I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 326 Punishmen

Inside the car, Hinari was strangely silent. Well, this time, she knew she deserve to be punished, no, she wanted him to punish her or else her guilt won’t go away. Hinari knew how it feels to be wronged and to be falsely accused like that. Back when she was a teenager, her family used to attack her with all sort of painful accusation to the point that she could only crumble on her own. She knew how painful words could be. No matter how many years had passed, the scar of those memories remained in her.

To Hinari, words were just words but they were deadly blades that could destroy someone’s heart. And what’s worse was that, nobody could take back the words that were already said. That was why the scene that happened a while ago was a lethal blow on her. Zaki was innocent and he never deserved those false accusation and unreasonable scolding so even if it may not be big deal to the man himself, Hinari was hopelessly guilty.

Thus, that moment, she could only behave herself and wait for her punishment.

Zaki on the other hand couldn’t help but crease his forehead as he looked at the dispirited girl in the corner. She was so downhearted there’s no more trace of the mischievous and annoying lively girl a while ago.

Looking at her like this, he can’t even begin to vent anything. Well, how could he even start his punishment when the girl already looked like she already received a load of painful scolding?

In the end, Zaki found himself doing nothing but pinching the muscle between his brows. He decided a while ago not to let this girl go easily this time for fear that she might do these kind of troublesome matters again in the future. He badly wanted to teach her a lesson before she do anything stupid like this, however, who would have thought that she looked like the punishment was already over when he didn’t even start yet? Was this her strategy to get away unscathed?

Thinking about it, Zaki was unsure. He didn’t discard the possibility of her acting again but for some reason, he could just feel that her emotion this time wasn’t fake.

Leaving him without a choice, Zaki could only decide to confront her.

"You..." he started but as soon as he saw her jolted a bit, Zaki creased his brows again.

What’s wrong with this girl? Is she scared?

Puzzled and a bit taken aback by her reaction, Zaki faced her and called out her name.

"Hinari, look at me." He said and like an obedient soldier, the girl immediately faced him with an instant "Yes". Zaki almost cracked up due to her strange and sudden reaction. However, the next words she said made the man’s face turned seemingly displeased.

"Y-you can start to punish me now. I’ll accept it all." She firmly said. Her eyes looked determined and ready, making Zaki felt even more confused. Well, he expected this girl to flirt with him or something the moment he try to start punishing her so he even thought about cuffing her hands to control her but what exactly was this? What’s going on?

"H-huh? You can’t wait to be punished by me? Hinari, are you a sadist as well?" Zaki could only ask in disbelief but the girl maintained her usual downhearted and guilty expression.

"I know I went really too far this time. I deserved to be punished. Don’t worry, I won’t complain and fight back." She stated firmly as she held his hand and pulling it near her face.

"If you want to slap me, it’s fine with me." She continued and Zaki’s face turned unbelievably dark, a reaction Hinari didn’t expect.

Hinari was about to speak again when suddenly, Zaki pinned her down in one move. His face was still dark and he looked obviously angry.

"You... you’re really asking me to hit you?" He asked. His voice was unbelievably cold and chilly, causing Hinari to feel a chill down her spine. It seems like the hidden dark side of him was leaking out again.

Hinari couldn’t utter a word, gladly, Zaki noticed the faint glint of fear in her eyes, and he instantly snapped. He cursed within him as he quickly switched back to his usual self again.

"Did you really think I will hit you?" He again asked, rewording his sentence as his voice turned back to normal.

Sensing that Zaki wasn’t that cold anymore, Hinari finally found her voice.

"B-but isn’t physical harm the only way left for you to punish someone with grave sin?" Hinari replied and Zaki narrowed his eyes.

"Huh? The only way left? Can’t I punish you in intimate way like what you’ve been doing all this time?" Zaki asked with devilish smile but Hinari just creased her brows as though she just found what he said senseless.

"If you choose to do that, then would that even be called a punishment? Isn’t that giving me reward instead?" She answered honestly and somehow, Zaki’s annoyance was back again. Even though she seemed like she’s not kidding at all, he can’t deny that this girl will definitely smile widely instead if he punish her that way. Worse was that, she might even do it again next time and shamelessly ask for punishment again.

"Then why are you telling me to slap you instead of choosing intimacy as your punishment?" Zaki asked once more. Well, this was what bugging him. Aside from her unusual expressions, the fact that this pervert and shameless girl really didn’t ask for an intimate punishment was a shock, Zaki couldn’t help but doubt. If she’s not acting, there might a reason behind.

"Speak." Zaki uttered when Hinari remained silent . He wanted to know why the hell is she acting this way.

After staring at her for a while, the girl finally opened her mouth.

"I deserved to be punished seriously this time. What happened to you will never be settled with just a ’sorry’." She replied, looking guilty and apologetic, causing Zaki to stare at her somehow differently than usual. Well, maybe because this was the first time Hinari ever showed this kind of face to Zaki that he found it really strange.

"What made you think that a ’sorry’ is not enough for me?" Zaki spoke with a low voice. His gaze at her turned a bit serious.

"Even if I say ’sorry’, the words had already been said, I can never take them back anymore so I know saying ’sorry’ is never enough." She said. Her eyes were still guilty as ever and Zaki somehow dislike this sight of her. He would rather see this girl acting naughty and mischievous than being like this.

However, the moment he heard her words, Zaki finally understood why she was acting this way. Zaki actually once witnessed Hinari being attacked by her own step mother and father years ago. They wrongfully accused her of slandering her step sister, spouting all sort of curse and hateful words to her. He knew all along that Hinari’s very own battle was different to them. Her enemy attacks her with painful words that could destroy her mental well-being. Gladly, she seemed to have grown tolerant with them and she doesn’t seem to allow them affect her anymore.

"Did you think I mind what those strangers said?" Zaki once again asked with an unpleasant smirk on his lips and Hinari’s eyes widen in surprise. He really didn’t mind at all?

Zaki then bent and moved his face closer to her ear.

"Did you think I was hurt by those? Did you really think I’m that weak?" He continued so Hinari immediately retorted.

"It’s not like that. It’s just that I know you have such a loving family and such status. Nobody would dare scold you and accused you and called you a ’punk’ before this. And more importantly, you don’t deserve to hear those kinds of words. I feel guilty that you have to hear such things because of me." She explained in such a really fast pace, causing Zaki’s mouth to slightly hanged open, before his lips just curved up. He was somehow pleased to know that Hinari was like this because she’s thinking about him more than he thought.

"Okay, I get it. Since you’re desperately asking for it, then accept your punishment." He said as he lifted her chin as he speaks. Well, Zaki was aware of this girl’s stubborn personality. He knew that she won’t stop feeling guilty if he won’t punish her with what she deserved.

Thus, he could only give in and give her what she wanted. Of course he won’t forget to grab this opportunity to teach her a lesson.

"Okay. I will accept your apology if you agree with my demands."

"Of course. I will agree whatever it is."

"Then, listen. This is your punishment... you have to be my servant until Sei’s wife is cured."

"S-servant? What kind of---"

"Hush... I’m not done yet. You asked for a serious punishment so listen very well my dear fiancée."


"Within those times, you are not allowed to flirt with me."


"You are also not allowed to talk dirty and act perverted to me or to anyone else."


"And lastly, you are not allowed to touch me when we’re alone."

"H-huh?! Not even touch?!"

"Yes, so you have to behave well, or else, I will never forgive you. And you will be guilty for the rest of your life."

"A-are you serious?!!!!"

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