blood.

Hinari could feel her bloodlust but Hinari didn’t crumble in fear. Her eyes were unusually calm. It was as if she was prepared for this because she had already expected this. She really did, because knowing this woman, this was the exact scenario that she would come up with.

She finally confirmed that this woman was truly insane, a demon in human flesh.

"You want this, right? Catch it, okay?" she then said as she step back, still smiling like mad. "I want to play with you a little longer but you see, there’s a signal saying that the guards are on their way here. Did you ask them to come? Clever child. But too bad, my dear step daughter..."

While the woman was still speaking, she prepared to throw the necklace and Hinari finally saw an opening. Her eyes blazed and like a swift wind, she deflected the arm holding the gun to the left and she shot the woman with the stun gun.

The woman screamed as she was hit and her grip on the gun loosened, causing it to fall down the side of the building, while she fell down on the ground with a thud. Hinari immediately moved forward and leaned over her to snatch the necklace from her hand.

However, as soon as Hinari took the necklace, someone pushed her hard from her side, causing her to fall and roll towards the gap between the railing.

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