I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 268 - The blue Luan's breakthrough (1)  

Chapter 268: The blue Luan’s breakthrough (1)

Chapter 266

They hadn’t seen each other for 24 years, but there was no sense of unfamiliarity.

Once, Chen jingzhai thought that he was influenced by the red silk heaven scroll and the yin-yang seal script of the dragon and phoenix Union of joy.

At some point, su qingluan had thought that it was because of the attraction between her Constitution and her fate.

But now, none of that was important.

The touching of his heart could not be faked.

The attraction between them was not an illusion.

Any words seemed to be superfluous and impetuous at this moment.

A smile appeared on Chen jingzhai’s face as he gently passed a wisp of Xiantian Qi over.

Su qingluan didn’t notice it at all, but the Golden core in her body began to crack.

The connate Qi circulated around su qingluan’s body and eventually gathered into her golden core.


This thread of connate Qi was like the power of Thunder, directly splitting a crack in the Golden core.

The pure dharmic powers were activated, and su qingluan felt herself flying out of her body, her mind at ease.

After that, the Golden core exploded, and a tender nascent soul without any facial features appeared.

The moment the nascent soul appeared, the magic power in her body changed its route and began to circulate.

The magic power in his body followed the newly created nascent soul chapter and naturally began to cultivate.

This allowed the dharmic powers in her body to quickly flow and enter the body of the nascent soul.

Another wisp of innate Qi fell and was swallowed by the nascent soul.

It began to expand at a speed visible to the naked eye.

His facial features began to become clearer, and his limbs became more distinct. He now looked like su qingluan.

Su qingluan’s mind exploded with a boom.

His Zifu quickly expanded, and the Xiantian energy mixed with his immortal energy was absorbed by his nascent soul.

After that, the nascent soul spat out a wisp of magic power, which was even purer.

The power of the nascent soul swept through her entire body, and her body began to change.

Her cultivation level began to increase, and her aura also increased by a lot.

Chen jingzhai wasn’t stingy. He transferred eight wisps of connate Qi to su qingyue.

This directly cleansed her nascent soul and strengthened her Foundation.

Su qingluan’s breakthrough in her cultivation had unlocked the shackles of her lifespan.

Now that it was being nourished by the connate energy, its lifespan had been extended imperceptibly.

Her body had also become extremely clean and pure, which was extremely compatible with the cultivation technique.

In reality, su qingyue didn’t notice any of this.

In her daze, her spiritual will and Chen jingzhai’s spiritual will intertwined and chased each other.

They were like two butterflies dancing in the air.

It was a strong love, with a trace of lovesickness and Supreme joy.

It spread throughout the cultivation room.

The shadow of a Phoenix appeared behind su qingluan.

This was the manifestation of her fate.

A cloud of mist also appeared behind Chen jingzhai, which was also the manifestation of his life Providence.

His fate was indefinite because he had the Supreme treasure and his Taoist body.

However, at this moment, the cloud turned into a giant dragon and circled around the two of them.

Then, it turned into a Phoenix, and it sang in harmony with su qingluan ‘s.

The dense and pure golden core dharmic power, but thin at the same time, gushed into su qingyue’s body.

Her nascent soul was motionless, but the power of the nascent soul in her body was fighting against the power of the Golden core.

In contrast to the dance of spiritual will, their fight was quite intense.

After the collision and struggle, the magic power of the two began to merge.

Just like seeking common ground while reserving differences, the majestic power of the nascent soul and the pure dharmic power of the Aurous core fused together.

They would become a bridge between each other.

The power of the nascent soul flowed over along with the dharmic power of the gold core. With the help of the purity of the innate seamless Dao body, the dharmic power of the gold core became greedy and drove the power of the nascent soul back.

Their dharmic powers merged and their minds were connected.

The two of them had reached the realm of Supreme joy, as if they had really become one.

Soon, a puff of black smoke emerged from su qingluan’s body and disappeared.

This was the impurity in her body, including her fleshly body and nascent soul.

Just this black smoke alone could trouble other cultivators for many years.

It was even possible that he would never be able to extract it in his entire life.

On the other hand, su qingluan had successfully extracted it with the help of his cultivation, Chen jingzhai’s impervious Dao body, and the connate Qi. Even though she had not taken the initiative, it was still a great opportunity and she had benefited greatly.

At this moment, her skin was crystal clear, like top-grade white jade.

There was also a faint pressure coming from her.

The nascent soul realm was achieved!

Although he didn’t reach the sky in a single step like Chen jingzhai, his nascent soul was still stable.

When one reached the Yuanying stage, they could form a sect and become an ancestor in a remote area, and could be called an ancestor.

In the allheaven immortal gate, they were also the first class of deacons and inner disciples.

They were the main pillar of the immortal sect, the true elite force.

Su qingluan didn’t mind becoming an elite. In fact, she was still happy.

She could feel the love Chen jingzhai sent her, as well as his thoughts and feelings.

Although it was separated by a layer, it was gradually becoming clear.

What she didn’t realize was that her cultivation was still steadily increasing.

Generally speaking, when they cultivated together, the one with the weaker cultivation base would benefit more.

However, Chen jingzhai was different. His life level had already evolved.

It wasn’t a mortal body; it was a Xiantian lifeform.

Once his Taoist body was formed, he would no longer be the same as before, like the difference between a mortal and an immortal.

No, the difference was even greater, even greater than the difference between mortals and special physiques.

Therefore, even though Chen jingzhai’s cultivation was not as good as su qingluan ‘s, su qingluan’s cultivation was not as good as his.

Su qingluan was the one who had benefited greatly.

Su qingluan’s life Providence had been completely activated through their cultivation, and both her physical body and nascent soul had been enhanced.

It was as if she had swallowed a peerless divine pill, the kind that had endless energy and no side effects.

As time passed, even if they were extremely happy, it would eventually end.

By the time su qingluan came back to her senses, she had already noticed the changes in her body.

She had broken the shackles of her lifespan, broken through her cultivation level, and gained more in all aspects, but she didn’t care. Chen jingzhai didn’t care.

At this moment, the two of them threw away everything. The feeling of being connected in their hearts was what they were pursuing.

Life was about exercise, and if exercise didn’t stop, life wouldn’t stop. This was the moment Chen jingzhai had been waiting for.

Therefore, it took a long time for him to bring su qingluan out of seclusion.

Both of them were cultivators, and Chen jingzhai had an innate Taoist body, so it would not end so quickly.

It was su qingluan’s first time cultivating like this, so Chen jingzhai had to try his best to give her a complete and flawless process.

“Welcome master and Madam out of seclusion!”

Hong Xiu and everyone else stood at the door of the cultivation room and saluted.

“No need to be so polite.”

“That’s how you address me in the future. Thank you for your hard work!”

Chen jingzhai said with a smile.

He already knew what had happened over the years, including the establishment of the full moon Pavilion and Hong Xiu’s actions. He had learned this from su qingluan’s mind while he was cultivating.

He had always been the leader of their cultivation, so su qingluan’s mind was open to him. Many things, even some of her memories, were naturally known to Chen jingzhai.

On the other hand, because of the Godstone in his mind palace, su qingluan didn’t know much about him even if he let go of his mind. He could feel love and joy, but it was difficult to remember the details.

Su qingluan didn’t mind. She was so happy that she couldn’t help but smile.

Not only was she no longer wearing a veil, but her hair was also tied up, making her look like a woman.

Seeing that Chen jingzhai didn’t blame or get angry, Hong Xiu was naturally happy. She led the crowd to the main hall, where a celestial couple was brought to. She began to tell them in detail what had happened all these years.

Whether it was the heaven’s favorite’s core formation or the outer sect competition, they both surprised Chen jingzhai. However, he was not the same as before. He had enough confidence to face any challenge.

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