I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 327 Why should I?

After fetching little Shin from school, Sei dropped Davi and her son in the military base. Davi wanted them to meet her mother and uncle but Sei said beforehand that there was an urgent matter he needed to attend so she didn’t ask the man to come with them.

Sei then left his family in the base and headed towards Red building.

Upon entering his palatial territory, Sei’s soft expression was nowhere to be seen. He was cold and distant as usual. As if he was the unapproachable and unreachable king of the dark, making every mortals around him to tremble in his presence.

Time passed and Sei had settled the matter. The Xiao Corporation that dared to threaten him by withdrawing their investment to one of Red Empire’s billion dollar project was trampled by Sei in one go. Reminding the idiots once again who was the king as he left the conference hall which was filled with trembling individuals, friends or foes.

"Haha, aren’t you way too ruthless? Do you need to crush them to the bones? Must you be this cruel?" It was Zaki who spoke as they walks towards Sei’s majestic office.

"Mr. Chen, they deserve it. It’s their fault for having such an idiotic CEO. That man’s decision making is their downfall. He didn’t realize that he’s been courting death on his own until now." A woman just behind the two brothers replied Zaki causing the man to just laughed before he spoke.

"You said it." He said but Zaki was actually laughing because he knew that the real reason behind this ruthless verdict todaay was because this issue interrupted Sei’s bonding with his beloved. This is something unforgivable for Sei and it’s obviously showing in his terrible mood.

Upon reaching Sei’s office, Zaki who was leisurely sitting on a luxurious couch was startled when he heard Sei’s voice.

"Zaki, I’m sure you didn’t forget this but you have to take over as the new CEO of Chen corporation very soon." He said and Zaki’s head fell on the headrest.

"Don’t make the old man wait too long." He continued and Zaki just sighed before he answered.

"I know." He could only utter weakly when suddenly, he received a message.

[Did you tell the plan to your brother the great?]

The moment Zaki read Hinari’s message, he immediately turned to Sei.

"Sei, do you want to hear Hinari’s plan?"He asked and Sei who was currently signing something halted for a moment.

"Get her here."

"Huh? Is that needed? You know Hinari is terrified of you."

"Bring her. I’ll be her brother-in-law soon. She can’t be afraid of me forever."


"You should be helping her overcome her fear."

"Huh? Who was it that scared her that much anyway? You’re calling her future sister-in-law and yet you actually told her you’ll feed her to crocodiles and locked her in a dark room while I’m away?!"

Sei finally lifted his head the instant Zaki raised his voice. His icy glare wasn’t sharp as he looked at Zaki in the eyes but it was enough for Zaki to realize that he actually raised his voice at Sei because of Hinari.

Zaki slowly sunk down on the couch again, avoiding Sei’s eyes.

"I’ve told you before, she needed to be disciplined that time to realize her mistake. You’ve been tolerating her attitude too much."

"But you don’t need to scare her that much."

"It’s not my intention."

"If it’s Davi who did that, are you going to discipline her like that too?"

"Of course not."


Sei’s answer somehow pulled a trigger in Zaki and in the next moment, he stormed towards Sei and slammed his hands on Sei’s luxuriously classy desk.

"You see? You’re totally way too biased, Sei. You should have treated her a bit kindly."

"Why should I? She’s not my wife."


Zaki could only run his fingers through his hair, speechless. For the first time, he found Sei completely unreasonable.

"That was your fault for not keeping her under your watch Zaki. If you were around that time, I wouldn’t have need to lock her to make her behave. Didn’t you chose a mission over her?"

Upon those words left Sei’s mouth, Zaki couldn’t speak anymore. Those words were like blade that stabbed him and he could only clench his fist in silence.

Looking at him, Sei would rather want this guy to continue talking back at him, but then again, he easily returned back to his calm self. And as though nothing had happened, he simply slipped his hands on his trousers and lazily stood before Sei.

"Okay, I get it. I’ll go get her." He said in his normal voice and expression before he nonchalantly left the room.

As soon as he left, Sei leaned on his seat’s back rest. He knew what was wrong with Zaki that was why he was worried about him. Gladly, this Zaki storming on him because of someone for the first time made Sei finally see a good beginning for him.

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