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Chapter 402 - 9.21 Second Blue Star - Each Couple's Circumstances.

[Lord Hei!!?]

Hu Yue felt a strong power pushing him on the ground, "Urrg!! P-Please... for-...give..." He tried pleading for forgiveness but the silver-eyed man looked down on him with an icy gaze. Within those argent eyes were nothing but aloofness and indifference.

It only took a split second for everything in Xue Hua to turn cold at that moment. His demeanor and temperament change to something akin to ice. His current gold eyes turned silver, gazing down on with disdain and indifference. His face is expressionless at the moment and he gave out an aura of an emotionless being who bears an overwhelming presence pressing Hu Yue's whole being down. Hu Yue's whole being including his soul felt being crushed down under Xue Hua's icy gaze.

He couldn't help but puke blood from the immense pressure but when he looked up to see Xue Hua, his expression remained emotionless as before. Hu Yue finally remembers the fear he felt when he first met Hei Anjing. Before his soul got completely crushed Xue Hua was suddenly pulled over by a force. Xue Hua landed on Xie Mo's firm embrace with his whole body in his husband's arms. Then he heard a familiar way of calling.

"Baby~ calm down. I will tell you some things instead. Don't kill my confidant." Said Xie Mo but when Xie Hua looked up he saw Xie Mo's original silver eyes turned into special obsidian irises with hints of galaxies within those black orbs. Xue Hua's cold mood diminished and hugged this man who was his everything.

His silver eyes met those black ones and stared at each other for a few seconds. The first one to move away from his gaze is Hei Anjing. He slowly closed his eyes as if avoiding him. As those eyes once again opened, those silver eyes were gone and reverted back to gold. The cold temperament in Xue Hua had all faded and his aura returned to a clear and innocent demeanor. This is Xue Hua that they knew but not the Hei Anjing they wanted to see. Like how he suddenly appeared he also disappeared in a flash.

[He's gone again. My Lord, do you think Lord Hei is...] Avoiding you?

System Yue didn't speak the last two words out loud but everyone with eyes had noticed what happened. The moment the Lord God had pulled Xue Hua within his embrace, Lord Hei's presence instantly disappeared, and only Xue Hua who is the mere vessel of his wife remains.

"Fujun~ My head was hurting a lot just now..." said Xue Hua as he moved his body and faced Xie Mo straddling on his legs and hugged him tightly on his waist while burying his face on his chest. "What happened just now?" Xue Hua only acts spoiled in front of Xie Mo

The smile on Ye Xiajie's face faded when witnessed the reaction of his wife, Hei Anjing. He was astonished to the point his face paled and his face retorted with regret and grief. He wanted to talk to Hei Anjing but unfortunately, his wife is avoiding him like a plague.

Xue Hua noticed his Fujun's weird expression and felt something had gone wrong in the middle of the conversation but he couldn't remember what it was. 

"Fujun, are you okay?" asked Xue Hua worriedly.

Meanwhile, Hu Yue was finally free from that strong pressure Hei Anjing had released just now. He could only weakly call, "M-My Lord!?" while Xue Yan helps him wipe the blood and look worriedly at his partner.

"Stupid. Where have you left your manners to? Is the Venerable Lord someone you can be rude to!?" scolded Xue Yan.

Ye Xiajie's expressionless face turned even darker when his eyes moved to look at Hu Yue who was coughing blood on the ground. If he didn't stop his wife just now, Hei Anjing would most likely crush his soul into nothingness.

The Ghost King reprimanded his confidant. "Warden Luo Wuye! This is the last time I will forgive you for being rude towards my wife!"

Hu Yue, who was called by his real name by his lord, immediately kowtowed before his master. "It will never happen again my lord!" replied Luo Wuye.

"Leave and heal yourself. Go now." Said Ye Xiajie as he waves his hand pushing the figure of Xue Yan and Hu Yue out of God's Domain. 

They were ushered out against their will and with an overwhelming strength that they couldn't defy at all. The Ghost King took his time as entertained Xue Hua until the latter had fallen asleep. Once the little is finally quiet the friendly and gentle expression on Xie Mo faded. He stared at the distant horizons that showed the city. The Ancient Palace he lives in is located in a mountain, not far from the city but at the same time not within the city. His head was patting Xue Hua's hair with careful movements but his mind was left in that scene when he met those silver eyes from before.

Thinking that Hei Anjing was inside Xue Hua watching silently without reacting, Ye Xiajie knows that his wife isn't sleeping inside Xue Hua all the time. Most of the time he is watching him through the eyes of Xue Hua. It's just that he isn't willing to meet him. It seems the anger of Hei ANjing from what happened in the last word hasn't disappeared yet. So even though he had found him, Hei Anjing wasn't willing to see him.

Thinking for the last 500 years he hasn't seen his wife in the last world and those blood tears his wife had shed when he watched him die in that world made Ye Xiajie realize that he had been taking his wife's presence for granted all these time. The one who was being spoiled and protected in all those worlds wasn't only done by him to his wife. His wife was also doing the same thing for him. Moreover, it was his wife who was doing more things as most of his soul fragments were just pieces of his soul. They are him but at the same time not. 

This is why these soul fragments who had to live their own lives wouldn't make his wife their top priority as all he had passed on these fragments were just a few hints of his feelings for Hei Anjing without any memories to back it up, it can only be considered as a fleeting emotion that could disappear anytime.

After realizing this Ye Xiajie knew how much he owed his wife all this time. The selfishness he had done in the last world was indeed the last thing that would definitely anger his wife. He had indeed made him angry, to the point that not only his wife had left the world alone and also imprisoned him in that world for a few years. Plus now that his wife is not willing to meet him, Ye Xiajie finally feels how much of a jerk he is.

He can now only wait by his wife's side until the latter is willing to talk to him.

"Baby~ I will not force you to come out. But I will stay by your side in this world no matter what. You don't have to forgive me but my only wish is that you don't push me away." murmured Ye Xiajie as he kissed the back of Xue Hua's hand. His face is full of heartache that cannot be hidden.

Not knowing that the person who was supposed to be asleep slightly opened his eyes revealing argent irises. The Xue Hua at this moment is devoid of any emotions as he listens to the ghost king's words. He did not react and was not willing to reply to the man's words as he just closed those phoenix-shaped eyes once again in silence. 

System Yue who was watching his lords in silence had witnessed his Host opening his eyes but those silver eyes were cold and expressionless. It was dull as if lifeless, he noticed Lord Hei awakening but didn't inform the Lord God. This is a quarrel between a married couple as a System his only job is to help and guide them. As for the problems of feelings, they can only do something about it themselves.

Meanwhile, in one of the guest quarters within the Ghost King Palace, Xue Yan is treating Hu Yue's internal injuries when Xue Hua crushed him using just his overbearing aura. There's only silence between the two since all pretense from the former worlds disappeared and the two felt awkwardness between them. After all, they've been married couples and lovers in the past 8 worlds while acting their roles. But this time even though their tasks were to be lovers like before, they couldn't help but feel the real distance of love and pretense. Unlike Hei Anjing and Ye Xiajie who truly loved each other, these two were only following the task given to them. Well, mostly only Xue Yan followed his tasks while Hu Yue did whatever he wanted.

Hu Yue loves Xue Yan, but Xue Yan doesn't know if what he feels for Hu Yue is real love or just duty. Especially when Xue Yan learned that Hu Yue was a person of the Nether System he was tied with. He didn't know how he should believe the man's love for him at the same time he couldn't accept it as it was his task to accept this person's love. Bound by his tasks, Xue Yin didn't know if what he feels towards Shen Li is his real feelings or not. After all, a failure of a task means the obliteration of his soul.

  Xue Yan can convert his qi to heal. This is one of his special abilities. "You are healed. Next time watch your mouth. My brother has always been short-tempered." He said while acting his role as Xue Hua's elder brother.

Understanding the meaning of Xue Yan's words, Hu Yue felt bitterness for the first time. He knew that with his identity being exposed the person before him would have a hard time trusting like before. But he couldn't blame his Lord's wife as it was his choice to hide things from this person. He could only accept the current situation and this person's decision to follow their roles in each world.

Hu Yue smiled with bitterness, "Thank you. I will accept your decision. Take your rest, Yan'er." Said the Fox God as he gently caressed Xue Yan's face staring at him with sadness in his eyes despite his smiling appearance. He disappeared within the mist after bidding his farewell.

Seeing the leaving figure of Hu Yue and that sorrow within his eyes made Xue Yan uneasy inside. He couldn't understand why he felt the pain when he saw Hu Yue's sad smile.

"I couldn't understand why you smile like that even though you are sad. A silly man like always. Why love a heartless man like me? I am someone who has destroyed someone's fate because of this so-called love. My dear cruel Lord of Destruction, I do not know whether the memories you have returned to me are helpful to help me move my heart to another person instead of that man." Murmured Xue Yan silently.

With the Ghost King's permission, Xue Yan and Hu Yue were allowed to live in his palace. This is a result because of his wife's begging. These two couples were awkward at the beginning until they got used to it like in the past worlds.. A week passed by without them knowing. 

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