I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 336 - Territory: beihuang region (1)  

Chapter 336: Territory: beihuang region (1)

Previously, even if Li Yingli and Pei Dong ‘er didn’t come to the Moonview cave abode, they would still go to the west side courtyard to learn alchemy and weapon refining.

In reality, the 12th branch was in charge of the tool-refining Hall. The two ladies did not need to come to the west side courtyard to learn how to refine tools. The reason was because of Chen jingzhai.

Li Yingli’s heart was moved, Pei Dong ‘er was rejected, but they both wanted to get close to Chen jingzhai. In the more than ten years they had been in the fifth level of the catacombs, they had long been very close.

He had thought that everything would go smoothly, but the bahuang immortal market had distracted the two women’s attention, and then the third wife appeared in the Moonview cave abode.

Even though they were not registered in the hall of deacons, this was because of the bad reputation of having a Fox as his wife. Chen jingzhai was a proud Son of Heaven and was only a golden core.

When he became a true Lord, or even a true venerate of the deity stage, no one would dare to say anything. By then, tu Ruoyan would be able to become Chen jingzhai’s cultivation partner.

This was also what the two women couldn’t stand the most. It wasn’t that they hadn’t seen tu Ruoyan before. They knew that she was a demon servant that Chen jingzhai had subdued, so they didn’t even consider her an opponent.

But now, a demon fox had beaten him to it. How could he not be angry? He hated Chen jingzhai even more that he couldn’t resist the temptation and even laid his hands on the demon fox, it was simply shameless.

In short, when Chen jingzhai gave them the mandatory mission, the two girls didn’t go to see Chen jingzhai off. They didn’t even attend the gathering at the moon Pavilion.

Moon Pavilion.

Chen jingzhai watched as the elites left. Ji Shuanghua stood behind him and leaned against his broad back. She said softly,”I’m afraid their love will turn into hatred.”

“The wind blows without a trace, and the top is as kind as water,” Chen jingzhai said indifferently.”Cultivators should not be bound by emotions. This is also a training for them.”

“But I know you’re not happy.” Ji Shuanghua said softly.

“The path of Dao is long, we need a few more people to not be lonely.” Chen jingzhai said,”Senior Sister Yueli is innocent and pure, while Senior Sister Dong ‘er is the ice goddess. I will naturally want to keep her by my side.”

“You, aren’t you afraid that I’ll get jealous?” Ji Shuanghua raised her head in annoyance.

“You won ‘t,” Chen jingzhai chuckled and pulled her into his arms.”My Dao partner should be with me forever. She’s natural and beautiful. How can she be jealous of me like an ordinary woman? Our minds are connected, so don’t make wild guesses. ”

A faint smile appeared on Ji Shuanghua’s face, and she wrapped her arms around his waist affectionately.

The yin and yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union was indeed a dual cultivation technique that led straight to the true immortal realm. Especially after Chen jingzhai obtained the innate impervious Dao body, he improved rapidly as his Dao partner.

Ji Shuanghua was only at the late-stage of the Golden core realm. After returning from the catacombs, she had broken through to the ninth-stage golden core realm. She had not broken through all these years and had only been building a strong foundation.

After all, she had changed her cultivation technique and re-cultivated the Jade Sky-devouring immortal code.

She believed Chen jingzhai’s words, because just with the dragon and phoenix joyous Yin Yang seal script, as his Dao partner, she had a good chance of reaching the realm of true immortality.

To cultivators, eternal life was both a goal and a motivation.

That was why neither she nor su qingluan cared about Chen jingzhai having more cultivation partners. If the maidservants were more talented, they would have been promoted a long time ago.

Having more women was not a bad thing for Chen jingzhai.

On the contrary, how could they reject the resources for cultivation?

Li Yingli and Pei Dong ‘er really couldn’t do it. Unless Chen jingzhai became a soul formation cultivator or was on par with them, the 12th Meridian would never allow two heaven’s favorites to compensate the ninth Meridian. This not only involved benefits, but also a change in fate.

“Why don’t you stay here tonight?” Ji Shuanghua said softly,”there’s no need to think about cultivation. Enjoy yourself. The lady of the Liu family has already built her Foundation. I think …”

“No need,” Chen jingzhai interrupted.”I’ll just accompany you and qingluan tonight. It’s only a few hours until dawn. Let’s talk in peace!”

“Alright!” Ji Shuanghua nodded.

She just wanted to do something for Chen jingzhai. All the female cultivators in the manor cave wanted to keep the manor head company, including Liu Qingxue, who had been given permission by su qingluan.

It was a pity that Chen jingzhai didn’t touch any of them. It was also because of this that she and Qing Yuan really wanted to find more Dao companions for Chen jingzhai, especially after this separation, which might be a long time apart.

That night, Chen jingzhai put on his clothes and held su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua in his arms. The three of them looked up at the stars in the sky, and their divine wills were entangled in the Dragon-Phoenix ring and the star-moon ring.

The endless love and entanglement made the feelings between them even stronger.

After daybreak, Chen jingzhai disappeared.

There were nine regions in the Qianyuan Festival, and each region was different.

The reason why there were regions, other than the population, was because of the terrain.

Every region had a different terrain and a different border.

For example, the land of hidden veins did not actually belong to the pulao region.

Chen jingzhai had read some random records in the sutras Depository. There were cultivators who regarded the land of hidden veins as the tenth domain. However, in the subsequent supplementary content, Chen jingzhai found that there were many narrow places similar to the land of hidden veins in the Qianyuan realm.

And the boundary of the narrow area became the boundary of the big domain.

Therefore, the northern border of the pulao region was a land of hidden veins.

At the border of the land of hidden veins, there were boundless snow mountains to the North, ancient forest path to the South, endless desert to the West, and stormy sea to the East.

The allheaven immortal sect was located in the southeast and occupied the most elite region of the pulao region.

According to the nine regions secret News Record, pulao region was at the southernmost part of the Qianyuan realm. It had the largest land and the most mediocre land among the nine regions. It didn’t produce anything special, but its strength couldn’t be underestimated.

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