I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 302 - Yunhua spirit clothes (1)  

Chapter 302: Yunhua spirit clothes (1)

Chapter 297

It was actually easier to kill crazy demons of the fourth stage after they lost their minds.

After Chen jingzhai and su qingluan met up, they immediately attacked together.

In just one day and one night,

Su qingluan’s myriad demon chessboard now had more than twenty pieces of demons of the fourth stage.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the power of the origin chess piece was too strong,

If su qingluan had to go into seclusion, Chen jingzhai would definitely continue hunting.

His six gourds had also taken in demons of the fourth stage.

Now, there were five gourds. The Blood River had condensed into Blood Fiend pills, and the Blood River was rolling with pill beads.

Its power could be said to have reached a higher level.

The sixth gourd, the blood gourd, was filled with the blood wing Gu.

They seemed to treat the Blood River as their home, reproducing and killing each other.

While its ferocity increased, its ability to absorb blood became even more terrifying. It could instantly suck a golden core cultivator dry.

Fortunately, they had already become a part of the blood gourd.

Otherwise, Chen jingzhai would definitely be destroyed first.

After all, it was best to kill the uncontrollable danger when it was still in its infancy.

Everyone had to go into seclusion to help the calabash increase its power.

Chen jingzhai found an opportunity to escape into the hills, opened up a cave abode, and used an array to hide himself.

Then, he took out qingzhai and led everyone into it.

Su qingluan, Zeng wangbei, li Yueli, and Pei Dong ‘er went into seclusion one after another.

Only Ji Shuanghua remained. Her gourd had also completed its transformation. In the river of blood, elixir beads rolled. The difference was that her Blood Fiend pills were filled with sharp power and were extremely compatible with the heavenly beheading gourd.

Since su qingluan was cultivating in seclusion on the top floor, Chen jingzhai had a rare moment of leisure.

He was in a good mood.

The connate ancient gold tree was full of fruits.

Su qingluan’s myriad demon chessboard now had thirty-six original demon chess pieces.

It was a good time to set up a formation and turn it into a restriction array, which could be used to refine the chessboard.

It would then increase the power of the other demon chess pieces and even the demon beast chess pieces.

There was still a fifth-grade Blood Python fighting against the white bone Galaxia King.

The battle between the two demons of the fifth stage would definitely last for a few days.

The danger of the people who were separated was much smaller, and they did not need to worry.

“Little uncle-master!” Ji Shuanghua came out of her room and went downstairs to her side.

“Have you recovered?” Chen jingzhai laughed.

“Yes.” Ji Shuanghua nodded and bit her lips lightly.”Martial uncle, would you be willing to have one more Dao partner?”

“???””You …” Chen jingzhai looked at her in shock.

“Shuanghua has already obtained Senior Sister SU’s consent. She is willing to serve little uncle-master for life.” Ji Shuanghua’s face was flushed red. She looked at him stubbornly and seriously.”Please take me in, little martial uncle.”

“Why do you have to do this?” Chen jingzhai sighed softly and seemed to have understood something.

“Shuanghua believes that she has excellent talent. After all, she is of the metal and water attributes and is also a disciple of the sword range.” Ji Shuanghua smiled sadly.”However, when I came to the allheaven celestial gate, I was held back and led a miserable life. If youngest uncle doesn’t take me in, I will be too ashamed to return to the hidden sects. I’m afraid I will die in a remote place in the future, and no one will collect my bones.”

Ever since she entered the immortal sect, Ji Shuanghua’s pride in the hidden sects had been completely shattered.

The outer sect disciples of the allheaven immortal sect were opportunities that could only be encountered by luck.

However, to Ji Shuanghua, who had always been arrogant, this was a huge humiliation and a huge blow.

The disciples of the Sword range should all belong to the iron sword range.

However, core formation disciples could only enter the outer sect.

If one wanted to enter the iron sword lineage, one had to do so.

The other was to accumulate a huge amount of merit points and waste time to become an outer sect Deacon.

They could either join the line of soul formation elders or find a true disciple to back them up.

Ji Shuanghua had always focused on cultivation and never tried to curry favor with others.

Not only was he not good at it, but he also naturally rejected it.

If it wasn’t for Chen jingzhai’s care, she wouldn’t even have the spiritual stones to rent a cultivation room.

In the future, he could only work hard to complete missions to earn merit points and spirit stones.

Without her teacher’s care, her mission would be difficult and take a long time.

Not to mention delaying his cultivation, he had no one to guide him, and his future path would not be smooth. The result was already foreseeable.

“This trip into the catacombs world, we encountered all sorts of battles.

The ones with beautiful eyes were all elites, and she and Zeng wangbei could only act as assistants.

After all, she was a late-stage golden core cultivator. Such a performance was another heavy blow to her.

Zeng wangbei was still alright, he was also an inner sect Disciple Now and could call the heaven’s pride experts his brothers.

What about her?

Even late-stage golden core cultivators didn’t dare to interrupt.

Without a spirit treasure, he could only rely on the heavenly beheading gourd.

If it weren’t for Chen jingzhai and su qingluan’s help, she wouldn’t have been able to take in a demon of the fourth stage.

Although he wasn’t a burden, he didn’t perform well.

Especially after entering the fourth level of the catacombs.

She once again realized the difference between her and a heaven’s pride expert.

She didn’t have a Peak Master or a spiritual treasure to protect her. She only had this layer of relationship with Chen jingzhai.

But how long would this relationship last?

She could leave the sect.

However, if they had to start from scratch, just the collection of resources alone would be a big problem.

Moreover, she couldn’t borrow the power of the sect and was still living such a miserable life, wasn’t that sad?

She couldn’t do this, and she couldn’t afford to delay it. She could only make a choice.

In terms of cultivation companion materials, Dao companions were ranked second.

For the path of Dao, it was best to follow Chen jingzhai.

Thinking of the maidservants in the moon Pavilion,

Their treatment was even better than that of the inner sect disciples, so it was hard for Ji Shuanghua not to mind, and it was also hard for her to reject them.

“Have you thought it through? once you’ve decided, there’s no room for change.” Chen jingzhai looked at her and said seriously,”if you become my Dao partner, you will join the ninth bloodline. We will be on the same path in life and death.”

“I’m willing to follow you to death!” Ji Shuanghua said with a serious tone.

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