I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 252 - Choosing a cave abode (1)  

Chapter 252: Choosing a cave abode (1)

Chapter 250

At the moment when the gengjin midday Thunder and the fire wheel collided, Chen jingzhai activated the reversing array and switched positions with the black-faced puppet that had been lying on the ground. He had long since entered the spiritual plant seeds through the black-faced puppet and instantly grew them. They broke out of the ground and wrapped around Chen Lei Shixiong.

If that was all, Chen Lei would not have admitted defeat. More importantly, a cold sword Qi approached him and broke his robe, leaving a wound on his body. He did not even have the chance to fight back.

This was because Chen jingzhai’s forbidden array technique had already confined his body through the seed. Chen jingzhai used the seed as the foundation of the array to set up the forbidden array technique, causing senior brother Chen Lei to fall into a trap. The seed that Chen jingzhai used was specially refined by the Supreme heavenly venerate of the Archean world.

The moment it sprouted, the array would be activated. It was a combination of the wood element and the array. Chen Lei had just activated the gengjin midday Thunder, and his body was under too much pressure. Even if he sensed the danger, he couldn’t escape at that moment.

Just like that, Chen jingzhai seized the opportunity to win. He even had a backup plan, which was the black-faced predator that had been playing dead all this time. The black-faced predator did not need him to control it. When Chen jingzhai used the reversing array, he only left a long spear behind to move the black-faced predator.

If Chen Lei Shixiong still wanted to struggle, the black spear would instantly pierce through his body. The rank three starfish black iron could definitely break through Chen Lei Shixiong’s defense. After all, Chen Lei Shixiong was not Chen jingzhai. Without breaking the limit of his physical body, he could not fight against a magical treasure.

Just like that, by the time the gengjin midday Thunder extinguishing fire wheel was activated, Chen jingzhai had already seized the five bamboo sword to defeat Chen Lei. Although it was not a head-on fight, he had seized the fleeting opportunity and won fair and square. Even though Chen Lei was unwilling, he had to admit defeat.

Chen Lei walked out of the array space without saying a word. He was no longer smiling. He pursed his lips and sent a voice transmission to Chen jingzhai,”how much spiritual Yuan do you have left?”

” 50%!” Chen jingzhai transmitted his voice,”once my physical body enters the third grade, I can save a lot of spiritual Yuan. When I use my sword, I only use the power of my physical body and the power of the sword, so the consumption is not big.”

Chen Lei Shixiong’s expression softened. Regardless of whether Chen jingzhai was telling the truth or not, he could not continue. After using the fourth-grade spiritual lightning, he was already injured quite badly. What was worse was that the spirit energy in his body had been exhausted. His natural lightning body had more spirit energy than ordinary cultivators, but it also consumed more spirit energy.


After this battle, the results of The Prodigy tournament were out.

Elder Wu Qi announced on the spot that Chen jingzhai had won The Prodigy tournament.

Not only would they be listed as inner disciples, but they would also receive the treatment of half a true disciple and be trained.

Other than the benefits that Fu Yunzi had mentioned earlier, he could also go to the various mountain ranges to listen to the Dao at any time.

The prerequisite was that he had to form his Azoth core within a hundred years.

One failure was allowed, but if one failed twice, they would be disqualified.

The other six heaven’s favorites also received their own rewards. Overall, everyone benefited.

However, the ranking would affect the quality of the reward.

Pei Dong ‘er was in seventh place, and the difference between her and Chen jingzhai’s rewards was huge.

After the end of The Prodigy tournament, the various divine transformation realm elders left one after another.

Many people came to congratulate Chen jingzhai. Jiang liuyun helped to introduce them to each other and exchanged communication imprints with Chen jingzhai. The token of an inner sect disciple could store communication imprints.

In the future, they could use the communication Mark to communicate with each other.

Naturally, the elites didn’t miss anything. After exchanging pleasantries for a while, Chen jingzhai and Fu Yunzi left the fifth battle peak and returned to the ninth Meridian.

“After this battle, you will truly be accepted by the sect.”

“The ninth bloodline will also acknowledge you as a prodigy and receive the treatment of a prodigy.”

“I’ll also make up for the resources you had when you were in the hidden sect. ”

“I’ll make the decision for you. I’ll exchange these resources and raise the quality of the cave abode.”

“You won’t blame me, will you?”

Fu Yunzi stood on the cloud and said to Chen jingzhai.

“Senior brother is doing this for Jing Zhai’s good. How could Jing Zhai not know what’s good for them?”

“Moreover, jingzhai is on the path of dharma creation, so the requirements for the cave abode are indeed very high.”

“Many thanks, senior brother.”

Chen jingzhai bowed and thanked him sincerely.

Even though he already had a grade four spirit Meridian in his primal world, it was not suitable for cultivation.

Besides, a fourth-grade spirit Meridian was of good quality outside the immense forest, but not in the pulao region.

After all, the ninth bloodline was located above the zu bloodline!

The quality and concentration of its vital Qi far exceeded that of a fourth-grade immortal’s cave. Naturally, the higher the quality of the immortal’s cave, the better.

“It’s good that you can understand!”

“Next, your main task is to break through to the Golden elixir realm as soon as possible.”

“Below the Golden core stage is only the foundation of Dao. The Golden core stage is the starting point of cultivation.”

“If you have any questions, you can go to the elder’s training hall to listen.”

“Every time you listen to the Dao, you can ask a question as a genius of your branch.”

Fu Yunzi reminded.

The goal of The Prodigy tournament was for Chen jingzhai to become a prodigy of the ninth bloodline in an irrefutable and unquestionable manner. Other than making a name for himself, Chen jingzhai would also gain substantial benefits.

Of course, this all depended on Chen jingzhai’s performance. If he couldn’t become the number one genius and couldn’t defeat the natural Thunder body, even if he became a ninth Meridian genius, the effect would be greatly reduced.

“Is there anything this disciple needs to do?” Chen jingzhai asked.

“Just cultivate, don’t think so much,” Fu Yunzi said with a smile,”wait until you reach the Daoist master of Jindan stage before you can contribute. You must know that from today on, whether it’s the main branch or the branch, everyone will pay attention to you. If you can’t maintain your courage and progress, you will know the consequences yourself.”

“I understand.” Chen jingzhai nodded.”Jiang liuyun?” he asked.

“Since the iron sword sect has been listed as the main branch, you don’t have to worry too much,” Fu Yunzi said,”it’s normal for Jiang liuyun to come and make friends with us. You must know the rules of the sect. Only Daoist Masters of golden core stage can take missions and go out, and only then can they choose a hall to serve the sect. It’s still too early for you to do all this.”

“I see.” Chen jingzhai nodded, instantly understanding senior brother Fu Yunzi’s words.

Jiang liuyun had come to express his goodwill. It was obvious that the iron sword lineage thought highly of Chen jingzhai, but whether or not they would rope him in would depend on Chen jingzhai’s future performance. After all, he walked the path of law creation.

When it was time to choose, it would be Chen jingzhai who had reached the Golden core stage. According to the sect rules, he could choose to join the various halls, halls, and pavilions of the sect. For example, he could work for the hall of battle, the metal sword Pavilion, or the hall of weapon forging. At that time, he would naturally be given tasks.

If the iron sword clan really wanted to win him over, they would send someone to contact Chen jingzhai. Jiang liuyun didn’t have the right to do so yet, so at the very least, it would have to be a true Lord.

After understanding all this, Chen jingzhai put away all his thoughts of seeking death. Right now, he just wanted to go to the library Pavilion to read more martial arts manuals and then continue to deduce the Golden core chapter so that he could form his golden core as soon as possible.

A cloud floated down from the sky. Fu Yunzi personally brought Chen jingzhai to the deacon Hall of the ninth bloodline. Under the enthusiastic guidance of the deacon, they chose a cave.

The cave abodes of the allheaven immortal sect were divided into low-grade, medium-grade, high-grade, and top-grade. Above them were the Daoist Rite temples of the soul formation elders, and the difference was in the size of the vitality nodes of the zu branch.

Every cave abode landed on the vital Qi node of the zu’s bloodline. The vital Qi node of a Supreme-grade cave abode was 100 times that of a low-grade cave abode. The concentration and purity of the vital Qi were at least 50 times different.

According to what senior brother Fu Yunzi said, the Dao fields of the soul formation stage elders were on the main branch of the zu branch, while the immortal’s caves were on the branches. The closer one was to the main branch, the denser the vital Qi in the immortal’s cave would be.

Supreme-grade cave abodes were the ones closest to the main branch. However, even Supreme-grade cave abodes had different situations, such as newly opened cave abodes, old cave abodes, and old cave abodes that were no longer used.

Newly opened cave abodes were usually the best because the sect’s array Masters had probed the vitality nodes before. The only problem was that the vitality in the vitality nodes would not be too dense at the beginning, but would flow slowly.

Old cave abodes were those that had died or left the sect. The interior was well preserved, but the problem was that no one knew how much vitality potential it had and whether the vitality nodes would be exhausted.

The abandoned immortal’s cave was sealed by the deacon Palace when the vitality nodes were about to dry up. Its main purpose was to re-cultivate the vitality nodes.

The problem was that some vitality nodes could be re-cultivated, while some could not be re-cultivated even after thousands of years. Therefore, the old and abandoned immortal’s cave was a bit of a pit.

The vital Qi in the zu’s vein was very abundant, and the cave at the vital Qi node could not be used all the time. After opening the cave, one had to take precautions against problems such as vital Qi tide and vital Qi exhaustion.

Chen jingzhai had no experience in this area, so he could only listen by the side.

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