I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 303 - Yunhua spirit clothes (2)  

Chapter 303: Yunhua spirit clothes (2)

Chen jingzhai naturally wouldn’t reject him.

As Ji Shuanghua gasped, Chen jingzhai carried her and teleported to a spacious room on the first floor. With a wave of his hand, the restriction was activated. He enjoyed the beautiful scenery alone.

Su qingyue had told him about Ji Shuanghua on the third level of the catacombs.

At that time, Chen jingzhai thought that su qingluan was testing him and didn’t pay much attention to it.

Now that Ji Shuanghua had presented herself to Chen jingzhai, and su qingyue had already agreed to it, Chen jingzhai would not miss this opportunity.

In the Golden core stage, Chen jingzhai was more casual and did not force things.

Since he wanted to, he would do it. There was nothing wrong with it.

Golden core cultivators were originally spotless.

Moreover, Ji Shuanghua’s skin was fair, and there was a hint of the heroic spirit of a swordsman in her beauty.

This kind of female cultivator had a unique charm and was not to be missed.

Moreover, there was no rule that a cultivator could only have one Dao companion.

In fact, having multiple Dao companions was the mainstream.

Powerful cultivators would even take the initiative to cultivate human cauldrons, and the human cauldrons could be sold.

Su qingluan must have considered many things before she nodded.

It was all for Chen jingzhai. After all, he had taken in a late-stage golden core cultivator.

It was very beneficial to add a helper to Chen jingzhai.

Chen jingzhai wasn’t greedy,

He directly gave Ji Shuanghua the Phoenix Chapter of the dragon and phoenix Yin Yang seal script.

This immortal Sutra was the most top-notch dual cultivation technique that pointed directly to the immortal Dao.

With Chen jingzhai’s guidance, Ji Shuanghua quickly mastered the Phoenix Chapter.

Chen jingzhai’s pure mana surged into her body and fused with her golden core mana.

After a few cycles, Ji Shuanghua’s golden core had been refined once.

His magic power was also much purer.

The connate Qi that Chen jingzhai had secretly injected into her body had improved the quality of her spiritual root.

Even her acupuncture points, meridians, muscles, bones, and internal organs were benefited.

Chen jingzhai also had his own benefits,

The abundant and pure primordial Yin power pushed the Golden core mana in his body to flow.

His cultivation level had actually increased a little. This was a huge surprise.

This was the first time he had a day-off with a female cultivator other than su qingluan.

Ji Shuanghua wasn’t as strong as su qingyue, but this strand of primordial Yin could improve her cultivation.

What made him even more ecstatic was that the two of them resonated in their minds during their first double rest.

This meant that Ji Shuanghua had completely opened her heart to him and did not hide anything from him.

This sincerity touched Chen jingzhai, and a sense of love appeared in his heart.

Using this as a bridge, Chen jingzhai passed on the sky-devouring immortal Canon to Ji Shuanghua.

Although this immortal manual wasn’t a heavenly Scripture of the sword Dao, it encompassed everything, and the sword Dao was one of them.

Therefore, changing cultivation techniques would not harm the foundation. On the contrary, it could broaden the future Dao path.

There was the Jade Sky-swallowing immortal code and the Yin Yang seal script of the Dragon-Phoenix Union of joy.

Ji Shuanghua would have no problem breaking through to the nascent Soul Stage.

Three days later.

Chen jingzhai was the first to exit seclusion.

He had the innate seamless Dao body, so the benefits of dual cultivation were limited.

Ji Shuanghua, on the other hand, was different. The two-day break this time was comparable to eating a great tonic pill.

So far, he had been cultivating the Jade Toad heaven-devouring Immortal Technique and converting his golden core magical power.

After he came out of seclusion, his cultivation would definitely improve.

After he came out, Chen jingzhai found a room and prepared to forge.

Since Ji Shuanghua had become his cultivation partner, she naturally had a spirit treasure to protect her.

Su qingluan, li Yueli, and the others hadn’t come out of seclusion yet, so they had plenty of time.

In the room.

Chen jingzhai summoned the star Lotus cauldron, and a wisp of true fire flew out.

His true fire had absorbed the blood flames of several demons of the fourth stage, and its power had increased a lot.

It was a little difficult to control the star Lotus, so he simply assisted from the side and did not take the lead.

Chen jingzhai took out the blood evil stone, red refinement Yin iron, demonic evil meteorite iron and other materials that he had found,

Under the heat of the Natal true fire, the materials quickly melted.

Then, he picked out some fine Star Iron from the Starlight demon subduing tower.

They were all leftover materials from true venerate ning’s star god hunting Gu refinement.

He used it as the main material and then combined it with other materials.

He used the Polar Star refinement Dao art to refine a Star Moon treasured sword.

It was a top-grade magic treasure with a natural abundance of spirituality.

After injecting three wisps of innate Qi, he successfully triggered the spiritual Nirvana to form a spirit embryo.

Then, he injected four wisps of connate Qi into the spirit embryo to allow it to grow.

Different from other spirit treasures, this spirit embryo condensed a sword embryo.

Chen jingzhai poured his heaven-devouring Jade Toad sword intent into it.

He even specially drew the power of the moon god from the primal world and mixed it into the sword embryo.

The tier four spirit artifact, Starmoon sword, was thus formed.

In fact, the Jade Toad sword in yueshen’s hand was the most suitable weapon for Ji Shuanghua.

Unfortunately, this sword had already become the moon god’s Natal item and was stained with the position of the moon god in the primal world.

If ordinary people used it, they would definitely be affected by karma and would even affect the alternation of the sun and moon in the primal world.

That was why Chen jingzhai spent so much effort to forge the Starmoon sword.

This sword contained the sword intent of the sky-swallowing Jade Toad and the power of the moon god.

It was extremely compatible with Ji Shuanghua, who had switched to cultivating the Jade Toad heaven-devouring immortal Codex. It could be said to be her exclusive spiritual sword.

After the Starmoon sword was completed.

Chen jingzhai then picked out some leaves from the connate gold coin tree from the primal world.

There was also the tree bark that had fallen off when the connate gold coin tree was growing.

He used it as the main material and combined it with many restrictions and spiritual clouds.

A top-tier robe.

Using the connate Qi to activate its spirituality, the top-tier robe was upgraded to spirit treasure level.

Chen Jing Zhai named it yunhua Ling Yi.

If it was fully activated, there would be a silver screen with cloud patterns, a Moon Palace with Jade rabbits and other scenes.

It was luxurious, elegant, and full of fairy-like aura.

The important thing was that it was based on the minor heaven cloud restriction, and its defensive power was extremely strong.

The incomplete divine patterns, which had also been refined with divine stones, had the effect of resisting mental demons and divine will attacks.

Two tier four spirit artifacts.

It would take an ordinary blacksmith more than ten years to make one.

It might even take a hundred years.

Chen jingzhai only spent half a month.

The closed aperture was naturally the Xiantian Qi.

Currently, the Archean world could produce six streams of connate Qi in a single day.

It was enough for Chen jingzhai’s cultivation and also enough to upgrade his numinous treasure.

However, ordinary cultivators might not be so generous.

However, Chen jingzhai had lived two lives. It was already in his bones to love his woman.

Forty-nine days later, Ji Shuanghua came out of her closed-door cultivation.

When she saw Chen jingzhai, a smile appeared on her cold face with a hint of red.

Ignoring the gazes of li Yueli, Pei Dong ‘er, and Zeng wangbei, she first greeted su qingluan and addressed her as’ sister ‘, acknowledging her as the first wife. Her whole body was now covered in a layer of gentleness.

“Congratulations, little uncle-master!” Zeng wangbei retracted his complicated gaze and congratulated.

“Same to you,” Chen jingzhai smiled,”you’ve gained a lot from your one month of closed-door cultivation.”

“The increase in cultivation and the condensation of the core in the calabash are indeed huge.” Zeng wangbei revealed a smile.

“I didn’t expect sister Shuanghua to fall so quickly.” Li Yueli laughed and said,”I wonder what kind of good treasure Junior Brother has for sister Shuanghua? You can’t favor one over the other!”

“I have a follow-up cultivation technique, and my husband treats me very well.” Ji Shuanghua quickly said.

“Junior Sister li has opened her eyes for you, so just accept it.” Su qingluan smiled and said,”I’m offering this to you. I’ll give this to you, sister Shuanghua. We’ll work together and become one.”

After she finished speaking, she waved her hand, and the yunhua spirit dress landed on Ji Shuanghua’s body.

A bright moon rose from behind her back and transformed into a Jade Rabbit. After it circled Ji Shuanghua once, it smiled and cupped its hands at the crowd before hopping into the treasured clothing.

“A tier four spirit artifact!!!” Li Yueli exclaimed.

“Thank you, sister. I’m sorry to accept this!” Ji Shuanghua bowed to su qingluan.

“Don’t be so polite. ” Su qingluan shook her head. She didn’t care about such formalities.

Chen jingzhai sat at the side and flicked his finger. The Starmoon sword flew out.

The sword danced in the air and whistled. Ji Shuanghua immediately sensed it and waved her hand.

The Starmoon sword was like a swallow returning to its nest, and it landed in her hand.

“Treat it well!”

“When you cultivate, try to feel the sword spirit. Perhaps you can comprehend the sword intent.”

Chen jingzhai smiled and instructed.

“Alright!” Ji Shuanghua put away her Starmoon sword excitedly.

That was two numinous treasures. It was simply unbelievable. She felt like she was in a dream.

After she and Chen jingzhai had their dual cultivation, her golden core had been refined again, and her physical body had improved. The benefits were endless.

Now that he had obtained two more numinous treasures, his combat strength had not only increased explosively, but he could completely crush his former self.

At this moment, she was very grateful for her choice.

At the very least, he had a chance of becoming a true Lord, and it was not far away.

“Junior Brother?”

“Another numinous treasure?”

Li Yueli and Pei Dong ‘er were both numb.

Zeng wangbei was sour. When did spiritual treasures become cabbages?

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