I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 318 The approaching plan

The sun was already shining pleasantly when the family of three stepped out of Little Shin’s room. They looked extremely cute in their pajamas that anyone who would see them that moment will think that they were currently in a magazine photoshoot intended for a perfect family.

Davi was carrying little Shin in her arms while Sei walked beside her when they halted the moment Zaki suddenly stepped out of his room. And for some reason, he seemed to be in haste. His hair was still messy and he was obviously surprised upon seeing Sei and his wife and son.

"Oh... uncle, good morning." Little Shin immediately greeted him and Zaki could only smile.

"Good morning too." He replied when Sei casually looked at his wrist watch before he stared at him with a raised brow.

"It’s rare for you to wake up this late, Zaki." Sei said and Zaki could only run his fingers through his hair.

"Well, I haven’t slept properly for many days so---"

Zaki couldn’t continue his explanation. It was because the door behind him suddenly opened again, and a girl stepped out of it, looking a little bit mad. She looks like she was about to open her mouth when she realized the presence of a certain fluffy family, looking at her.

"Good morning auntie. You sleep in uncle Zaki’s room?" Little Shin was again the first to speak and his question almost choked Hinari, causing her to fall speechless for a moment.

"G-good morning baby dear." She could only greet the little guy back with a smile on her face as she moved closer to him and gently pinched his adorable cheeks.

"Auntie, did you two got married in secret?" The boy asked again and Hinari froze for a moment while Zaki was stunned.

"Haha. What made you think that way?" She asked, forcing a laugh and Little Shin just tilted his head as he speaks.

"You told me before that a boy and a girl should only sleep together if they’re married." The kid answered and Hinari finally choked. She coughed for a while before she could move and ruffled Little Shin’s head.

"T-that’s right Little Shin. I did said that, haha." She replied before she sidled towards the little guy in Davi’s arms as she whispered on him.

"Me and your uncle didn’t sleep together okay? You know your uncle is very strict." She said. Well, she decided to use the ’sleep together’ other meaning so she won’t commit a crime of lying to this smart ass kid. And fortunately, the little guy didn’t asked anymore.

However, after little Shin, Davi was the one to asked her next.

"Hinari... who is he?" She asked and this time, Zaki was the one who choked.

"Eh? You don’t know him?!" Hinari was surprised as she looked at Zaki and then at her friend before she went and pulled Zaki towards her.

"She don’t know you so introduce yourself." Hinari said and Zaki scratched his head.

"Miss, I’m that Mr. Chen you used to know." He said and Davi’s eyes widened.

"Eh? So you’re actually wearing a mask too back then?" She asked and upon Zaki answered her with a nod, Sei also talked.

"These two are engaged." He said and Davi gasped.

"So, Hinari was actually the fiancée you were talking about back then?" She asked, looking at Zaki and the man just nodded with a smile. She looked at Hinari with an eyes filled with curiosity and she was about to ask more when the butler walked closer to them.


That morning, the epitome of a home full of life and love was happening inside the Chen

residence. The atmosphere was bright and fluffy that the flowers in the garden seemed to be at full bloom even though they were not.

After breakfast, Sei simply watched his wife preparing their child for school, while the engaged couple, Hinari and Zaki was observing them in the sideline.

"I think we need to observe them more." Hinari said with a narrowed eyes and Zaki just glanced at her.

"Why?" Zaki could only ask.

"We talked last night. Davi’s case is definitely something simple even though she herself was actually the one who wanted to be cured the most. And I’m sure your brother the great and little Shin are doing their best to make her smile again, that’s why I have to observe first so I could find what is missing." She explained and Zaki lazily leaned on the couch as he speaks.

"So? What’s the plan?"

"After sending Little Shin to school, what is your brother the great’s plan?" Hinari asked instead of answering him and Zaki could only reply.

"Sei wants to bring her somewhere." He said and Hinari’s operation mode activated. Her eyes twinkled with excitement as she looked at her partner.

"Okay, we’re going to stalk them all day!" She declared with a mischievous smile and somehow, Zaki could tell it was definitely a great idea. Even though for some reason, he was having goosebumps every time he thinks about the approaching plan this fiancée of his will devise after this.

"Hinari, you better treat this seriously." He said when the girl crawled on him and put her finger on his lips.

"What’s this? Are you saying you don’t trust my ability?" She asked. Still smiling naughtily but with a dangerous gaze when Zaki just flicked her forehead.

"It has nothing to do with trust. I just don’t want you to overdo things and create a storm." He replied and Hinari chuckled.

"Haha. As expected with the veteran body guard and relationship body guard, you’re still so strict when it comes to them."

"I just don’t want anymore unnecessary trouble for them. They already went through a lot."

"I know, I know. That’s why you have to accompany me so you could watch out when I’m getting overboard."

"In short, my role is to be a police officer ready to stop you when you start breaking a law, huh."

"Hmm... somehow, that sounds nice."

"Well, yeah. It’s not that bad. I’d love to punish you every time you go overboard."

"Haha. Oh my... I think I should start anticipating some punishment from my beautiful partner now. Should i request for an intimate punishment?"


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