I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 251 - creating a diversion (1)  

Chapter 251: Chapter 249 creating a diversion (1)

Chapter 249

At this moment, Chen jingzhai’s aperture acupoints were all opened, secretly absorbing the lightning energy.

The brilliant red white Lightning was indeed overbearing, but with the sword Qi water wheel blocking it, he could still absorb it.

After the electric current entered his body, it connected with his acupuncture points and numbed his spirit.

This feeling was extremely comfortable, without the slightest bit of discomfort.

As more and more electricity flowed into his body, Chen jingzhai also found that his physical strength was increasing, and the increase was greater than usual.

This was such a pleasant surprise!

With a smile on his face, Chen jingzhai secretly activated the sword energy water wheel.

When the brilliant red white Lightning fell into it, it was reduced by the water wheel, and the violent explosion was killed by the sword Qi. What was left was the pure Thunder energy, which could be blocked no matter how many brilliant red white Lightning there were.

Because the object carrying it was the five bamboo sword, the remaining lightning energy would flow through the five bamboo sword into his body, which made the actual damage Chen jingzhai suffered so small that it was negligible.

“I don’t believe it!”


Senior brother Chen Lei roared in anger. The giant Lightning Dragon roared and an even thicker lightning pillar struck.

The lightning pillar was alternating between red and white. Before it even got close, a strong numbing sensation swept over. Chen jingzhai did not dare to be slow. He expanded the sword Qi water wheel and was soon covered by the lightning pillar.

Chen Lei Shixiong felt regretful. Just as he was about to stop, Chen jingzhai appeared in front of him from the lightning pillar. He was wearing a Lightning Robe.

The sword Qi waterwheel expanded by ten times and managed to block the lightning pillar. After the massive amount of lightning energy entered Chen jingzhai’s body, it connected to more acupuncture points.

Naturally, a layer of lightning armor appeared on Chen jingzhai’s body. For this reason, Chen jingzhai even put away the two magical treasure-level magical robes on his body, leaving only one magical robe with a weapon spirit.

“I blocked it!”

“That’s amazing!”

“That water wheel is so powerful.”

“Its defensive power has definitely reached the limit of a magic treasure.”

Outside the formation, the sound of discussion was endless. Even Zhao Hao’s face was flushed red, extremely excited.

Zhao Hao had personally experienced The Crimson White Lightning.

Now, Chen jingzhai was able to block the huge Thunderbolts. The defensive power of that spell was amazing. If possible, he wanted to learn it as it suited his style.

Inside the formation, Chen Lei heaved a sigh of relief, but then he became nervous.

Even the brilliant red white Thunder could not take down Chen jingzhai, which was enough to put him under great pressure.

“Senior brother Chen, attack with all your might!”

“Otherwise, it’ll be too much of a waste of time!”

Chen jingzhai said after the lightning pillar dissipated.

The lightning Robe slowly dissipated from his body, and the excess lightning energy was all absorbed.

He felt great at the moment, as if he was fully charged.


“The benefits of being the number one heaven’s favorite are too great. I will definitely not give it up.”

“If Shidi jingzhai can block my gengjin metal Wu Thunder,”

“Senior brother is willing to admit defeat!”

Chen Lei said in a serious tone.

“Gengjin noon lightning?”

“Senior brother’s third type of spiritual lightning?”

“Then bring it on!”

Chen jingzhai nodded and took a deep breath. Three robes appeared.

He casually grabbed the five bamboo sword and made his final preparations.

Chen Lei kept his Lightning Spear.

Not only that, but the lightning Dragon had also disappeared.

Then, wisps of dark golden lightning appeared on the surface of his body.

His originally calm face now had a hint of ferocity, and a powerful aura began to rise.

A ball of lightning was slowly expanding in his palm.

“That’s too much!” Zhao Hao said with a frown.

“Is this gengjin noon lightning very strong?” Jiang liuyun asked.

“This is senior brother Chen Lei’s most powerful spiritual lightning,” li Yueli said with a nod.”Because it’s too powerful, senior brother Chen Lei usually doesn’t use it. Instead, he seals it in his body and refines it to control it.”

“The important thing is that every time I use my physical body, the burden is very heavy, and it’s very painful.” Zhao Hao took a deep breath and gritted his teeth.”Skin, flesh, bones, and tendons are all involved. It’s simply a thousand cuts.”

Jiang liuyun’s scalp went numb when she heard this. She looked at Chen Lei in disbelief.

“The gengjin noon lightning!” Hu Shouyang shook his head.

He was the first person to see Chen Lei’s third type of spirit lightning.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t even resist The Crimson White Lightning, so he wasn’t qualified to enjoy the gengjin noon Thunder. However, he knew the Thunder technique, so he naturally knew the name of the gengjin noon Thunder.

“Junior Brother Chen is in trouble!” Ye Changyi said indifferently.

Inside the array, Chen jingzhai also felt that he was in trouble.

Chen jingzhai’s eyelids twitched rapidly after the Golden Ball of lightning appeared.

His super strong physical instincts were warning him that danger was approaching.

And the longer it dragged on, the more dangerous it would be.

His body had broken through the limit of the second stage and reached the third stage.

It was to the extent that this instinctive sense of danger was almost a legendary divine ability.

On the immense forest ancient path, Chen jingzhai had used this ability to avoid danger many times.

So this time, Chen jingzhai didn’t underestimate him.

I can’t just sit and wait for death!

Chen jingzhai made up his mind. He poured his spiritual energy into the five bamboo sword, and the poisonous flame exploded from the sword.

He threw the five bamboo sword at Chen Lei.

The moment the five bamboo sword left his hand, a wheel of fire automatically formed.

In the fire wheel, the fire Crow spread its wings and finally merged into the fire wheel, turning into a fireball.


Senior brother Chen Lei’s eyes turned bloodshot as he shouted,”

The Golden Ball of lightning split into two the moment it left his palm.

The two golden balls of lightning, one big and one small, flew left and right, crashing toward Chen jingzhai.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The entire space of the formation lit up all of a sudden. All the cultivators below dan realm felt a piercing pain in their eyes from the bright light while nascent souls narrowed their eyes subconsciously.

Only the soul formation true venerates saw everything that had happened clearly. Some people remained silent, some laughed without saying a word, and some raised their eyebrows slightly in surprise. All of this was enough to explain everything.

In the blink of an eye, the blinding light disappeared. Zhao Hao and the others impatiently opened their eyes and looked into the array space. The scene inside the array space made them silent.

The flames and lightning disappeared. Chen jingzhai changed his position and appeared behind Chen Lei Shixiong. Chen Lei Shixiong was half-kneeling on the ground, his upper body covered in wounds.

“I didn’t expect that even the aged gold midday lightning couldn’t do anything to you.” Chen Lei said bitterly.

“The gengjin Meridian Thunder is also known as the meridian golden gang Thunder. It’s one of the fourth-grade spiritual thunders.” Chen jingzhai sighed.”It’s too powerful. Senior brother Chen isn’t even a golden core. His body couldn’t withstand it when he used it rashly. That’s why I managed to seize the opportunity.”

“I can’t argue that my skills are inferior.” Senior brother Chen Lei said,”you’re good. You didn’t choose to fight me head-on, but created a diversion. Your use of array formations is also beyond my expectations. I now believe that you are an array master, but it’s a pity that it’s a little too late.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people outside the formation saw that Chen Lei’s lower body was covered with vines. They were not thick, but thin and tough.

Not only that, but the black-faced puppet also emerged from the ground to the side, pointing its black spear at Chen Lei. The traces of the lightning attack had disappeared.

“Although it was a diversion, I still managed to exchange a blow with senior brother!” Chen jingzhai laughed,”it’s already like this. Senior brother, are you still not willing to admit defeat? Or perhaps, Shixiong still wants to make a move?”

Chen Lei went silent for a moment. He thought back to the flame Wheel and sighed.

“I admit defeat!”

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