I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1876 - 1876 Defeating Huyan Zhuo

1876 Defeating Huyan Zhuo

Huyan Zhuo revealed a shocking secret.

Back then, the Violet Thunder Swords had gone on an expedition to the outer region. They had fled back in a sorry state, and their army had been completely wiped out, suffering heavy losses.

Later on, the sect was uprooted by the rebel forces of the Violet Thunder Sword Domain. In the end, the last descendant of the sect was captured in Grand Xia and the method to open the Violet Thunder Prefecture barrier was pried out of them.

It could be said to be extremely miserable.

However, no one knew exactly which faction the Violet Thunder Sword Sect had gone on an expedition against. Now, they had finally unraveled a mystery that had remained unsolved for many years in the Violet Thunder Sword Domain.

It turned out that the power that had defeated the Violet Thunder Swords was none other than the Destiny Sect that Huyan Zhuo was from. Even with the might of the Violet Thunder Swords back then, they were still forced to flee in a sorry state by the Destiny Sect, and their army was completely annihilated. One could imagine just how powerful the Destiny Sect was.

Almost everyone thought that Chu Yunfan, who came from the Violet Thunder Prefecture, had obtained the inheritance of the Violet Thunder Swords. After all, he had once displayed the ultimate technique of the Violet Thunder Swords, the Seven Violet Thunder Swords

This further confirmed many people’s guesses. Chu Yunfan definitely had a direct relationship with the Violet Thunder Swords. Even if he wasn’t the most direct successor, it was more or less the same.

If Chu Yunfan had shown himself back then, he would have been targeted by many people. However, the Violet Thunder Prefecture had already been breached and became the Violet Thunder Prefecture of Grand Xia. The inheritance of the Violet Thunder Swords had long been taken away by the Imperial Court of Grand Xia, so it was basically worthless.

Even if he had some of the Violet Thunder Swords’ heritage, it was nothing much. Which expert in the world did not have one or two declining heritage? This in itself was nothing.

As the successor of the Destiny Sect, Huyan Zhuo naturally had an absolute psychological advantage over Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan, who possessed the inheritance of the Violet Thunder Swords, might seem insufferably arrogant to others, but in Huyan Zhuo’s eyes, he was nothing but a defeated opponent.

“I’m not a descendant of the Violet Thunder Prefecture. Even if I am, so what!” Chu Yunfan sneered.

At this time, Huyan Zhuo couldn’t help but attack again. He wasn’t a kind person either. He opened his eyes and his aura suddenly expanded. A terrifying divine power suddenly erupted from his back. This divine power formed rings of light around his body. These rings of light were like light wheels that crushed down on Chu Yunfan.

“Destiny is mine!”

Huyan Zhuo let out a long howl as his entire body erupted. It was as if the entire world was under his control as if he was a true demon god.

The terrifying wind made Chu Yunfan’s clothes flutter.

“It’s your honor to be defeated by me!” Huyan Zhuo said coldly.

Suddenly, he made his move. A flag suddenly appeared in his hand. This flag was embroidered with a golden pattern. As soon as it was displayed, countless flames spewed out from it, setting the entire sky on fire.

“It’s the Inferno Flag. Huyan Zhuo brought out the Inferno Flag! He’s determined to win this battle. Chu Yunfan will lose!”

“That’s right. According to the rumors, this is the famous magic tool of an ancient sect called the Inferno Sect. Later, the Inferno Sect was destroyed by the Destiny Sect, and their inheritance was also annexed by the Destiny Sect. The Inferno Flag has become a magic tool that some of the top experts of the Destiny Sect must refine. Once the Inferno Flag is out, it can turn a radius of a thousand miles into a barren land.”

“Rumor has it that only those who have reached the Creation Stage are qualified to refine the Inferno Flag. Huyan Zhuo has just entered the Creation Stage not long ago. It’s impossible for him to have the time to gather all kinds of materials unless he had prepared them from the beginning.”

Seeing this flag, everyone became excited. The Inferno Flag was famous. Although it didn’t come from the Destiny Sect, after the Inferno Sect was destroyed, the Inferno Flag became the symbol of the Destiny Sect.

Even Zhang Feng, who was recuperating at the side, could not help but narrow his eyes. He had not expected Huyan Zhuo to have such a trump card. Huyan Zhuo was already very strong. Now that he had refined the Inferno Flag, which could only be refined by an expert at Creation Stage and above, his combat strength had increased by a lot.

Even someone as arrogant as Zhang Feng had to admit that Huyan Zhuo’s strength was still above his after he had obtained the Inferno Flag. He had originally thought of Huyan Zhuo as a strong competitor. Now that he realized that his competitor was much stronger than him, his expression became serious.

The flame swept toward Chu Yunfan like a monstrous wave of fire. Huyan Zhuo’s face revealed a cold smile. Even a Creator could not resist this kind of flame. They could only choose to dodge.

In such a small space, there was not much room for Chu Yunfan to hide. It could be said that the flame enveloped Chu Yunfan all of a sudden, leaving him nowhere to hide.

However, he never expected that Chu Yunfan had no intention of dodging at all. Instead, Chu Yunfan raised his divine power to the limit and spat out a sword light. The sword light turned into a sky full of lightning and swept out.


Endless lightning and flames collided, melting and devouring each other, forming a terrifying explosion.

To everyone’s surprise, even after using the Inferno Flag, Huyan Zhuo still couldn’t gain the upper hand.

Chu Yunfan’s body erupted with endless lightning power, sweeping through everything and breaking the flames that filled the sky.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan suddenly rose from the ground and rushed out like a tyrannosaurus. His hands tore apart the golden light that filled the sky and extinguished the fire in the air. Then, he pulled fiercely.

Everyone heard a huge explosion. The Inferno Flag was torn into two halves by Chu Yunfan.


Huyan Zhuo spat out a mouthful of blood. He was instantly injured and he flew backward as if he had been hit hard.

“Nine Netherworld Stomps!”

Chu Yunfan had no intention of showing mercy. He stomped on Huyan Zhuo.


Huyan Zhuo fell from the sky and slammed into the ground, creating a huge crack.


Huyan Zhuo spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. He struggled to get up, but Chu Yunfan stomped on him again.


The entire ground shook. In an instant, Huyan Zhuo was severely injured and fainted.

Huyan Zhuo was defeated, and the scene went dead silent.

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