I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 267 - The changes in the core condensation stage (1)  

Chapter 267: The changes in the core condensation stage (1)

Chapter 265

In the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

Su qingluan had been in the Moonview cave abode for two years.

She didn’t cultivate, but went back and forth between the medicine garden and the Ling plant garden every day, occasionally going to the cultivation room to wait quietly.

The Fox demon, tu Ruoyan, had not come out since she saw su qingluan.

On the other hand, Ni Hong ‘er and Zhu’ er were rather close.

Some of the female servants in the cave abode had broken through to the foundation establishment realm.

Su qingluan received the Jade slip and learned that they were all Gu cultivators, so she gave them some guidance.

Now that the maids had started to cultivate Gu formation techniques, they could work together.

In addition, su qingluan had also taught them a few spells, which had been of great help to them.

Curses and Gu techniques were actually unorthodox, with their own advantages and disadvantages.


The maidservants turned into Gu cultivators and cast curses with ease.

In the cultivation room.

Chen jingzhai had also reached a critical juncture.

Before he had achieved the innate seamless Dao body, he only needed a single thought to form his inner core. Now that he had achieved the innate seamless Dao body, it would be more difficult for him to form his inner core.

The reason for this was that the potential of the innate seamless Dao body was too sufficient.

There were no grades for this kind of physique.

However, the Xiantian seamless Dao body was naturally extraordinary.

Although Chen Lei was born with a lightning body, it was also an acquired body.

The key was in the Qi of heaven and earth. Although the lightning body was inborn, it was a form of after-cultivation.

Without the supply of innate vitality in the womb, one would naturally degenerate into a houtian.

All the heaven’s favorites with special physiques in the entire Qianyuan realm were the same.

Chen jingzhai was the only exception. Although he said that he had cultivated the innate seamless Dao body, it was actually the creation of innate Qi. The root of it was not whether he had cultivated it, but his innate Qi.

Because of this, his potential increased a lot as soon as he formed the innate seamless Dao body.

In the past, he had perfected his Foundation establishment and it was extremely difficult for him to improve.

It was only because he had broken through the limits of his physical body that he had improved.

However, now that he had achieved the innate seamless Dao body, he still had room for improvement. Therefore, he had to use two years to cultivate step by step, absorbing and refining the innate Qi.

It was for the sake of polishing it to the extreme, to achieve a superior-grade inner core.

Under the supply of sufficient connate Qi, the spirit vitality in Chen jingzhai’s body had completely revealed its connate element. The Xuanguan acupuncture point was opened, and a vast amount of vital Qi poured into it, falling down in wisps.

The acquired vital Qi was constantly refined by the innate spirit Qi. This way, they complemented each other. Finally, under Chen jingzhai’s constant grinding, he grasped a glimmer of opportunity and began to condense it.

Chen jingzhai decisively split his spiritual will and entered the primal world. After that, his heart merged with the heaven and earth and he entered a state of enlightenment. He multi-tasked and urged the spirit primordial energy in his body to form his Aurous core.

A cultivator’s core formation was like an Alchemist’s pill refinement.

Boiling medicinal herbs was a must.

However, Chen jingzhai was different. He directly skipped the refining step.

This was because both his physical body and the spirit vitality in his body had reached their limits.

In the state of enlightenment, he had an inexplicable blessing, as if he had the feeling of heaven and earth working together. Naturally, the spirit primordial Qi in his body condensed, and then his mind settled down, roasting the blood and Qi of his body.

The dragon and the tiger met, and the wind and clouds changed.

His Qi was as deep as the abyss, and it was as one.

Chen jingzhai used all of his resources and gathered them into a ball. The liquid spiritual energy started to condense and compress naturally.

Without any difficulty, a broad bean-sized inner core was successfully formed.

After that, the inner core began to grow.

Chen jingzhai had also broken away from the state of mind and spirit as one.

It even brought Xiantian Qi, which was directly absorbed by the inner core.

Seeing his inner core grow, Chen jingzhai was overjoyed. But before he could laugh, something unexpected happened. His acupuncture points suddenly resonated.

From the 129600 apertures, the shadow of seal characters emerged one after another. They turned into a Dragon and a Phoenix, and directly crashed into the inner core.

The inner core that had just grown in size was now covered in dense runic characters. Just as Chen jingzhai thought that was the end of it, three tiny lines flew out and wrapped around the inner core.

They were formation patterns. After the appearance of the innate seamless Dao body, they changed into three thin lines that were entangled together. He did not expect them to land on his inner core.

Not only that, his Natal true fire also joined in the fun at this time. It actually fell directly on the inner core and began to burn. Three tiny lines turned back into formation patterns on the surface of the inner core.

Under the burning of the Natal true fire, Chen jingzhai’s inner core automatically activated the core fire. Under the influence of this, the shadow of the seal-style characters rushed into the inner core and disappeared.

However, this was not the end. The power of his physical body, or the power of his Taoist body, also fell on his inner core, making it spin repeatedly, constantly becoming bigger and smaller, and it only stopped after seven times.

By the time Chen jingzhai came back to his senses, the neidan had already returned to his body. His cultivation had broken through to the seventh stage of the Golden core, which was the late stage of the Golden core.

In other words, he had reached the standard to break through to the true Lord realm and could completely break through the core and reach the nascent soul realm. Of course, Chen jingzhai would not do that. He just felt that everything had happened too quickly.

After carefully sensing the changes in his inner core, Chen jingzhai was overjoyed and understood the cause of the change.

The root of this body was the impervious Dao body, which was quite domineering and had unlimited potential.

This was because a seamless body could continuously transcend and transform.

Chen jingzhai had condensed his inner core, so he naturally obtained the birth of the innate seamless Dao body.

The immortal bones and apertures had all become one, becoming the nourishment of the seamless Dao body.

With the nurturing of the Dao body, his inner core should also be called the innate leakless golden core.

The seal characters that flew out of the acupuncture points were actually the power of the Taoist body and the source of the natural leakless golden core. With this source of power, Chen jingzhai’s inner core could merge with the Taoist body.

As for the formation patterns, they were forced out by the innate seamless Dao body. Things like formation patterns were not suitable for the innate seamless Dao body, and they were not compatible with Chen jingzhai’s future Dao path.

In the past, Chen jingzhai could naturally walk the array Dao, but now that Chen jingzhai had the innate seamless Dao body, the array pattern could not be attached to it. In the end, it could only land on the inner core.

This was not without its benefits. Under the burning of the primordial fire and the alchemy fire, the array runes directly turned into divine power runes and landed on the inner core. From now on, Chen jingzhai would have complete control over the three great array formations.

Yin Yang, heaven and earth, and reversal-the three great formations had become Chen jingzhai’s innate divine power.

Not only that, but he could also continue to inscribe formations on the inner core in the future, but he could not inscribe more than nine, because the formation patterns were formed under the influence of the seal characters and had landed on the inner core.

His inner core couldn’t withstand the 10th formation, nor could it develop the 10th formation divine power. Even now, Chen jingzhai couldn’t continue because he had used up too much of his Foundation and needed resources.

The key was the formation patterns on his inner core. Because of the nourishment of the Xiantian Qi, the power of the formation patterns was much stronger than when they were in the aperture acupoints of his body. Moreover, it did not affect the operation of his inner core.

This was equivalent to having nine more innate divine powers. Of course, Chen jingzhai was very happy.

He had carefully studied the method of forming a pill with stellar malignance. One of them was to inscribe magical techniques and runes on the inner core. After success, it would still need to be tempered with stellar malignance to strengthen the magical techniques and runes.

Even if he had successfully cultivated it, the inner core was still a type of acquired cultivation. It might be much more powerful, but it was not as mysterious. Chen jingzhai’s inner core had this inner taste, but the essence was different.

“I’ve reached the heavens in a single bound!”

“Seventh level golden core, late stage.”

“In fact, his strength far exceeds that of a peak golden core cultivator. His Foundation is too solid.”

“My physical strength has already broken through the limit of the Golden core and entered the fourth stage.”

“The dharmic power of the Golden core doesn’t need to transform at all. It belongs to the connate level and is of high quality.”

“My spiritual force has even reached the limit of a nascent soul.”

“This is the innate seamless Dao body. It breaks the limit, transforms, and surpasses it.”

“He’s clearly a golden core cultivator, but his strength has doubled and is comparable to a true Lord.”

“It’s just that my magical energy is too little. In the future, I’ll need a huge amount of high-quality vital Qi.”

“Otherwise, I can’t break through at all!”

Chen jingzhai opened his eyes and thought about it in pain and happiness.

The power exerted by the Taoist body directly entered the fourth stage.

The distance, strength, toughness, and number of divine telekinesis had reached the limit of the fourth stage.

This was the power of the impervious Dao body.

His Zifu had expanded a lot, now as vast as the ocean.

However, the magical power in his body was of high quality, but the amount was only at the middle Jindan stage.

To be more precise, he was at the fourth level of the Golden core realm.

Because of its high quality, it was not easy to convert it.

The lower the quality of the vitality, the lower the conversion efficiency.

Fortunately, there were no problems in other aspects, and his state of mind was enough to support this great growth.

Don’t forget that he was in the primal world, where his mind was one with the heavens and earth.

Naturally forming the inner core, mixing the elements as one, it was incomparably perfect.

The good news was that Chen jingzhai had the ability to conceal the fourth pattern of the Godstone.

He could display his cultivation at the early golden core stage.

The bad news was that he would need a long time to accumulate cultivation resources.

The demand for Yuan Qi would be especially high.

If he did not accumulate his dharmic powers to the limit, he would not be able to break through so easily.

Fortunately, he had the innate seamless Dao body and was a connate being. His lifespan was even longer than a true Lord.

Moreover, the impervious Dao body was mysterious and could absorb even low-quality vitality.

His body was the strongest furnace and could refine any vital Qi.

They could all be converted into his dharmic powers.

More importantly, he had opened all his aperture acupoints, so both his light and dark apertures could absorb the vitality from the outside world.

This efficiency was much higher than that of other cultivators.

If he absorbed all the yuan Qi from the outside world, Chen jingzhai would turn into a black hole.

It immediately became the center of the vortex and devoured all the vital Qi.

Naturally, Chen jingzhai would not do that. He did not want the yuan Qi in his immortal’s cave to be exhausted.

Therefore, after successfully condensing the elixir, he directly used the divine stone to conceal his aura.

Most of his aperture acupoints were also sealed. After doing so, the yuan Qi vortex in the cultivation room disappeared.

Chen jingzhai opened his eyes and waved his hand to keep the flying Dharma Treasures and spirit treasures into his body.

The Hongtian mirror floated above the neidan. The nine Heavens chessboard was on the left side of the neidan. The five bamboo sword was on the right side. The three robes were kept by Chen jingzhai and then revealed outside his body.

After doing all this, Chen jingzhai was in a good mood and was ready to come out of seclusion.

He didn’t know that when he was condensing the elixir …

A strong wind suddenly blew in the sky above Golden Chicken mountain. The changes in the weather were extremely obvious.

It even attracted the attention of many people, and there were even cultivators who came to wait for the phenomenon to happen.

In the end, after the time for three incense sticks to burn, all of these phenomena disappeared.

Just like how they appeared without any warning, they disappeared without a warning.

This made the cultivators who wanted to take advantage of the phenomenon extremely disappointed.

But su qingluan seemed to have sensed something. She quickly left the spiritual herb garden.

Just as he stood at the door of the cultivation room, he saw the light screen shatter and Chen jingzhai appeared.

Both Chen jingzhai and su qingluan were pleasantly surprised.

Chen jingzhai excitedly pulled her into his arms, then raised the screen again.

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