I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 403 - The unblemished wife (1)

Chapter 403: The unblemished wife (1)

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Some Xiantian lifeforms, when faced with death, would …

They would all choose to rely on the strong.

The result was nothing more than being refined, actively fused, or symbiotic.

The Azure sky Divine tree’s intelligence was lacking.

The symbiosis didn’t work, so he could only take the initiative to merge.

From then on, she could also be called the Azure sky Divine Tree.

It was just that the source was the same, but it couldn’t really blossom and bear fruit.

However, in the eyes of cultivators and Xiantian lifeforms …

The same origin meant that there was no difference.

“Junior Brother Chen, do you have any other concerns?”

Chu wuxia raised her brows and asked when she saw that Chen jingzhai didn’t speak.

“Why me?”

“Senior Sister wuxia, don’t you think I’m being rude?”

Chen jingzhai hesitated for a moment before asking.

After all, this was their first meeting, and it caught her off guard.

“Just this?”

Chu wuxia smiled.”Could it be that Junior Brother still wants to cultivate feelings?”

Chen jingzhai immediately looked embarrassed.

In reality, there weren’t too many twists and turns when cultivators became Dao companions.

As long as they could benefit from each other, they would naturally be together.

This was the case for most cultivators.

Even cultivators would become Dao companions with demonic beasts.

Cultivators went against the heavens, so they were careful when choosing Dao companions.

In the eight desolate immortal market, there were many couples between cultivators and demonic beasts.

There were even some clans that specially sought out powerful demonic beasts to become Dao companions.

It was for the sake of giving birth to descendants with unique bloodlines.

They naturally had no feelings for each other.

It was only because it was beneficial to both of them that they were together.

Cultivators were a selfish group and always paid attention to benefits.

He wouldn’t do something that was strenuous and unrewarding.

Just like how tu Ruoyan and Chen jingzhai didn’t have any feelings for each other.

Chen jingzhai and su qingluan were also attracted to each other.

Ji Shuanghua wanted to change the current situation and was willing to serve him.

Thus, according to normal logic, with the complete remains of the Azure space Divine Tree,

Chen jingzhai had no reason to reject Chu wuxia.

‘But …’

“We agree to it.”

“We’ll leave the Azure space Divine Tree behind. ”

After the Dragon Gate secret realm, my husband and I will go to Dayong.”

“Send betrothal gifts to the ninth King’s residence and propose a marriage.”

Tu Ruoyan suddenly took action and took away the remains of the Azure sky Divine Tree.

“Junior Brother Chen?”

Chu wuxia looked at Chen jingzhai in surprise.

“Good sister, I’ll make the decision with my two sisters.”

“Why don’t we have a gathering at the eight desolate immortal market?”

“The two sisters are waiting.”

Tu Ruoyan grabbed Chu wuxia’s arm and said with a smile.


Chu wuxia’s heart was filled with joy as she sat down beside tu Ruoyan.

She communicated with the eight desolation immortal market and entered it directly.


Chen jingzhai looked helplessly at his Foxy wife.

“Sister Shuanghua has checked. Wuxia has only risen in the past few years.”

“She was originally the concubine’s daughter of the ninth King’s residence, and she did not have a good life before.”

“I’m afraid he’s wanted to leave the royal residence for a long time. ”

“The Azure sky Divine Tree is quite valuable. The fact that she’s willing to take it out shows her sincerity.”

“What we mean is that we support him.”

“What are your concerns, husband? You might as well be direct. ”

Tu Ruoyan handed the Azure space Divine Tree to him.

“Alright then!”

Chen jingzhai shook his head and took away the Azure sky Divine Tree.

He couldn’t reject the temptation of the Azure sky Divine Tree, nor could he reject Chu wuxia.

He had even taken Hong Fu and Liu Qingxue.

Why would he be afraid of a woman he had just met?

He was just afraid of being affected by karma and causing trouble.

Now that he had the madams “approval, he naturally would not be bashful.

“That’s the way. ”

“Everything is based on cultivation. It will be hard on you, husband.”

“It’s best to get sister wuxia tonight. ”

Tu Ruoyan chuckled and split her spiritual will to gather at the eight desolate immortal market.

Chen jingzhai rubbed his face and put away the remains of the Azure sky Divine Tree.

The primal world.

East Videha.

Daoist Yuan yang stood on a cloud, holding the Azure Divine Tree in his hand.

“It’s full of life, but there’s evil Qi corroding its roots. ”

“What is this place? Spirit devouring bug eggs?”

“No wonder he couldn’t hold on.”

Daoist Yuan yang murmured softly as he stroked the roots of the Azure Divine Tree.

At the corroded area, eggs that were invisible to the naked eye were extracted.

He casually crushed some vitality copper coins.

The huge amount of Yuan Qi was quickly absorbed by the egg.

“As expected of the predecessor of the immortal devouring insect. It’s really hard to deal with.”

“Even so, he’s still able to retain his life force. He can still recover.”

Chen jingzhai appeared beside him and said.

The spirit devouring bugs were not simple. They were known to devour everything.

As long as it was something that contained vitality, it could eat it.

They basically had no nemesis, and it was not easy to kill them.

To those with innate spiritual roots, this was a terrifying pest.

However, when the innate money ancient tree grew …

He wasn’t afraid of the eggs, even if the spirit devouring bugs came out.

This was because the Yin Yang copper coins on the treetops could activate the Yin Yang protection.

As for the Azure sky Divine Tree, it had no defensive measures.

They could only be forced to gnaw on it, directly causing the roots to rot and their vitality to be severely depleted.

Chen jingzhai waved his hand, and three drops of blood flew over.

With a single thought, the three drops of blood fused into one under the power of the world.

A heavy drop of blood turned into a seal character,

Under the authority of the world and the will of Chen jingzhai,

It directly merged into the spirit devouring bug egg.

Weng, Weng!

After a few consecutive explosions, several eggs were directly broken.

On the contrary, the remaining five eggs survived.

There were patterns on the surface of the egg, and it had Chen jingzhai’s aura.

“Even with the blessing of the world authority, there is still a chance of failure.”

“Refining spirit devouring bugs is indeed difficult.”

Chen jingzhai was amazed, but he couldn’t hide the joy in his heart.

Five spirit devouring bugs were enough. They were seeds.

In the future, they would breed a clan, and each one of them would be loyal to him.

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