I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 413 - Creating_technique and comprehending the Dao.1

Chapter 413: Creating_technique and comprehending the Dao.1

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Chen jingzhai held the two ladies ‘hands and led the way to the Dragon Gate.

As soon as he entered the waterfall, he was hit by a majestic force.

The waterfall’s force of impact actually contained the power of the secret realm.

As the water of the waterfall flowed, wisps of true dragon Qi entered his body.

So that was how it was!

Chen jingzhai’s eyes flashed with realization.

Reverse Dragon River used the Qi of true dragons to cleanse and eliminate targets that could not be used.

Leaping through the Dragon Gate used the true Dragon’s essence Qi to aid the transformation of the bloodline.

Especially the Dragon species, absorbing the essence of a true dragon would definitely be beneficial.

Once he went against the current and charged into the dragon Gate,

The essence of the true dragon in his body would definitely trigger the resonance of the Dragon Pearl in the Dragon graveyard.

At that time, he would naturally obtain the inheritance of the true Dragon’s corpse in the Dragon graveyard.

It might be impossible for him to transform into a true dragon, but he would definitely be able to inherit the bloodline of a true dragon.

At the very least, it was a fifth-rank bloodline, and it was even possible to obtain a sixth-rank bloodline.

“Let’s go!”

Now that he understood all this, Chen jingzhai naturally wouldn’t hesitate.

He increased his speed, but withdrew his Qi.

Together with tu Ruoyan, he was practically pulling Chu wuxia upstream.

The falling water heavily hit the two humans and the Fox.

Chen jingzhai and tu Ruoyan were completely fine, but Chu wuxia had suffered a heavy blow.

With each heavy blow, a trace of true dragon essence would enter her body.

True dragon essence Qi was much stronger than true dragon Qi.

Chu wuxia’s body of second wood transformed rapidly as the true Dragon’s Qi essence gushed in.

Her internal organs, including her golden core, were all affected.

Even Chen jingzhai’s Xiantian mana couldn’t suppress it.

As time passed, Chu wuxia’s transformation became greater.

Finally, when they reached the middle of the waterfall, Chu wuxia took the initiative to leave.

She suddenly went up and rushed toward the Dragon Gate like a sharp sword.

The distance of a hundred feet was covered in an instant.

Green-blue scales densely appeared on her skin.

The two bumps on his forehead burst open, revealing his tender dragon horns.

It had no tail and no claws. It was a half-dragon.

When Chen jingzhai saw this, he waved his hand and punched Chu wuxia’s foot.

With the power of this punch, Chu wuxia charged towards the Dragon Gate madly.

Closer, closer and closer.

When she was within reach, Chu wuxia let out a blood-curdling screech.

Her body suddenly exploded.

The thin threads that were like tree roots connected every inch of bone and flesh.

Rich true dragon essence was infused into it and it reassembled.

The apparition of the Azure sky Divine Tree appeared on Chu wuxia’s back.

Chu wuxia recovered completely after the apparition appeared.

Then, she stepped into the dragon Gate.

“Husband?” Tu Ruoyan transmitted her voice.

“You go in first.” Chen jingzhai frowned slightly.

“Alright!” Tu Ruoyan rose into the air and flew directly toward the Dragon Gate.

A sixth-rank bloodline, a mid-stage nascent soul realm cultivation base, and a Demon King’s body.

This bit of power was not enough to hurt her.

On the contrary, with every bit of distance he rose, he absorbed more true dragon Qi essence.

She successfully rushed into the dragon Gate and disappeared.

Chen jingzhai stopped at the waterfall and looked at the heaven’s favorites who were rushing up.

He waved his hand gently, and the huge waterfall suddenly stopped.

The heaven’s favorites who charged up fell.


A rank-4 heaven’s favorite was charging at him.

The demonic beast heaven’s favorite who had revealed his true form opened his mouth and bit down,

A ferocious force surged in midair.

Chen jingzhai’s face was calm as his palm moved through the waterfall,

The moment the rank-4 demonic beast prodigy got close, he suddenly struck out with his palm.

The giant water-colored palm landed and directly smacked the rank-4 demonic beast into the river.

After intimidating the group of elites, Chen jingzhai followed the waterfall and rushed toward the Dragon Gate.

The rest of the demonic beast heaven’s pride experts immediately rushed over when they saw this.

However, they soon realized that under the beating of the waterfall,

Not to mention flying, even going up against the waterfall was extremely difficult.

He had to bear the force of the waterfall and move forward bit by bit.

As for the vital Qi obtained from clearing the targets,

Because of Chen jingzhai’s delay, it had completely dissipated.

In other words, the reason why Chen jingzhai made a move just now was because …

The main purpose was to prevent them from touching the waterfall.

It directly caused the vital Qi obtained from the Dragon rebel River to disappear.

It was equivalent to losing this layer of help.

Realizing this, the demonic beast heaven’s pride experts went mad with anger.

Chu Yao, the only cultivator, was killed by three rank-4 heaven’s favorites.

He wanted to vent the anger in his heart.

All the remaining demonic beasts were slowly charging towards the Dragon Gate with difficulty.

Chen jingzhai jumped directly into the dragon Gate, and the world changed in an instant.

Inside the Dragon Gate was the space above the Dragon graveyard.

The jade-green Dragon Pearl above Chu wuxia’s head released pure dragon essence.

It was madly surging into her body, helping her to transform into a true dragon.

Chu wuxia had the incomplete bloodline of a true dragon.

With the help of the Dragon Pearl, it was only natural for him to transform into a true dragon body.

However, tu Ruoyan was different.

The nine Yin tribulation Fox also had a sixth-order bloodline.

Even if it was incomplete, its origin was comparable to a true dragon’s bloodline.

The reason why she jumped through the Dragon Gate was not because she coveted the true dragon bloodline.

He used the essence of the true dragon to stimulate the bloodline in his body.

It could even complete his own bloodline.

The facts proved that this was feasible.

Tu Ruoyan had refined a large amount of Xiantian Qi.

Although the bloodline was lacking, the source was not lost.

It was not a problem to use the complete bloodline of the true dragon to complete the bloodline of the Tribulation Fox.

At this moment, she held the Ice Dragon Pearl and swallowed it quickly.

A huge amount of Dragon source was rapidly flowing into her body.

What about Chen jingzhai?

The moment he entered, all the Dragon Pearls in the Dragon graveyard shook.

Like a swallow returning to its nest, it flew straight towards Chen jingzhai.

The remaining three Dragon Balls-metal, fire, and earth-were all attracted to it.

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