I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 319 Look for the Trigger

In front of little Shin’s school, Davi was kissed by the adorable little bun on her cheek before embracing her lovingly.

"I will wait for you to fetch me after class, mommy." The little guy said and Davi hugged him back for a long while, obviously looking hesitant to let go of her little dearest.

Watching his wife just kneeling there, hugging her son as the little guy was caressing her back, the man in the car couldn’t stay still anymore. His eyes blazed when he thought that there was something wrong with his wife and all he wanted that moment was to rush towards them to soothe his distressed wife.

He hastily began opening the door when Kir spoke.

"Boss, you agreed not go out." He reminded him and as expected, the man was forced to halt. However, his cold aura intensified in a single moment, freezing the entire car in no time. Gladly, Kir somehow learned his lesson now. He knew he can’t stop this man at all so he quickly made a decision and sent a message to Zaki upon seeing the changes in his expressions.

Due to what happened in the park last night, Sei’s body guards suggested that he will stay in the car. Even Zaki, though he wasn’t his body guard anymore, firmly told him to obey his guards.

However, just as what Zaki expected, Sei will surely be uncontrollable.

Zaki and Hinari were inside the low key car on the other side of the road as they were quietly observing the flow of events when Zaki’s phone vibrated.

Upon looking at the message, he wasn’t even surprised anymore. It was because it was as expected from the current leader of Sei’s bodyguards, Kir.

[The boss is about to step out. I need your help, please.]

The message stated and Zaki pinched the muscle between his brows as he quickly called Sei.

"Sei. Didn’t I tell you to stay put?" Zaki immediately said upon the call connected, but the man on the other side of the phone didn’t speak, causing Zaki to heave a deep sigh. Well, since Davi came back, Zaki somehow expected that the usual stubborn Sei who doesn’t care about anything else but his wife will surely comeback again and he was absolutely right.

"If you step out now, the world will know Little Shin’s identity. And when that happens, we won’t have a choice but surround him with countless guards from now on. That’s the least thing you wanted to happen, don’t you?" Zaki continued and after a long silence, the slightly opened door of the car across them immediately shut closed, indicating that what he said did worked.

Konwing that the guy had calmed down, Zaki rested his face on his knuckles as he ended the call. Zaki actually used Little Shin to stop him because he knew why Sei chose not to reveal Little Shin to the public. Sei wanted his child to experience his childhood normally. He doesn’t want him to experience the hellish life he went through when he was young. He doesn’t want Little Shin to feel like he’s being caged, surrounded by guards in such a young age. Sei simply want little Shin to spend his childhood freely. That was why he never showed up his face in Little Shin’s school, nor let anyone discovered his son’s identity.

"Hey, Mr. Beauty. Why is your brother the great so obedient to you when it comes to things like this?" Hinari who was holding her spying binocular asked, curiously looking at him.

"Obedient? Not at all. I was just reminding him. That guy’s brain tends to turn upside down when his wife is in distress so he needed an alarm to wake him up every now and then." He replied and his serious answer satisfied Hinari so she didn’t ask anymore.

"Ah! Davi finally let Little Shin go!" Hinari exclaimed as she quickly raised his binocular. Looking intently at her every expression, Hinari was sure that Davi was very happy and sad at the same time. And as she waved her hand to her dearest son, Hinari could only think that if it was the old Davi, she had surely been tearing up with a smile on her face by now for sending her son to school for the first time. However, Davi still didn’t reacted normally, and her reactions could only make Hinari narrow her eyes.

Hinari has been thinking about Davi’s situation since a while ago. She watched and observed her since last night until now and her heart can’t help but clench. It was because she realized that the reason behind Davi’s inability to cry was because of the severe depression she went through for years. She was severely depressed that she settled into a cry-proof state to survive. Hinari can’t even imagine just how much pain she had suffered to turn out like this.

Gladly enough, Davi was physically fine and her fighting spirit is now getting back to its usual strong state so Hinari was confident that she will be cured sooner than later. After all, this Davi, her dearest friend was still the strong and determined girl she knew from five years ago.

As Zaki drives, tailing the black car before them, Hinari suddenly spoke.

"I believe that Davi just needed something. She needed a certain trigger to start her crying circuit and once that happened, everything will be fine." Hinari suddenly muttered and Zaki’s brows creased with curiosity.

"Trigger?" He asked and like a lady detective, Hinari rubbed her jaw with her fingers. She narrowed her eyes as she looked like she was currently contemplating her unltimate plan. And after a while, her eyes twinkled victoriously, but no word came out of her mouth.

"Tell me about you plan first Hinari. Don’t you dare keep it to yourself." Zaki who kept glancing at her spoke and Hinari just smiled mischievously at him.

"Don’t worry my beauty, my plan will be a sure hit. Believe me." She replied. Looking proud at herself but Zaki still didn’t buy her words.

"If you don’t spill it out, we will go back to the mansion." Zaki threatened and Hinari could only puff her cheeks. Well, she wanted to tease him and make him go crazy with curiosity but she didn’t expect the man to actually decided to threaten her.

"Am I not supposed to be your partner? Tell me, or else, the mission ends here." Zaki continued and Hinari almost wanted to bit his earlobe again. But due to the fact that she needed him badly at the moment, she could only surrender and spill the beans.

"I get it, i get it. I’ll say it okay?" She finally spoke. "Our goal is to look for the trigger so we should try things. Little Shin’s and your brother the great’s loveydovey fluffyness and cuteness overload attacks didn’t seemed to work on her so i’m thinking about trying something new. Do you remember when Davi got drunk? The reason why she ran away that night was because she was actually jealous, and that night she also cried, right?"

"You mean..."

"The first plan is to make her jealous."

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