I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 300 - The blood ghost copper coin (2)  

Chapter 300: The blood ghost copper coin (2)

The bewildering Calabash had no presence on the third floor.

Chen jingzhai didn’t need it to deal with the demons, but now he had made a contribution.

The blood Python no longer cared about the other demons or su qingluan’s hunt.

It stared at Chen jingzhai.

“You’re dead!”

“Little rat, I’ll eat you in one bite!”

The blood Python’s voice was still full of charm, without any killing intent.

However, Chen jingzhai felt a bone-chilling cold.

Even though he was confident, Chen jingzhai felt the pressure at that moment.

After dodging the tiny Blood Pythons in an instant, Chen jingzhai rose into the air.

The blood Python seemed to have been waiting for this opportunity. It opened its mouth and roared.

The dark red poisonous flame flew through the air, like a falling meteor.

Just as it was about to hit Chen jingzhai, a demon appeared in Chen jingzhai’s position.


Another demon of the third stage was directly burned into gas by the dark-red poisonous flames.

Chen jingzhai was already far away.

He even had the spare time to wave at the blood Python.

This made the blood Python’s anger burst out. It no longer cared about anything and released all its aura.

“Are you provoking me?”

A buzzing sound entered the blood Python’s ears.

The anger in the blood Python’s blood-red eyes dissipated, and its body rose into the air.

In the distance, a huge figure stood still.

Eight arms, a single horn, and a white bone spear. This was a fifth stage Demon King, white bone Galaxia King.

Only then did it realize that it had crossed the line.

The monster of the third stage he had just killed was clearly not from his territory.

Chen jingzhai was nowhere to be seen.

After a few moments, the angry roar spread.

He could sense the battle between two demons of the fifth stage.

Chen jingzhai quickly retracted his aura and disappeared.

He quickly regrouped with su qingluan.

He sent Zeng wangbei, Ji Shuanghua, Pei Dong ‘er, and Li Yueli out of the qingzhai ship.

The six of them hunted down demons of the fourth stage together.

Pei Dong ‘er and Li Yueli were in the same group.

Ji Shuanghua and Zeng wangbei were in one group.

Su qingluan was in a group.

The three groups formed a triangular formation, and the situation was opened up.

Chen jingzhai, on the other hand, used the earth escape technique and entered the layer of soil.

The soil was filled with fiendish Qi and the effect of the spell was not good.

However, he could still hide ten feet underground.

He hid in the center of the monster base and dug a huge pit underground.

After that, he opened up the primal world and released the roots of the connate money ancient tree.

The ancient gold tree, which was already 180 feet tall, had thick and tough roots.

He did not reject the baleful Qi and continued to absorb it greedily.

The only difference was that the roots that extended out this time were not new.

Clearly, the baleful Qi still had some effect on the roots.

I’m afraid the new roots won’t be able to withstand it.

Chen jingzhai silently watched as the roots broke out of the ground and crazily absorbed the evil Qi in the air.

In the Archean heavenly realm, black-red copper coins appeared on the connate ancient coin tree.

It almost instantly covered the entire branch and continued upwards from the first layer.

Even the connate ancient money tree …

The Yin Yang copper coins on the treetops at the top of the trees were quietly absorbing the purest evil Qi.

This surprised Chen jingzhai, and he was even a little happy.

Ever since this copper coin appeared, it had only absorbed primordial magnet power.

Now that he could actually absorb baleful Qi to grow stronger, he naturally couldn’t miss it.

Very quickly,

The fiendish pythons in the air were all drawn down, forming a huge vortex with the roots as the center.

Some of the demons of the fourth stage sensed the abnormality and rushed over to check.

When they saw the roots absorbing the baleful Qi, they all let out shocking roars.

The demons of the fourth stage quickly surrounded the tree root to protect it.

Chen jingzhai noticed this and sent a message to su qingluan.

He was still sitting in the pit with his aura restrained.

With a flick of his finger, a Blood Fiend copper coin landed in his hand.

“Blood evil copper coins. A hundred of them can melt one-mark blood evil coins.”

” 10000 of them can be used to make two-mark blood coins.”

“A million of them can be used to make three-mark blood coins.”

“The blood ghost copper coin can be used for cultivation, divination, and casting secret techniques.”

“One-mark Blood Fiend coin. It can be used for cultivation, deduction, magic weapon crafting, and secret techniques.”

“Two-mark Blood Fiend coin. It can be used to cultivate Daoist techniques, pollute a nascent soul, and help one to break through to the next realm.”

“Three-mark Blood Fiend coins. You can use them to cultivate Dao techniques and summon Blood Fiend Dao soldiers.”

This information automatically appeared in Chen jingzhai’s mind, and his heart was filled with great surprise.

Cultivators ‘usage of baleful Qi was extremely complex.

In addition to refining Blood Fiend treasures,

Without a doubt, the only way was to temper his golden core.

However, not all cultivators used the stellar malignance pill formation technique, so it was not very useful.

Now that he had the blood evil coins, there was no doubt that it would greatly improve his efficiency.

The effect of the blood ghost copper coin was the lowest.

Golden core cultivators could only temper their dharmic powers, and the effect was still very weak.

Even if he used a secret technique, he would only be able to attack once, which was equivalent to a magic technique.

Its ability to divine was also slightly stronger than that of ordinary copper coins.

The most suitable currency for golden core cultivators was the one-mark blood evil coin.

A single one-mark blood evil coin could refine one’s dharmic powers and could increase one’s power when one cast a secret skill.

The effect of divination and deduction was greatly improved, and it could also bring the power of blood to the magic treasure.

It was different from directly using a magic treasure to absorb the blood Fiend.

Using the blood evil coins to refine a Dharma Treasure would not affect the spirituality of the Dharma Treasure.

On the contrary, it would increase the blood attribute of the magic treasure and increase the power of the blood Fiend.

“It has endless uses.”

“More importantly, the catacombs world is filled with endless evil blood.”

“As long as the innate gold tree’s roots are connected to this place,”

“I don’t lack blood evil coins!”

Chen jingzhai was extremely excited.

He had always been worried about the opening of the heaven realm’s market.

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