I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 299 - The blood ghost copper coin (1)  

Chapter 299: The blood ghost copper coin (1)

Chapter 296

The baleful aura was thick and blocked his vision.

The blood Python slithered across the land, pursuing su qingluan relentlessly.

Chen jingzhai disappeared from where he was and switched bodies with Zeng wangbei. He waved his hand and took him away.

Then, he switched positions with su qingluan.

When the blood Python saw this, its lantern-sized pupils shot out a ray of blood-red light.

This light was similar to the demonic blood light. It was red, but the difference was that it had heat and a fishy smell.

Chen jingzhai’s face was calm. He pointed his finger and an earth wall Rose from the ground.

The blood-red light pierced through the earth wall, but there was still one more, one more, and one more.

“What an outstanding spell!”

“As expected of a disciple from a large immortal sect!”

“This should be the meaning of the law that you guys are talking about, right?”

“Hand that woman over to me and I can spare your life.”

A slightly magnetic and charming voice entered Chen jingzhai’s ears.

At that moment, Chen jingzhai even thought that the person behind him was not a ferocious Blood Python, but a peerless beauty.

Just this voice alone was enough to make people sink in.

He didn’t care at all. Every time he flew away, an earth wall would rise behind him.

The scorching blood-colored light pierced through the layers. Although it was in hot pursuit, it was difficult to keep up.

His silence had angered the blood Python.

He spat out a mouthful of poisonous flames.

Before he even got close to Chen jingzhai, the robe on his body glowed,

The images of the sun and moon began to appear. It was the spiritual perception of the magic treasure that sensed danger and automatically defended against the poisonous gas.

Chen jingzhai’s eyes flashed, and he disappeared on the spot,

In the next moment, a demon of the third stage appeared where he had been.

It was directly burned into gas by the poisonous flame.

“Those damned cunning cultivators!”

The blood Python roared in anger. Suddenly, its entire body trembled.

Blood-colored pythons were flung out from its body.

It was extremely agile as it floated in the air.

He quickly followed the traces and chased after Chen jingzhai and su qingluan.

With the speed of a tier five, it only took a cup of tea’s time to catch up with the people who were driving the numinous treasures.

Chen jingzhai didn’t give it a chance, his figure kept disappearing and reappearing in front of it.

He relied on the toughness of his divine sense to use the reversal ability as soon as he sensed a demon of the third stage.

The reversal ability had already entered his core and he had the support of the Grand heavenly mirror.

As such, using this ability was extremely easy.

And in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances, he deliberately chose demons of the third stage and also burrowed into the group of demons.

The aura of a fifth-grade Blood Python was too powerful.

Wherever it went, not to mention the demons of the third stage, they would shiver in fear.

Even demons of the fourth stage couldn’t chase after Chen jingzhai and the others.

They were all afraid of the fifth-grade Blood Python’s aura, and all of them stood still.

This gave Chen jingzhai a chance to continuously throw demons of the third stage to the blood Python.

“Get lost!”

After a few times, the blood Python was furious.

His aura suddenly rose, and he blew at the ground. It was like a storm that blew away the demons on the ground.

This time, Chen jingzhai had lost his support.

He wasn’t afraid. As long as there was a target, the reversal formation could be used directly.

It didn’t matter if it was a demon or a rock on the ground, or even a leaf.

Therefore, Chen jingzhai continued to move like a ghost,

The tiny Blood Python had already caught up to them.

It only needed to take a light bite or even wrap around someone to capture them.

But Chen jingzhai dodged it.

The blood Python was so angry that it forgot about su qingluan for a moment.

His main body chased after Chen jingzhai,

If it wasn’t the burning rays of light from the blood eyes, then it was the countless tiny Blood Pythons.

Very quickly, the blood Python was led astray.

Su qingluan had already run far away, and the small Blood Pythons returned one after another, joining the ranks of Chen jingzhai’s pursuers.

“How are you?” Su qingluan sent a message through her ring.

“Very good,” Chen jingzhai replied.”Don’t worry about me. We can hunt down the demons of the fourth stage first.”

“How can we do that?” “You’re still in danger,” su qingluan said unhappily.

“Listen to me,” Chen jingzhai said.”You should kill a demon of the fourth stage first and cultivate the chess piece. I don’t have to worry about it at all. With the reversal ability, it won’t be able to catch up to me!”

“Then how are you going to escape?” Su qingluan asked.

“Of course, we’re going to divert the disaster,” Chen jingzhai said with a smile.”Hurry up and do it!”

Su qingluan understood what he meant. She didn’t waste any more time and immediately went for the kill.

As soon as the blood shadow Rakshasa and the crying ghost demon appeared, they pounced on the demons of the fourth stage.

Su qingluan cut off the demon’s limbs with the meteor disc and put them into her chess piece.

It wasn’t easy to deal with, but the support of the two pieces was too powerful.

In just a short while, she had killed two.

As long as three or more demons of the fourth stage were attracted to her, su qingluan would change her location.

She was smart enough to go hunting.

It began to take in more demons and turn them into its origin chess pieces.

The blood Python immediately realized what su qingluan had done. It seemed to have a strong sense of perception.

It wanted to stop chasing su qingluan and take her down.

However, Chen jingzhai did not give it a chance. He used the bewildering gourd.

Chen jingzhai didn’t even use the bewitching gourd to defeat Wu Qi.

However, it must not be underestimated.

After releasing a bewitching light, the blood Python immediately sped up and rushed towards Chen jingzhai.

One could clearly sense that the blood Python’s anger had increased by a large amount.

This was the ability of the mind-confusing Calabash, which was also the third offensive spell.

The light of confusion.

It had two effects.

First, it would increase or amplify the target’s emotions. For example, the blood Python’s anger would amplify its anger.

The second was that after using it on Chen jingzhai, it would increase one’s own seduction power, or charm. Chen jingzhai could use it on the target, and the target’s cultivation must be lower than Chen jingzhai ‘s.

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