I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1877 - 1877 Invincible Elegance, Comparable to Those Monsters

1877 Invincible Elegance, Comparable to Those Monsters

Huyan Zhuo was defeated too quickly. It was so fast that no one could react.

Chu Yunfan’s speed had made another breakthrough after he had broken through. Even those in the Creation Stage couldn’t compare to Chu Yunfan’s speed, let alone those in the Cosmos Stage. They couldn’t see Chu Yunfan’s attack at all. They could only see his afterimages. The outcome of the battle had already been decided.

Such an astonishing speed shocked everyone!

“God, what speed…” someone muttered to himself.

It was unknown whether he was referring to Chu Yunfan’s speed or the speed at which Chu Yunfan defeated Huyan Zhuo. It was almost to the point that they did not have time to react before it was already over.

The entire place was deathly silent, so silent that one could hear a pin drop. The only sound left in the entire place was the sound of everyone inhaling a breath of cold air.

They were still in disbelief. What did they just see?

Huyan Zhuo, who was ranked at the top of the prodigy list, had been easily defeated by Chu Yunfan. It was completely different from what they had thought before. Originally, they had imagined that Chu Yunfan, who had yet to break through to the Creation Stage, was the weakest among the three. Who knew that Chu Yunfan was pretending?

After easily defeating Zhang Feng, he easily defeated Huyan Zhuo.

At this moment, the true disciples of the Flying Celestials remembered that Chu Yunfan’s expression was very calm from the beginning to the end as if he did not care about Zhang Feng and Huyan Zhuo. It was just that no one believed that Chu Yunfan had such strength before, so they were unwilling to believe it. However, they realized now how wrong and ridiculous their previous guess of Chu Yunfan was.

Chu Yunfan had such strength, so he was naturally very calm and didn’t have to worry about being attacked from both sides.

However, at this time, more people reacted. If Chu Yunfan had defeated the two of them after a bitter battle, then it could be said that their strength was on par. At most, Chu Yunfan’s strength was slightly stronger than theirs. However, the reality was that Chu Yunfan had easily defeated them. This meant that his strength far exceeded the two.

This reminded everyone of Chu Yunfan’s previous ranking in the top 30.

Although it was the top 30, considering that the prodigy list included the top geniuses of various races and factions, the top 30 was almost close to the top 10 of the younger generation of Grand Xia.

This wasn’t the top ten of any sect, but the top ten of the entire Grand Xia Empire. Standing at the peak of the billions of living beings, how powerful was that?

However, in the past year or so, Chu Yunfan’s ranking kept falling. This made many people wonder if Chu Yunfan was a fake. As many experts entered the Creation Stage one after another, it was predicted that Chu Yunfan would soon fall off the prodigy list.

But now, Chu Yunfan had used a vicious slap to tell everyone that he was still a force to be reckoned with.

“How is he so strong?!” Zhang Feng’s pupils constricted slightly as he couldn’t help but say.

If his defeat could be said to be due to Chu Yunfan catching him off guard, then after his defeat, Huyan Zhuo naturally could not underestimate Chu Yunfan. However, he still lost to Chu Yunfan. It was clear that Chu Yunfan was not just lucky to be able to defeat him. Chu Yunfan did have real strength. Even if he was prepared, he would not be able to defeat Chu Yunfan.

Even when the two of them attacked one after another, they could not test Chu Yunfan’s bottom line. Up until now, they could only see his terrifying power.

Zhang Feng could even feel that Chu Yunfan had not used his full strength when he attacked earlier. He had only used a portion of his strength, and they had already lost. If he attacked with his full strength, how terrifying would he be?

This made Zhang Feng think of the few monsters ranked at the top of the prodigy list. He had once seen two of them fight with his own eyes, and even now, he still felt his heart palpitate. They were all on the prodigy list, but the difference between them was too great.

Now, he could actually feel the aura of those monsters from Chu Yunfan’s body, and it was an invincible aura.

Among the younger generation, although Li Qianyuan was currently the leader, it was only a temporary ranking. No one had reached the peak, and no real war had broken out. The world’s number one would be born from these people. The world’s top masters of the future would be one of these people.

In a few years, a war most terrifying would erupt.

Zhang Feng shook his head. How was that possible? How could a fellow who had yet to enter the Creation Stage be like those terrifying monsters?

Moreover, to him, there was no difference at all. Whether Chu Yunfan used his full strength or not, it was just a punch. There was no difference.

Thinking of this, Zhang Feng became even more depressed. His pride had been shattered by Chu Yunfan’s punch. His perseverance in the past was not worth mentioning in front of this crushing defeat.

On the other side, Princess Yun Yang looked at Chu Yunfan with sparkling eyes as if she had discovered a peerless treasure. She probably didn’t expect Chu Yunfan to burst out with such light. He was on par with those monsters at the top of the prodigy list.

“As expected of her man. It’s not in vain that she’s been longing for him for so many years,” Princess Yun Yang muttered to herself.

However, her expression immediately changed and she revealed a beautiful smile. She said, “What an exciting battle. All three of you have displayed amazing skills, especially the External General. General Chu, you have displayed the supreme elegance of the younger generation of Grand Xia. The empire will only get better and better because of heroes like you. Men, take the two young masters to private quarters to rest. At the same time, give them a Nine Flower Jade Dew Pill to treat their injuries.”

Everyone was instantly in an uproar. Just a moment ago, there was a hint of pity in their eyes when they looked at Zhang Feng and Huyan Zhuo. Now, there was immediately a hint of envy.

“Two Nine Flower Jade Dew Pill have been brought forth. The princess is really generous. She spent a lot of effort to make the Nine Flower Jade Dew Pills by collecting nine types of divine flowers. Not only does it have miraculous effects on healing, but it can also greatly increase one’s cultivation.”

“That’s right. I’ve only heard of the Nine Flower Jade Dew Pill, but I’ve never seen it before. It seems that the two of them will have another breakthrough in their cultivation before long. I’m so jealous!”

“I’ve long heard of the Nine Flower Jade Dew Pill’s great name. It’s a famous healing pill.”

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