I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 298 - Chapter 298: The Plan to Hunt and Kill Three Tails (2)

Chapter 298: The Plan to Hunt and Kill Three Tails (2)

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Note: This future timeline conflicts with Lin Ran’s counter-parasitism of the owner of the fog. If the future plan of the Tiger Soul Research Institute fails, Lin Ran will not have the chance to possess the owner of the fog.

Future Timeline 4: Peer Intelligence

Try to come into contact with the Prajna Domain Combat Team and the Victory

Domain Combat Team and learn more information about domain factions from them.

Note: At this stage, it is known that the Prajna Domain Combat Team and the Victory Domain Combat Team are peer factions. There might be unexpected gains from interacting with them.

Future Timeline 5: All of mankind fights

At this stage, various domain factions have mistakenly taken me for a domain creature, so I can completely use the name of a domain faction as a cover to rope in my peer factions to establish a “domain alliance” to cooperate and develop. When we have enough strength, we can announce the truth that there are domain factions lurking in human civilization to the world and then fight against the domain factions with all of humanity.

Note: Avery radical future timeline that can blow up many domain forces lurking in human society at once. However, this timeline is a high risk and is very likely to lead to the early destruction of human civilization. There might not even be a Star City Shelter in the future dream.

Future Timeline 6: Science and Technology Research Institute (Blackie)

Join the Science and Technology Research Institute again and use the known technology to advance to the second tier in the core circle. Then, think of a way to advance to the first tier and try to come into contact with the most mysterious Mo in the Science and Technology Research Institute.

Note: Only by coming into contact with Mo can 1 learn the core secrets of the Science and Technology Research Institute and the secret about Blackie.

Note 2: There’s a small chance of obtaining a way to control Blackie in this future timeline.

After writing six future plans, Feng Qi put down his pen.

With the intelligence he had gathered, he could actually plan more future routes.

However, he still chose the six future timelines in the notebook as the reference direction this time.

After thinking for a moment, he crossed out the future timeline of fighting the Tiger Soul Research Institute that clashed with Lin Ran’s counter-parasitism of the owner of the fog.

There were five options for the future before him now.

Feng Qi fell into deep thought.

After hesitating for a moment, he decided to take a risk and choose to the future timeline where he joins the Dawn Army.

He had been hesitating about this timeline for a long time.

The risk was high, but the benefits were also huge.

As long as he could come into contact with Mu Yao, he could obtain a lot of information from her.

In the future, she would also become his companion and provide him with help like Wei Wei.

However, the risk of dying young was still there. He was also prepared for this future line to be fruitless.

After making his choice, he bought a batch of ingredients to brew Heart Cleansing Wine online.

After completing the payment, he was only left with about 1 million dollars balance. It was no longer enough to pay for the next purchase of ingredients for the wine.

However, lack of money was no longer a big problem.

He had already laid his cards on the table with the Scarlet Research Institute and could completely obtain financial support from them.

The only problem was the effects of overlapping memories.

If it was the messages, there was no need to worry about this.

However, the situation had changed significantly compared to before.

He felt that it was not suitable to only check the messages now.

Back then, it was a shallow test of unknown information. Now, it was an in-depth investigation.

It was very likely that the enemy would leave behind misleading information, causing a series of subsequent misjudgments and a chain reaction.

Although the narrator said that it was better not to read his memories in the future unless necessary,

reading memories was clearly the best way to ensure that the information was effective. It also allowed him to understand all the details of what he had experienced in the future.

At this thought, he immediately asked,

“Narrator, is there a way to resolve the impact of overlapping memories?”

[Yes, I can provide you with two methods.]

“Tell me.”

[The first is to take a few days to digest the effects of overlapping memories after returning from the future dream. However, the hidden danger is that the accumulation of negative emotions will affect you greatly, causing you to have mental problems. The second is to obtain the infinite memory ability. You can instantly digest any memory information without any sequelae.]

Feng Qi had been longing for the ability of infinite memory for a long time.

However, there were no clues as to how to obtain this ability. He automatically ignored the second option proposed by the narrator.

The first option was feasible.

However, he could not ignore the hidden dangers. If he kept accumulating negative emotions, he might really go crazy.

At this thought, he immediately asked,

“Then, is there a way to take care of the accumulation negative emotions brought about by the overlapping memories?”

[Yes, but you have to obtain an innate ability that can cleanse the mind. With this ability, you can eliminate the effect of accumulative negative emotions every time you read memories.]

Realizing that the problem of negative emotions stacking could be resolved, he continued to ask,

“Are purification-type innate abilities as difficult to obtain as the infinite memory ability?”

[It’s indeed extremely difficult to obtain, but there’s a ready-made target now.]

“What target?”

[Do you still remember Three Tails? At that time, you tried to control it with psychokinesis, but it instantly purified and counterattacked. This ability clearly has the effect of mental purification.]

After hearing this,

Three Tails’ appearance immediately appeared in Feng Qi’s mind.

Encountering Three Tails was purely an accident.

At that time, after entering the future dream and checking the database information in the Star City Shelter, he learned that he had mysteriously died in the dormitory a few hours after he entered the future timeline.

This information made him realize that he would face a life and death crisis after returning to reality.

In order to become stronger, he did not collect information on that future timeline. Instead, he chose to hunt domain creatures everywhere in the future dream to increase his strength.

He wanted to have the strength to fight against a domain assassin when he returned.

In the end, he encountered Three Tails during the hunt.

At that time, it was the narrator who suggested that this creature was relatively weak and could be slaughtered.

So he attacked.

Three Tails’ combat strength was indeed not strong, but its movement technique was extremely agile. Even if he activated his Blood Source ability, he could not keep up with Three Tails’ speed.

That was fine, but the problem was that Three Tails was extremely vengeful.

As a result, he was mentally tortured for the duration of an entire future dream.

During this period, Three Tails followed him wherever he went. He could still clearly remember the demonic dance.

What was even more overboard was the mockery on its face before he died. It could be said to be painful torture.

At this moment, upon realizing that killing Three Tails might solve the problem of accumulating negative emotions, the thought of killing Three Tails immediately rose in his heart.

However, the problem was that the Three Tails was extremely agile. With his current strength, it would be difficult to catch it.

Before he could harvest Three Tails’ innate ability, he had to undergo strength enhancement.

As he pondered, time passed.

For the future plan, there was now another plan to strengthen himself and kill Three Tails.

In the next few days, Feng Qi chose to give himself a break.

However, it was not a pure vacation.

It was mainly to digest the impact of the overlapping memories. During this period, he did not forget to give cultivation technique research classes to the students of the academy.

During this period of time, his influence in Star City Academy had increased day by day.

He already had a large group of fans, and every class was even more crowded.

Other than his students, the students of the other classes would also come to listen.

The content he taught the students in class would become one of the hot topics of discussion on the Star City Academy’s forum the same day.

That afternoon, Feng Qi received a call from Bai Fusheng.

He brought him good news.

The Ministry of Education has approved his accreditation as a teacher.

At this stage, he was the only teacher who had obtained a teaching qualification certificate before graduating from the academy.

After hearing this news, he immediately expressed his gratitude to Bai Fusheng over the phone.

This approval from the Ministry of Education was clearly related to Bai Fusheng’s hard work in addition to him obtaining the Silver Medal of Outstanding Contribution and the second honorary certification after the Ferocious Tiger Fist was certified.

With his performance and Bai Fusheng’s recommendation, the Ministry of Education no longer had any objections to his teaching ability.

After a round of voting within the Ministry of Education, he was specially awarded the qualification certificate of Star City Academy by a unanimous vote.

In the future, he would no longer be an acting teacher. Instead, he would completely freed of his status as a student and officially a member of the teaching staff.

While enjoying various benefits, he could also receive a salary of 150,000 dollars a month.

Feng Qi was also very happy about this.

That night, he even gathered Lin Ran, Mu Qing, and the other students to the north corner of the cafeteria for a meal.

While announcing that he had obtained the qualifications to be an official teacher, he also treated them to a big meal.

Of course, he did not spend any money on this meal.

After all, all the food in the academy cafeteria was free..

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