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Chapter 425 - Magical powers (2)

Chapter 425: Magical powers (2)

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This was an unparalleled sacred art. If Chen jingzhai was not the Lord of the Archean world, he would not have been able to derive it. He had borrowed the power of the overclocking of the Dao integration in the Archean world to derive his own sacred art.

Reversal, yin and yang, heaven and earth, life and death, five elements, and reincarnation-these six divine powers corresponded to Chen jingzhai’s cultivation path.

In the room of the qingzhai, Chen jingzhai opened his left hand. Yin and yang Qi swirled around his palm, and a spherical space opened up. The will of life and death inside flowed along with the Tai Chi diagram formed by the yin and yang Qi.

“I’ve already gotten rid of the restraints of the inverted heaven scroll, and turned the formation into a Divine Art. ”

“Breathing corresponds to yin and yang, Qian Kun corresponds to huandan, and reversing corresponds to the three flowers.”

“The five Qi corresponds to the five elements, and the six organs correspond to reincarnation. There is only life and death.”

“Life and death rely on overclocking the state of Dao integration to recall the time when one was going against the innate state.”

“I was able to gain some insight into a bit of true intent, and was able to use the Grand formation of life and death to evolve it.”

“The will of life and death returns to yin and yang, transcending reincarnation.”

Chen jingzhai seemed to have understood something, and the Tai Chi Ball flew out of his palm.

It gently landed on the back of his head and stopped.

Following which, the Taiji light ball expanded and turned into an illusory Taiji wheel.

After a long time, the light gradually faded.

Chen jingzhai revealed a satisfied smile,

In one enlightenment, he had successfully mastered the four great divine arts of reversal, yin and yang, heaven and earth, life and death. They could be combined and separated at will to form various means. Their power would only be stronger than other divine arts.

Not only that, but this time’s comprehension made his understanding of Dao and the world clearer. He even had a feeling that even without the divine stone, he could open up a world with his own divine arts.

It was a world, not a heavenly abode.

A soul formation true venerate could create a heavenly abode, but it could only be maintained for a limited period of time. They had to rely on the power of a cultivation artifact to suppress and maintain it. However, Chen jingzhai could create a small world that was dependent on himself. It was just that his potential was not as great as that of the Archean world.

This was just Chen jingzhai’s feeling. Even if he wanted to create a world, he would have to be at the realm of a sixth-grade true immortal. At this time, he could not even perform the reversal of heaven and earth. The fundamental reason was that his Dao cultivation was shallow, not even reaching the level of 400 years of Dao cultivation.

However, it did not matter. The Archean world automatically absorbed and released the power of the void and the connate Qi. Ever since Chen jingzhai attained the immortal soul Stage, his conversion ability had increased greatly in the past two years. He could release thirty-six streams of connate Qi in a day.

Apart from giving the connate Qi to his three clones to absorb, most of it was given to the five continents by Chen jingzhai, especially the 12 zu bloodlines.

Chen jingzhai absorbed four innate Qi in a day, which was enough for him to cultivate and increase his cultivation. His speed was also very fast, so he did not lack cultivation resources.

He believed that at his current rate of progress, it would not take long for him to break through to 500 years. Only after breaking through 500 years would he be qualified to charge at the sixth-grade true immortal. At that time, his divine power would grow, and its power would naturally be more powerful.

One must know that divine powers could create worlds, and naturally, they could destroy worlds. He had the primal world, so he naturally didn’t need to create worlds. However, divine powers were boundless, and the might of destroying worlds was something that even true immortals couldn’t resist.

“A bout of Dao enlightenment, and an unexpected surprise.”

Chen jingzhai murmured softly.

The third flower emerged from his mind palace and appeared behind his head.

A unique power spread out from the three flowers.

Chen jingzhai saw the inside and outside of qingzhai from a wonderful perspective.

Even true venerate Yudu didn’t notice his spying.

“Heartforce truly is wondrous!”

Chen jingzhai thought of the heartforce he had accidentally sensed when he created the technique in Donghai.

He had originally thought that this power had no potential, so there had been no movement.

He didn’t expect that after he formed his primordial spirit, the fusion of his divine powers would unexpectedly mobilize his heart force and open up the aperture points outside his body, which the true immortals called the tianqiong aperture points.

It was the place behind his head.

The tianqiong aperture was a legendary external aperture point that was coincidentally opened by a true immortal of the genius level. It was only mentioned in the immortal Sutra.

Immortal star soul had done his research, but many methods had been useless. Clearly, heartforce was one of the powers that could open this aperture.

After opening tianqiong’s aperture point, not only did Chen jingzhai’s cultivation speed increase, but it was also equivalent to having an additional divine power. He could use this aperture point to rely on the divine power to increase his power and at the same time, use the aperture point to transform into the light of the divine power.

For example …

The three flowers behind Chen jingzhai’s head disappeared, and two rays of light, one black and one white, appeared. The two rays of light swirled around each other, turning into a black and white light that illuminated the surroundings. The space around Chen jingzhai was like a crumpled piece of paper, and the void was clearly chaotic.

Using the tianqiong acupuncture points to cast magical powers consumed very little magical power. If it was a defensive magical power, not only would it be convenient, but it would also consume less magical power. Most importantly, it could also strengthen the user.

The tianqiong aperture was not a surprise, but the heart force was.

Heartforce couldn’t be cultivated. It was as if one had to comprehend everything and draw power from everything. Chen jingzhai only had a vague impression of it, but his control of heartforce was perfect. He could even use heartforce to observe the immortal patterns in the seamless land.

The immortal patterns that were difficult to understand in the past were not difficult for Chen jingzhai now. He could understand them by comparing them to the seal characters. He could even draw them. In addition to his strength, his mental strength was indispensable.

It allowed Chen jingzhai to observe macro things from a microscopic perspective, and the two angles could even be exchanged to observe things from multiple angles.

The wonder of heartforce seemed endless and was worth Chen jingzhai’s time to explore. Unfortunately, time was running out. After three years of flight, qingzhai was about to leave the seamless land.

The moment qingzhai left the seamless land, Chu wuxia came out of seclusion.

She held Chen jingzhai’s arm and looked at the cloudless sky and the scorching sun.”This is the langhuang region,” she said.

“Under the scorching sun, the sky is filled with yellow sand. The langhuang region looks a little desolate.” Chen jingzhai said,”I heard that the langhuang region is rich in refined iron and that there are many ascetics?”

“That’s true.” Chu wuxia nodded.”The entire langhuang region is filled with refined iron. The metal materials are abundant and there are many mineral reserves. However, the ascetics are people with poor aptitudes. They cultivate by tempering themselves.”

This was the boundary of the langhuang region. It looked naturally desolate, but the further inland one was, the better the environment and the more cultivators there were.

Chu wuxia and Chen jingzhai descended from the sky. The two of them walked hand in hand on the desert beach while qingzhai floated quietly in the air.

“Ascetic cultivators pursue the path of the spirit or the primordial spirit. By hurting their own bodies, they strengthen their minds and spirits, and comprehend the heavens and earth.”

“From the moment you become an ascetic, you have to put aside your blood and kinship and choose your first ascetic goal with a sincere heart, such as climbing a mountain.”

“Barefooted in hemp clothing, some choose to kowtow every three steps, some choose to bow once every step, and some choose to punch with all their strength with every step.”

“Every ascetic makes a different choice. This also causes them to have a variety of ascetic practices. However, they do not care about nothing.”

“The ascetics will still plunder resources and do evil, but in their eyes, it may not be evil but redemption.”

“The great Yong Empire doesn’t encourage or oppose the existence of ascetics. However, they will definitely retaliate if they attack the residents or cultivators of the Empire.”

“That’s why there are no evil ascetics in the great Yong Empire. Instead, there are some religious sects, and most of them should be bald cultivators.”

Chu wuxia said with a smile.

“The bald cultivator?” Chen jingzhai nodded slightly.

There were no monks in the Qianyuan world, but there were traces of Buddha, which might have existed before the Dark Age. At least in the current Qianyuan world, Chen jingzhai had not found any traces of monks, but there were similar temples.

The Qianyuan realm was too big. Any of the nine domains was larger than the planet in his previous life. It was not surprising that there were some inheritances in the corners.

“That’s right, bald cultivator,” Chu wuxia nodded and said,”they’re not to be trifled with. They’re stubborn, determined, and unafraid of death. They have all the characteristics of ascetics, and they treat their physical bodies as their skin while pursuing spiritual eternity.”

At this point, Chu wuxia revealed a trace of disdain and mockery.

The ascetics first appeared in the truant industry, and the root cause was that some lazy truant or those who wanted to live were absent.

Later on, there were some honest and upright people who skipped work. They stimulated their physical bodies step by step, honed their cultivation, and entered the path of cultivation, mastering their strength.

Just like that, the news spread like a spark. A large number of ascetic cultivators began to appear, and even some cultivators who were unable to break through or felt that their lifespans were short could not help but give up all their ascetic cultivation in order to break through.

This had created a unique ascetic force in the langhuang region.

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