I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 404 - Mrs. Wuxia (2)

Chapter 404: Mrs. Wuxia (2)

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They also had other mysterious uses.

This was the power that Chen jingzhai had given him with the power of the world.

“It’s already a world specialty. ”

“It’s a special product of the primal world. ”

“We can summon them,”

“Or even return to the primal world on their own.”

Daoist Yuan yang exclaimed.

The method Chen jingzhai used was based on immortal Xing Hun’s experience.

Other than that, it was naturally the power and authority of the seal characters.

This gave the eggs spatial characteristics in the future.

This greatly enhanced the future potential of the spirit devouring bugs.

“They’re suitable for the blood caves of the monsters and demons,”

“Let’s leave them on the fifth level and let them devour the demonic source!”

Chen jingzhai waved his hand and guided the spirit-devouring bugs along the roots of the connate ancient money tree,

They were sent to the fifth level of the demon blood lair.

Almost at the same moment it was sent in,

The innate gold tree’s roots had changed locations.

Even if it wasn’t afraid of the spirit devouring bugs, it didn’t want to be targeted by them.

The moment the spirit devouring bugs entered the fifth floor, they broke out of their shells one after another.

They devoured the broken shells and began to devour the demonic plants.

It didn’t take too long.

With the power of the demonic plants, the spirit devouring bugs would grow quickly.

It would welcome the first sowing.

When there were enough spirit devouring bugs, they would undergo their first transformation.

At that time, the spirit devouring bugs would be even more powerful.

In the fifth level of the demonic blood cave, especially the demonic plants,

It would be very safe and there would be no disturbances.

Chen jingzhai was looking forward to what they would look like when they grew up.

After sending away the spirit devouring bugs,

Chen jingzhai had planted the empty Spirit divine Tree in the East Videha.

“Is this a good idea?”

“The seven stars moon pool is the best choice, right?”

Daoist Yuan yang asked hesitantly.

“The seven stars moon pool is powerful,”

“But it has already nurtured fifth-grade materials.”

“The five elements are all there, so there’s no need to plant the Azure space Divine Tree.”

“On the other hand, the East Videha continent is a product of the wood element spiritual Pearl.”

“We were just about to help each other.”

As Chen jingzhai spoke, he waved his hand and summoned a cloud of mist.

A rain of spirit energy fell upon the Azure sky Divine Tree.

At the same time, twelve streams of connate Qi entered the Azure sky Divine tree’s body.

The Azure Divine Tree immediately burst into life.

The withered roots began to grow again, and the corroded trunk also grew again.

Even the withered branches had a little more green.

“It’s done!”

“The Qi movement is connected to the wood element spiritual Pearl.”

“In the future, its roots will spread throughout the entire East Videha.”

“It will grow as the East Videha expands.”

“To become the number one divine Tree of the East Videha!”

Chen jingzhai nodded in satisfaction.

At this moment, a face appeared on the tree trunk.

He had no facial features, only a vague outline.

Chen jingzhai’s smile disappeared.

“Its spirituality is still intact. I didn’t expect it to condense again so quickly.”

“It seems that its spirituality is stronger than I imagined.”

“You’d better get off work with Chu wuxia as soon as possible. ”

“I’ll use this to explore the changes in my bloodline,”

“I’m afraid that the Azure space Divine Tree will use my body to reincarnate. ”

Said Yuan yang.

Chen jingzhai nodded and left the primal world.

Meanwhile, Yuan yang used a technique to change the terrain.

He used the mountain range to set up a formation to protect the Azure sky Divine Tree.

He then gathered the materials to build a Palace and set it up in the valley.

With the world’s authority, no one could find this place.

He also opened up herb and spirit fields to plant some spirit herbs and plants.

This would help the Azure space Divine Tree recover.

Dragon Gate peak, spirit Turtle Cave residence.

Chu wuxia, su qingluan, and Ji Shuanghua had a great time chatting.

She really didn’t have any ulterior motives.

It was purely based on his bloodline.

She only brought it up after she was sure that Chen jingzhai would bring her great benefits.

It was precisely because of this that su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua were all shocked.

They all had a good impression of her.

However, as they chatted, Chu wuxia felt her bloodline throbbing.

She immediately apologized and left the eight desolate immortal market.

The moment she saw Chen jingzhai again, Chu wuxia rushed over.

“The aura of the Azure sky Divine Tree. You managed to grow it?”

“How is this possible? How did you do it?”

She sniffed all over Chen jingzhai’s body.

The Azure sky Divine Tree had helped her create the wood element Dao body.

In essence, he was hoping that she could grow the Azure sky Divine Tree alive.

But unfortunately, she was unable to do anything even with her bloodline.

And for some unknown reason, the Azure void Divine Tree had been rotting.

But now, she could feel the aura of the Azure sky Divine Tree on Chen jingzhai.

This aura was so vivid, full of freshness and vitality.

After all, her bloodline contained the spirituality of the Azure space Divine Tree.

Even though they were worlds apart, she could still sense it.

Not to mention Chen jingzhai.

“She has indeed come back to life. Her remaining spirituality has even regathered.”

“Wuxia, there’s no turning back for you,”

Chen jingzhai hugged her and said in a low voice.

“I … I’m not going back on my word.”

“The facts have proven that I made the right choice.”

Chu wuxia raised her head and looked at him, her eyes filled with surprise and joy.

Her original intention was to gain some benefits from Chen jingzhai.

He didn’t expect the benefits to be so great!

The survival of the Azure space Divine Tree was a fundamental benefit to her.

In the future, she could use the power of the Azure space Divine Tree to cultivate.

“Since it’s like this, let’s have a two-day break!”

“Use the power of the dual cultivation to unearth the power of your bloodline.”

“I’m a little … Impatient!”

Chen jingzhai said as he lowered his head.

The unique fragrance of the Azure sky Divine Tree instantly exploded.

It really made it feel a little intoxicated.

As for Chu wuxia, although she was surprised, she was more delighted and smiling.

Sure enough, it was just as the sisters had said!

As long as her husband accepted it, he would be very anxious.

She didn’t resist, but took the initiative to play along, not caring about tu Ruoyan at all.

Tu Ruoyan’s mouth twitched when she saw this.

He casually released a pink aura.

Chen jingzhai glared at her, then carried Chu wuxia inside.

With a point of his finger, he passed the seal characters of plants and vegetation to Chu wuxia.

Of course, there was also the double rest Phoenix Chapter in the yin-yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union.


This was Chu wuxia’s first thought after entering the dual-cultivation state.

Her bloodline power was surging.

Especially after Chen jingzhai’s mana entered his body.

The power of the Azure sky Divine Tree quickly fused with her bloodline.

It turned out that the previous fusion was not complete.

However, even if it was not complete, she had already attained the wood element Dao body.

Now, her mind and spirit were one with Chen jingzhai as she comprehended.

The aura around his body began to change.

In tu Ruoyan’s eyes …

It was just that there was an Azure Divine Tree that looked like a dragon next to the star soul ancient tree.

This was Chu wuxia’s original bloodline.

It was the form after fusing with the Azure space Divine tree’s spirit.

Chen jingzhai was trying to sense the changes in his bloodline.

At the same time, he used his Xiantian Qi and mana to guide the energy.

Help Chu wuxia to cleanse her bloodline and body.

It made Chu wuxia’s Foundation even stronger, and even her golden core had changed.

Chu wuxia, who was in the late-stage golden core realm, didn’t have any improvement in her cultivation.

However, his aura had increased by more than ten times.

To Chen jingzhai’s surprise,

As the two-day break continued …

Some of the Azure space Divine tree’s power flowed into his body.

The star soul ancient tree had actually grown so much that it even had the aura of the Azure sky Divine Tree.

Chen jingzhai could feel that his divine telekinesis was being further compressed.

It became purer.

Not only that, but the wood attribute power also flowed in.

It also benefited Chen jingzhai’s Taoist body.

He was no longer the only one paying, but both sides were benefiting.

This was the real double rest.

After a few hours, Chen jingzhai summoned tu Ruoyan.

Tu Ruoyan immediately rushed over.

The rich wood elemental energy was also absorbed and digested by her.

The three of them were wrapped in a dense fog of Yuan Qi, and their true bodies could not be seen.

A week passed.

The two-day break finally ended.

The three of them did not have a breakthrough in their cultivation, but their strength had increased.

He had obtained many benefits, especially Chu wuxia.

Her hair returned to normal, but there was a little green in her eyes.

There were no other changes.

With Chen jingzhai’s help, she had cleansed her bloodline.

Without the hidden danger of being possessed by the Azure sky Divine tree’s spirit,

His bloodline had become even purer.

His original wood elemental body had turned into the second wood body.

Even though he didn’t have the innate yi wood body, he still had innate attributes.

In the future, if he could have more dual cultivation with Chen jingzhai, he might be able to become an innate yi wood body.

This wasn’t a Xiantian lifeform, but rather a Xiantian Constitution, which was just as powerful.

This meant that the bloodline had completely integrated into her body and evolved into a Constitution.

She would not be restricted or affected by her bloodline, and her future would be limitless.

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