I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 412 - The hanging Dragon Gate (2)

Chapter 412: The hanging Dragon Gate (2)

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Compared to the other heaven’s favorites, Chu wuxia had absorbed more of the icy true Dragon’s energy. The cold energy carried the ferocity of the true dragon and mixed into her body. After being purified by the innate impervious Dao body, it was sent into the two ladies ‘bodies. Tu Ruoyan was still fine, but Chu wuxia’s transformation was extremely obvious.

The color of her eyes turned silver-white, her hair turned light green again, and the ends of her hair turned blue. The blood in her body surged like a river, extremely wild.

After crossing the second Bay, the cold air began to decrease, but everyone was not in a good state. Even the blue whale had suddenly disappeared.

Chen jingzhai’s spell had been broken. The resistance was not as strong as before, only two-thirds of it, but there was a numbing electric current in the water.

It was this electric current that broke Chen jingzhai’s spell and even prevented some of the demonic beast heaven’s favorites from using their bloodline ability.

Some of the heaven’s favorites from other forces were unable to adapt to the new environment and became weak all over. They were eliminated by the heaven’s favorites around them in just a few moments.

“It’s actually an electric current produced by primordial magnet power. ” Chen jingzhai was secretly surprised.

He didn’t cast any spells, but let the electric current spread through his and his two madams ‘bodies. The electric current was more effective in refining blood vessels than cold air.

He could sense that Chu wuxia and tu Ruoyan had both benefited a lot. Chen jingzhai secretly cast a lightning spell to draw more electric currents over.

In the end, the other elites only suffered from weak electric shocks at most, but visible lightning bolts appeared around Chen jingzhai and the two madams.

When this happened, no cultivator or demonic beast dared to attack. Even the two brothers, GUI Lai and GUI Ming, were amazed.

In fact, if the two brothers hadn’t used the primordial magnetic hammer to adapt to the tempering of the primordial magnetic force, it would have been difficult for them to pass this stage.

But now, they were doing it with ease. The two of them even took this opportunity to kill three or four demonic beast heaven’s favorites. Their Yuan Qi had also reached the third level.

Starting from the fourth tune to the sixth, the electric current and primordial magnet power in the river water all appeared and gradually increased.

If the people in front were still advancing at a crazy speed, the group of heaven’s pride experts were all slowly moving forward because of the great resistance, as if they had fallen into a swamp.

Only Chen jingzhai maintained his previous speed, charging forward at a constant speed. It seemed like he was not affected at all, but the dense electric current looked scary.

Seeing this, a trace of regret appeared in han Xianzhi’s eyes. She should have become Chen jingzhai’s person, should have followed him.

In the end, it turned out to be a woman from the great Yong dynasty, and a woman he had only known for a short time. In comparison, she, han Xianzhi, and the Han family, should be closer to Chen jingzhai!

At this moment, han Xianzhi really regretted it. In the past, she had the right to fight both sides, but now, she had lost everything. This change made her extremely uncomfortable.

Although this was what she wanted, she didn’t want to be someone’s subordinate, but it was too late for han Xianzhi to change her mind.

She could not help but look at Yi Tian Xing. At this moment, Yi Tian Xing was still struggling to resist the resistance. He had even fallen behind half of her body. She could not help but sigh in her heart.

It turned out that the Yi family’s disciples had not crossed the three abodes and nine bends of the reverse Dragon River completely before. They might not even have entered the second Big Bay.

Otherwise, he would have definitely revealed some related information and senior brother Yi Tianxing would not have almost made a fool of himself. No wonder Hong Luan’s master did not elaborate on it.

He was afraid that it would be difficult to ask.

Han Xianzhi’s eyes were filled with regret and mockery, and her heart was filled with complicated emotions.

Before he knew it, Chen jingzhai and his two wives were in the first position. The rest of the heaven’s favorites were behind them.

After entering the sixth song, Chu wuxia’s forehead had two more bumps and they were still growing. It looked like dragon horns were about to grow out.

However, every time it looked like it was about to grow out, Chen jingzhai would inject mana into her to help her sort out her bloodline. This caused the meat buns to grow from time to time, allowing Chu wuxia to maintain her human form and not be changed by the true dragon bloodline.

This was all thanks to Chen jingzhai for cutting off the true Dragon’s ferocity. Otherwise, Chu wuxia wouldn’t have been able to control the instinct and ferocity in her blood.

Just like the rank-3 heaven’s favorites behind them, they were gradually influenced by their ferocity. Under the resistance, they began to attack the other heaven’s favorites.

There were less than thirty heaven’s favorites who passed the sixth tune and entered the last Bay. Even Yi Tianxing and han Xianzhi were eliminated.

Chu xuanyao couldn’t hold on either. On the contrary, Chu Yao’s body grew scales and his eyes were full of ferocity. He looked out of place and continued to hold on.

The only cultivators left were him, Chen jingzhai, and Chu wuxia. The rest were all demonic beasts. The brothers GUI Lai and GUI Ming were safe and sound, but GUI she had been eliminated by the other rank-4 heavenly talents.

Chen jingzhai could clearly see that those who remained were all affected by the true Dragon’s ferocity, provoking the beast nature and instincts in their bodies.

Some of them were lucky and didn’t suffer any attacks. Some of them were driven crazy and instinctively awakened their bloodline abilities, charging all the way.

At the last Bay, the electric current and primordial magnet power disappeared. A wave of heat rushed into his body, and he felt like his entire body was burning.

Just like before, Chen jingzhai maintained a constant speed as he moved forward. He absorbed a portion of the true Dragon’s ferocity and passed the rest to his two madams.

The heat flow in the third Bay came from the Dragon Pearl of the raging fire true dragon in the Dragon tomb. A little of the power of the Dragon Pearl was transferred into the defiant Dragon River, causing the water in the third Bay to be boiling hot.

The most important thing was that the river water contained the pure and hot Qi of the true dragon. This Qi was the true Dragon’s vital Qi and also the fundamental power of the true dragon.

Although it was diluted, it was still not something that a third stage cultivator could withstand. The body of a cultivator could not be compared to a demonic beast’s body, unless they had a special physique or bloodline.

To Chen jingzhai, this scorching Qi of the true dragon was nothing. It only nourished his body and was refined by his mana.

However, to Chu wuxia, this was an opportunity for her to transform and improve her bloodline. With Chen jingzhai keeping an eye on her at all times and even injecting pure Qi of Dragon into her, the changes in her body could be said to be earth-shattering. The moment she passed the third Bay, her physical body had already broken through the third grade and entered the early stage of the fourth grade.

In comparison, tu Ruoyan’s harvest wasn’t that great. She had only improved her bloodline by a little. It was like a bottomless pit that couldn’t be filled.

After the third Bay, the elites who stayed behind didn’t reduce their numbers. Each of them let out an instinctive roar and rushed to the last three songs.

It was different from the third Bay. When they entered the seventh tune, all the elites felt as if they had entered a dense forest and were being whipped by tree branches.

The resistance was even the highest. There were even fourth-grade demonic beast prodigies who found it difficult to move an inch when they entered the seventh tune. Because of the delay, their vital Qi was broken.

In the end, he was eliminated without a sound.

Chu wuxia’s feelings were different from the other elites ‘. She felt as though she had returned to her mother’s embrace and was extremely warm and comfortable.

After entering the eighth tune, the remnant of the divine tree’s spirituality in Chu wuxia’s body completely disappeared. The bump on her forehead also disappeared.

Chen jingzhai’s connate dharmic powers and Qi drove the pure wood-element true dragon Qi, constantly cleansing Chu wuxia and refining her from the inside out.

After the eighth song, they entered the ninth song. Wang Haisheng reversed the river and changed his position. Then he began to sprint.

Finally, he was the first to leave the ninth song.

After successfully crossing the three bay and nine bends, the river water returned to its natural state. There was no Qi of true dragon in the river water, and the reverse Dragon River regained its peace.

After the three turns and nine bends, the test of the defiant Dragon River officially ended. The next event was the main event, which was to jump through the Dragon Gate.

At the end of the river, a Nine Dragons coiling Pearl gate was floating in the air. The gate was wide open, and water from the river flowed down.

This was the Dragon Gate in the Dragon Gate secret realm. It was similar to the Dragon Gate Mountain outside, but it looked more luxurious. The aura of the true dragon was also very strong.

Charge, charge, charge!

The elites who had passed the three bay and nine bends had all woken up. Perhaps the Qi of the true dragon was too stimulating, these people who had woken up all headed for the Dragon Gate.

Everyone went against the current. No matter how strong the impact of the waterfall was, they only had one target, and that was the Dragon Gate.

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