I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 297 - Chapter 297: The Plan to Hunt and Kill Three Tails (1)

Chapter 297: The Plan to Hunt and Kill Three Tails (1)

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For the next three days, Feng Qi stayed at the Scarlet Research Institute.

During this period, in addition to discussing the subsequent development of the super virtual game with the higher-ups, he also handed the detailed code of the game to the Scarlet Research Institute.

The subsequent game creation would also be completed by the Scarlet Research Institute.

Fie was filled with anticipation for this epoch-making virtual game.

Now that the early structure of the game had been perfected, as long as the Scarlet Research Institute and Li Xingchen were connected, the game could be released at any time.

As for the lack of game content, they could perfect it bit by bit subsequently.

When the game is officially released, creative players would also contribute to the expansion of the game content.

Now that he had unearthed a timeline where he could interact with the people of the future, the only thing lacking was the overall strength of mankind.

As a result, every time they interacted with them, he had to experience the tragic moment of civilization’s destruction.

If he wanted to solve this problem, he needed to improve the overall strength of mankind.

Therefore, the launch of a super virtual game had an extraordinary meaning.

Once it was officially released, the population of the future Star City Shelter might increase by dozens of times or even more.

Future’s overall strength would also be affected by the butterfly effect and change.

Anything was possible.

What he desperately wanted to know now was what the black shadow was talking about.

But to know the answer to this question, the prerequisite was that the future people had enough strength to hold on until the arrival of the Great Event.

After discussing the relevant content with the higher-ups of the Scarlet Research Institute and leaving the technology behind, Feng Qi returned to Star City Academy.

He went to the principal’s office to greet Bai Fusheng then headed to Fang Zhiyu’s studio.

After entering, he saw Fang Zhiyou, who was wearing glasses, focused on the screen and studying something.

The other newcomers recruited by the studio were also like him. They were all very engrossed.

When he heard the door open, Fang Zhiyou turned to look at him. Then, a smile appeared on his face.

“Brother Qi, you’re here.”

Feng Qi nodded and sat down beside Fang Zhiyou.

“Are you used to living here?”

“Yes, I’m very used to it. Now my parents are fully supportive of me in developing the virtual engine, and this is my hobby, I’ve never felt as free as I do now.”

“Also, the construction of the virtual engine has basically been completed, but there are still many areas that need to be improved. I’m already working on these problems.”

Looking at the excited Fang Zhiyou, a smile appeared on Feng Qi’s face.

Next, he explained the relevant situation of the Scarlet Research Institute to Fang Zhiyou in detail.

Hearing that the Scarlet Research Institute would be supporting them next, a pleasantly surprised expression immediately appeared on his face.

He had always been worried about creating a super virtual reality game.

It was precisely because he understood that he knew how difficult it was to do so.

Even with his virtual engine, it was only the beginning. They still needed to collect a large amount of data about the trajectory of spells in the future.

Even if Feng Qi had the ability to solve these problems, the time needed was unknown.

It would take at least 20 years.

At this moment, when he heard that they would obtain the support of an authoritative scientific research institution, he immediately felt that this duration might be shortened by at least ten years.

In Fang Zhiyou’s opinion, this was undoubtedly good news.

Next, Feng Qi gave Fang Zhiyou the contact number of Director Long of the newly established Virtual Game Department at Scarlet and asked him to liaise with Director Long for the perfecting of the super virtual game.

After explaining the situation in detail, Feng Qi bade farewell and returned to his dormitory.

He sat down at the desk and opened his notebook.

The aftereffects of overlapping memories had yet to completely subside. He planned to enter the future dream in a few days.

But before that, he decided to plan the direction of the future timeline in advance.

At this stage, there was more intelligence, and there were many routes he could choose.

After thinking for a moment, he began to write.

Future Timeline 1: Darkness (Join a domain faction)

Contact the domain assassin and try to join the alliance to obtain relevant information about the domain forces from the inside.

Note: If I choose to join the domain alliance, I need to go to the Scarlet Research Institute to undergo rune modifications to ensure that I look like a domain creature.

Note 2: If I join a domain faction, 1 might be able to learn the secrets related to why domain factions lurk in human society.

Note 3: As long as my lifespan is long enough, I might be able to witness the arrival of the Great Event mentioned by the black shadow. (It’s relatively difficult. I need to live for more than 1,000 years.)

Risk: In the assassin’s eyes, 1 am from another domain faction, and I also have a domain powerhouse behind me. It won’t be easy to integrate into their alliance of weak races. If I suddenly choose to tell him that I’m also an individual and don’t have a domain powerhouse behind me, it will undoubtedly arouse suspicion. 1 might be retaliated against before 1 even join the alliance.

Future Timeline 2: Dawn (Mu Yao)

In the early stages, hide and wait for the time to be ripe before joining the Dawn Army. Try to come into contact with Mu Yao and learn the truth and secrets of the world from her.

Note: This future line is very risky and I am very likely to die young, but it’s not impossible to give it a try.

Future Timeline 3: Fighting the Tiger Soul Research Institute Line (tentative, conflicting with plans)

Join forces with the known peer factions to fight against Tiger Soul Research Institute and then check the changes in the future..

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