I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 426 - Awarding the princess (1)

Chapter 426: Awarding the princess (1)

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The reputation of the penance cultivators of the langhuang region was well-known because they were fearless of death.

Their physical bodies were strong, and their cultivation might not be too high, but their will was strong.

Many cultivators didn’t want to deal with these ascetic cultivators.

However, in the langhuang region, the existence of a force that cultivated arduously was indeed a headache.

“There are 16 armies in Dayong, and they suppress billions of mountains and rivers.”

“I also don’t want to go against asceticism, so I can only choose to accept and guide them.”

“In the past, my father fought against ascetic. His memory is very deep.”

Chu wuxia held Chen jingzhai’s hand as they walked.

“Can’t the royal family take in some ascetics?”

Chen jingzhai asked.

“Some death Warriors were trained into ascetics, but they were like wooden men.”

“His body is strong, and he won’t rest until he dies. He’s very difficult to deal with.”

Chu wuxia nodded.

“Say, if I come to propose marriage, do you think the nine Kings will send some men of sacrifice like this?”

“I’m quite interested in them. ”

Chen jingzhai said thoughtfully.

He had many Dao soldier crafting techniques.

Among them were the heavenly corpse Dao-soldiers, puppet Dao-soldiers, and demonic beast DAO-soldiers.

There were even four types of Dao soldiers in the Yin Yang script.

In Chen jingzhai’s eyes, these ascetics were the best materials for Dao soldiers.

“If the betrothal gifts you give can satisfy father,”

“Maybe I can.”

Chu wuxia said with a smile.

“That’s good!”

Chen jingzhai laughed, how could his betrothal gift not be satisfactory?

Not to mention the entire yuanchu world, just the Moonview restaurant alone was rich.

With a generous gift, it should be safe and there should not be much pressure.

Of the four madams, only Chu wuxia was from a large family.

Of course, tu Ruoyan’s background as a demon fox did not count.

Moreover, Chen jingzhai had not mistreated the demon fox clan all these years.

Su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua were both pure cultivators who had removed their mortal fate.

Only Chu wuxia could let Chen jingzhai experience what it was like to be married in the secular world.

The two of them walked in the desert, leaving a series of footprints.

Then, Chen jingzhai put his arm around Chu wuxia’s waist and used the reverse divine power.

10,000 Zhang at a time, or 50000 Zhang.

After each time,

He and Chu wuxia would always switch places with the target air or sand.

Chu wuxia was greatly astonished by this divine power that was similar to teleportation.

Such a Divine Art that could instantly switch such a long distance …

Its power had already far exceeded the fourth stage.

She knew that Chen jingzhai had already formed his primordial spirit.

However, he didn’t expect Chen jingzhai to master the divine power so quickly.

And it was so profound.

After a few breaths, Chen jingzhai appeared on qingzhai with Chu wuxia.

He asked Qing Qing to transform the qingzhai into a junk ship,

Then, he stood at the bow of the ship and followed Chu wuxia’s directions to Dayong.

Three days later.

It was no longer the scene of the desert beneath their feet.

Instead, it was a mountain range of uneven heights.

However, it was different from the Dragon Gate region or the Heavenly Star region.

The scenery of the langhuang region was even more brutal, similar to the North.

Even the mountains were the same.

While flying, Chen jingzhai scanned the area with his spiritual will.

He saw many mines, some of which were cultivator mines.

There were also many mines for ascetics.

As expected, the amount of metal materials in the langhuang region was frighteningly abundant.

Even the buildings in some mines were made of refined iron.

It wasn’t just the mine; most of the buildings in the town were the same.

It was really eye-opening.

It must be known that ordinary refined iron was one of the materials for magic tools.

A piece the size of an arm could be exchanged for one or two magic tools.

This place, however, was piled up like a mountain, so extravagant that it was even refined into a house.

The Qi of metal and earth in the langhuang region was strong, but it lacked the Qi of water and wood.

It looked a little out of balance.

Fortunately, after entering the DA Yong territory, there were some changes.

The river flowed freely, and although it did not have the momentum of rushing, it was rare for it to last long.

The water vapor was abundant, and the vegetation was far more lush than other places.

As expected of the Imperial court.

“The landscape of the langhuang region is unique. It has many low hills and Hills. One side is close to the sea and the other side is close to the Dragon Gate region. The five elements are not balanced.”

“The lanhuang region is only a little smaller than the Dragon Gate region. However, due to the imbalance of the five elements, many places are barren.”

“The langhuang region is dominated by imperial dynasties. Other than the great Yong, there is also the great Mystic imperial dynasty controlled by the Supreme Mystic immortal sect and the great sun imperial dynasty controlled by the three suns immortal sect.”

“So far, the three great empires have occupied the most beautiful places in the langhuang region. Each of them is blessed with great luck. As they all belong to the immortal Alliance, they are friendly with each other.”

“There are eight secondary dynasties and forty-nine royal dynasties. There are also huge ascetic forces and cultivation families. It can be said to be complicated.”

Chu wuxia explained to Chen jingzhai softly as they walked.

The situation in each region was different.

Among them, the immortal sects always needed to be paid attention to.

There were currently four immortal sects in the langhuang region.

Only the Supreme Mystic immortal sect and the three suns immortal sect were ranked first.

The rest were second-rank.

“There are Immortals in the great Yong?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Three undead Immortals and one true immortal patriarch. They were all from a long time ago.” Chu wuxia revealed the royal family’s Secret.”That true immortal patriarch broke through in the Dragon Gate region and obtained the true dragon’s bloodline. He was also favored by the rainbow Mystic bird.”

“It seems like there’s a heaven-defying opportunity.” Chen jingzhai said thoughtfully.

He was very interested in the seven-colored bird.

Unfortunately, the nine Kings had made it very clear.

Even the royal family couldn’t find any trace of the seven-colored bird.

During the two-day break.

Chen jingzhai happened to find out from Chu wuxia’s memory.

The seven-colored Xuan bird had an extraordinary origin.

However, there were many things that she, as a concubine’s daughter, couldn’t know.

If not for the favor of the nine Kings,

Chu wuxia didn’t even have the right to know about this.

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