I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 335 - Mandatory mission (2)    

Chapter 335: Mandatory mission (2)


However, Chen jingzhai didn’t give up,

He contacted Zeng wangbei and asked him to introduce li Yifei to a soul formation true venerate.

Li Yifei relied on his Yin Yang eyes to successfully become a disciple of a soul formation true venerate. As he had not formed his elixir yet, he was directly accepted as Zeng wangbei’s junior Brother.

Chen jingzhai even looked for senior brother Chen Lei and recommended Chen fuxiao to a true venerate of the tenth branch who had reached the soul formation stage using the divine Pagoda’s technique. He was also senior brother Chen Lei’s uncle-master.

Because Chen fuxiao had not condensed his core, he was directly accepted by a soul formation true venerate.

As for Chu Jinsong, because of his age, he was not chosen.

He, Zhang kui, Jiang Lin, and Zhao Qinghe stayed in the Moonview restaurant.

Every day, he would accept tasks from the moon Pavilion to earn spirit stones.

Among them, Jiang Lin was the most comfortable. He only needed to help make Zero wine or draw wine talismans to earn a large number of spirit stones. He could also go to the eight desolation immortal market to exchange for various resources.

The second was Zhang kui. His puppet’s results at the Moonview restaurant were average, but it was very popular in the eight desolation immortal market. It was mainly liked by itinerant cultivator clans and cultivators.

In terms of practical needs, puppets were also a good choice.

Furthermore, Zhang kui had mastered the unified standard and the flowing water method of refining. The price of the puppets he sold was moderate, and the quality and ability were not bad. The quantity was also large, so it was difficult not to become popular.

Only Zhao Qinghe and Chu Jinsong were a little embarrassed.

The dream immortal branch cultivated music as a skill, while the divine Tower branch valued their own strength. If the two of them wanted to earn spiritual stones, they could only work together to complete the task for the full moon Pavilion.

Whether it was cultivating Gu worms, taking care of spiritual plants, or completing missions, they could earn a sum of spiritual stones, which was much better than doing odd jobs.

However, compared to Zhang kui and Jiang Lin, he felt terrible.

Chen jingzhai couldn’t do anything about this.

The west side courtyard was opened at the same time as him by the ninth Meridian. Only disciples of the ninth Meridian or outer sect disciples could enter and study there. Chen jingzhai could not send the two of them there.

He also couldn’t let anyone who wasn’t from the allheaven immortal sect enter his Moonview cave abode. The sect rules were like mountains, and it wasn’t easy to make an appointment.

Unless Chen jingzhai became a nascent soul. By then, he would have the qualifications to take in disciples and could totally invite the two of them to stay in his cave abode in the name of inspecting his disciples.

Zhao Qinghe and Chu Jinsong weren’t discouraged. They were both in the exceptional gold core realm. If they wanted to break through to the gold core realm, it was nothing more than grasping the spiritual opportunity. It would only happen in the next few years.

Once they had successfully condensed their core, the two of them would choose to go to the west side courtyard. Unless a soul formation true venerate took them in as a disciple, the two of them were prepared to join Chen jingzhai.

When they had time, they would go to the eight desolate immortal market to collect or sell information or help the moon Pavilion set up stalls. Their days were quite fulfilling.

A few days later, Madam han came down with the mandatory mission assigned by you Wu Daoist sect.

The steward’s Hall elder personally delivered the mission Jade token. The Jade token automatically recorded the mission conditions. Chen jingzhai only needed to hand the Guiyuan immortal token to Han Li, and the mission would be completed.

In the Moongazer serpent cave abode.

Chen jingzhai sat at the head of the table. In front of him, other than a few foundation building managers of the Liu family, who were not present, the rest of the people were present.

Tu Ruoyan turned into a Silver Fox and lay in his arms. She squinted her eyes, enjoying Chen jingzhai’s warm embrace. Chen jingzhai’s scent made her infatuated.

In the past two days, he had been busy with the matter of his martial nephews acknowledging tu Ruoyan as their master. When Chen jingzhai came back, he plucked her and tu Ruoyan automatically completed the contract, becoming his Foxy wife.

Chen jingzhai’s Mark was already in the Fox Pearl where her Fox energy returned. After the dual cultivation with Chen jingzhai, tu Ruoyan had obtained great benefits.

The impervious Dao body was extremely beneficial to her. Although tu Ruoyan was in her Fox form, she didn’t have any demonic aura. Instead, she was overflowing with spiritual energy.

She had already transcended the category of demons and was transforming into a spirit beast. Above spirit beasts were immortal beasts. If she were to transcend her tribulation in the future, she could completely shed her demon body and become a spirit immortal.

Just this one step was enough to expand her future path. As long as she didn’t end her dual cultivation with Chen jingzhai, she would definitely be able to obtain more good fortune in the future.

He didn’t want to work hard anymore!

This was tu Ruoyan’s true feeling.

After a few days of nourishment, her Fox Pearl had gradually become complete. This was equivalent to a cultivator’s golden core perfection, which meant that she was about to break through.

At the Demon King realm, she could completely transform and master the innate ability brought by her bloodline, and this was only in a few days.

With such a difference, it was no wonder that she liked to stay by Chen jingzhai’s side.

“The mandatory mission has been issued,” Chen jingzhai said.”We’re going to the star God sect. I’ll take Ruoyan with me. You guys just look after the house.”

“I’m worthy of you!” “I’m a little worried,” su qingluan said.

“I agree too,” Ji Shuanghua said.”The time for me to break through has yet to appear. With them in the full moon Pavilion, nothing will go wrong. It’s good that sister is with us.”

“No.” Chen jingzhai shook his head.”Qingluan needs to go into seclusion to practice Daoist techniques. She hasn’t been in seclusion all these years and has been too focused on the thousand demon chessboard.”

Su qingluan fell silent.

This was the truth, and she could not refute it.

In fact, once a cultivator broke through to the nascent soul realm, a few decades of closed-door cultivation was short. This was because after the breakthrough, they had to cultivate in all aspects.

The spells that he had mastered in the past had to be cultivated to a higher realm to improve his cultivation. If the Dharma Treasures he had could not keep up, he would have to change or improve.

The most important thing was the cultivation of Daoist techniques. This was something that only nascent souls could cultivate and was much stronger than Dharma spells. Therefore, the earlier one cultivated it, the better.

Su qingluan did not stop cultivating in seclusion for the past 20 years. Instead, she helped Chen jingzhai build the west side courtyard, guided Hong Yu and the others in their cultivation, and managed the full moon Tower and the eight desolate immortal market.

She needed to go into seclusion, not only for herself and her future, but also for Chen jingzhai. If she didn’t want to be stuck here, she had to make a choice.

Her only choice was to go into seclusion.

“Blue Luan will stay behind and cultivate in seclusion. Shuanghua will also work hard to break through to the true Lord realm.” Chen jingzhai then looked at Liu Qingxue.”Qingxue, are you willing to come with me?”

“Ah? I … I’m willing to do so. ” Liu Qingxue’s face flashed with a trace of panic. After looking at the two madams, she blushed and whispered.

“True venerate Yudu will accompany you to the star God sect.” Chen jingzhai said calmly,”true venerated, you are a master of talisman Dao. If you can learn from me, you will benefit greatly.”

“Yes!” Liu Qingxue said in a low voice.

“Manor master,” Hong Yu said,”since Qingxue is going, why don’t we bring Hong Fu along?” She’s already in the Golden elixir realm, so she’s perfect to serve you. How about it?”

“Yes,” Chen jingzhai thought for a while and finally nodded.

The journey to the star God sect this time was long and the most important thing was that he had a true venerated accompanying him. He needed a beautiful maidservant to serve him. Moreover, the ninth bloodline would take care of the full moon Tower and the Golden Chicken mountain. He was also in the sect, so he was not afraid of any problems.

After making up his mind, Chen jingzhai started to give out spiritual treasures. He gave the mind-confusing gourd to tu Ruoyan. His little fox wife’s charm was very compatible with the mind-confusing gourd.

He gave the Xueyan gourd to Hong Fu. As the first Gu cultivator to break through to the Dan realm, it was not a bad thing to reward her with the Xueyan gourd. Besides, she had to travel with him.

If Hong Yu obtained the bone evil gourd, other than having sharp bone blades, she could also use it to cultivate Gu worms. As long as she cultivated it properly, it could still become a gu path gourd.

Xi Meng had obtained the Azure demon gourd. She had always liked wind attribute spells, and her own Gu worms also had this kind of attribute ability, so it could be said that they were very compatible.

Hong Yu and Xi Meng had worked hard and were only half a step away from breaking through to dan stage. The reward of Two Spirit treasures was also a higher expectation for them.

As for the demonic gourd and the heart-piercing gourd, Chen jingzhai temporarily kept them with him.

As for the other people’s rewards, he would leave them to su qingluan and Ji Shuanghua.

In fact, all the girls were Chen jingzhai’s maidservants, so they didn’t care about the rewards. Even if they were killed, no one would say anything. It was just that Chen jingzhai didn’t have enough people.

Now that they had done a good job, they naturally had to be rewarded. This was not only to buy people’s hearts, but also to strengthen the strength of the people around them. As for betrayal, it was simply impossible.

Everyone performed their duties and dispersed.

He carried the Fox and entered the bedroom with Ji Shuanghua.

Su qingluan called for Liu Qingxue.

Not in a hurry to rest, Chen jingzhai entered the eight desolation immortal market.

There were already more than 20000 cultivators in the eight desolation immortal market. The money Palace, elixir Palace, and weapon Palace had opened one after another. Next would be the talisman Palace, puppet Palace, and gold repository. The number of people required would increase further.

Chen jingzhai gathered his martial nephews in the palace of money.

The main purpose was to tell everyone that he was about to go on a long journey. If there was anything, they could go to the Moonview restaurant to find someone, or they could go to the few heaven’s favorites.

Chen Lei and Zhao Hao were easy to talk to, and they had a good relationship with Chen jingzhai, so they would definitely help if they could. As for Li Yingli and Pei Dong ‘er, the two senior sisters didn’t come to the Moonview cave abode these days because tu Ruoyan had become the third wife, which made them extremely angry.

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