I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 115 - Starlight Swords Shining  

Chapter 115: Starlight Swords Shining

For the Spot Star Sword Branch, a sword strike was in the form of a galaxy.

In this galaxy, the starlight was shining with long-lasting sword vapor that was vast as well as bright.

This was not the first time that Chen Jingzhai fought against disciples of the Spot Star Sword Branch.

In the battle of the Intermediate Foundation Plane, he defeated three disciples from the Spot Star Sword Branch.

But those other three were not nearly as threatening as Wang Yao.

The Five Bamboo Sword danced in his hand, but Chen Jingzhai’s expression never changed. His spiritual power was rapidly surging.

A long water-colored dragon flew out from the tip of his sword and climbed up along his body.

The moment the galaxy sword vapor got near, the dragon suddenly opened its mouth.

Like a cannonball, a ball of ice shot out from the water dragon’s mouth.

The ball of ice collided with the galaxy sword vapor. Instantly, a violent explosion was heard.

The ball of ice shattered, just as the water dragon evaporated as well. However, the coldness spread and permeated.

Though the galaxy sword vapor dissipated, the little bits of starlight did not. Instead, they unfurl and spread out.

The air of coldness and the starlight affected each other until they eventually canceled each other out, little by little.

And after this, Chen Jingzhai held the sword, pacing, dodging, and appearing right next to Wang Yao.


The Five Bamboo Sword collided with the sword in Wang Yao’s hand.

The two powerful forces were a shock to each other.

The swords clashed, and Chen Jingzhai took the initiative to deal a blow.

The flaming sword, in a very ingenious way, was flowing like a stream of water.

Wang Yao’s eyes twinkled slightly as the sword in his hand pointed lightly.

The galaxy sword vapor moved in a long and meandering manner, piercing through the fiery sword vapor.

Even starbursts sailed through the sword vapor and stabbed Chen Jingzhai in the eyes.

Chen Jingzhai’s eyes narrowed a bit as he continued to wave the Five Bamboo Sword in his hand.

Layer after layer of sword flurry floated and bloomed all around him.

This scene looked very familiar.

Qiao Haisheng was sitting on the stand. His eyelids twitched nonstop as he was unable to calm himself down.

He could see that the sword flurries from the Little Master-Uncle were done purely through skills.

And his sword flurries were the condensation of sword vapor.

Comparing the two, his sword flurries were actually a little more brilliant.

But the Little Master-Uncle had not joined them for long, and he was not even a disciple of the sword branch.

Considering these factors, Qiao Haisheng was a little ashamed.

On the Eight Trigrams Platform, the galaxy sword vapor and the fiery sword vapor crisscrossed and intertwined.

There were hidden dangers, with nowhere to hide.

However, the two did not seem to have any idea of a showdown.

First, they competed with the quality of the sword vapor. Then, they competed with their swordsmanship.

The sword vapors were wild on the platform. All the bystanders saw were shadows coming and going—one exciting exchange after another.

The scene also looked familiar.

It was clearly a repeat of the battle between Chen Jingzhai and Tian Feng.

The difference was that Chen Jingzhai’s swordsmanship had elevated again.

At least in terms of skills, Chen Jingzhai was no longer weaker than any disciples of the sword branch.

“Little Master-Uncle should come to our Golden Jade Sword Branch,” Tian Feng couldn’t help but suggest when he saw what transpired.

“Nonsense.” Shen Yurong’s eyes twinkled. “He should come to the Azure Sparrow Sword Branch.”

“Enough, you two!” Li Yifei said feebly. “You guys act as if I don’t exist.”

The two smiled awkwardly, but neither was ready to take back what they had said.

The Little Master-Uncle’s rate of growth was truly terrifying.

So much so that he was causing everyone anxiety. It would be much better if he could settle down in the sword branch.

Studying formations at Daoxuan Peak was a total waste of his talent.

In reality, not only them but all the other disciples from the sword branches who were present had the same idea.

Even among the three major sword branches, there were casual disciples who thought of the same thing.

On the Eight Trigrams Platform, Wang Yao was delighted to be in the fight. He demonstrated the full extent of his swordsmanship and was in a heated battle with Chen Jingzhai.

He did not expect Chen Jingzhai to go toe-to-toe with him.

For a disciple not from the sword branch, his attainments in swordsmanship were considerable and completely beyond anyone’s anticipation.

After another collision, the two made contact but immediately separated.

Compared to where they started, both of them had changed positions.

“I’m curious. How did the Little Master-Uncle elevate the cultivation in swordsmanship?” Wang Yao looked at Chen Jingzhai and asked.

“I followed the path of creation, and there were two celestial codes in my possession. Inside, there are instructions concerning swordsmanship.

“As for elevation, fighting is the only way.

“Basically, I will not use spells when battling with disciples of the sword branches.

“But I will use the sword to seek the path and to seek growth and advancement during the battle.”

Chen Jingzhai spoke those words as his answer to the question.

In fact, what Chen Jingzhai said was true. This was indeed how he improved his swordsmanship.

The only difference was that he had the celestial codes as his references.

Because what he cultivated was not orthodox swordsmanship, he could only improve through competitions with the disciples of the sword branches.

Wang Yao didn’t care about Chen Jingzhai’s explanation. He only knew that his blood was boiling.

After a simple test, he already knew that Chen Jingzhai was more than qualified to be his opponent.

Then, what was to follow should be a hearty battle!

“I’m going to unleash the sword!” Wang Yao said seriously.

“And I’m really looking forward to it!” Chen Jingzhai’s eyes lit up. He was a little excited inside.

“Then, let’s see!” Wang Yao chuckled slyly as a ray of starlight bloomed from his hand.

A light purple sword vapor condensed into a ray of starlight and came in front of Chen Jingzhai in an instant.

This kind of speed was very close to Kong Guang’s peacock light, but the power of starlight was much stronger.

Hurriedly, Chen Jingzhai raised the Great Heaven Mirror, but the surface of the mirror did not fully reflect the starlight.

A huge force of impact seemed to cause the wavering ripples on the surface of the Great Heaven Mirror.

When Chen Jingzhai saw this, he immediately launched a counterattack.

The sword danced all over the heavens, and the flames streaked through the sky.

The fire raven that was ten feet tall was born from Chen Jingzhai’s Five Bamboo Sword and pounced on Wang Yao.

It burned with a fervent flame as well as an extremely high temperature. As a result, even the Eight Trigrams Platform raised the Restrictions.

Wang Yao’s face remained indifferent as he held the sword in his hand. A thin robe of starry gauze covered his entire body.

He grasped the sword lightly, and under the support of his massive spiritual power, a sword pill, condensed by star power, flew right out.

It slammed into the fire raven directly and gradually turned into an elusive sword shadow in mid-air.


The Elusive Sword Shadow, with the sword pill as the center, directly destroyed the fire raven.

But the Starry Sword Pill also shrank in response, with only one-fifth of it remaining.

As soon as he approached Chen Jingzhai, the Elusive Sword Shadow, along with the Starry Sword Pill, burst wide open.

The massive force of impact directly broke through twelve layers of the Restrictions on the Eight Trigrams Platform.

Chen Jingzhai was safe and sound. The Great Heaven Mirror blocked all the damage for him.

But a new round of attacks was coming around again.

Behind Wang Yao, 12 rays of starlight condensed into sword shadows.

“Can you summon the power of the natal star at any time and condense it into swords?”

Chen Jingzhai looked at Wang Yao, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

He was extremely curious about the Spot Star Sword Branch and had learned about the methods relevant to it.

In general, it used the power of the stars to temper the sword vapor so that it could be even more brilliant.

Specifically, Chen Jingzhai had not noticed it in the other disciples of the Spot Star Sword Branch.

But now, he sensed a great threat from Wang Yao.

“Master-Uncle, watch out!”

Before Wang Yao’s voice completely faded away, a sword light rushed over.

It was covered with a thick black radiance; its entirety looked like a black shadow.

However, Chen Jingzhai’s visage palpably changed as the Great Heaven Mirror rapidly expanded, blocking him from the front.


Chen Jingzhai was sent flying, but he stopped in mid-air as the Great Heaven Mirror turned back to the size of a palm.


He could feel the vigor surging in his body, as well as a strong aftereffect.

He looked at Wang Yao with his eyes lit up. “What is this?”

Wang Yao smiled coolly. “It’s the Silent Star Sword!”

After he finished speaking, another starry sword flew out from behind him with a flick of his fingers.

This sword was entirely ice blue in color, and the coldness from it was much heavier.

Chen Jingzhai did not dare be careless. He immediately activated the Great Heaven Mirror.

The Great Heaven Mirror suspended behind Chen Jingzhai’s head, and a precious light was shining all over when it was suspended.

Chen Jingzhai held the Five Bamboo Sword in his hand and pointed it forward.

A majestic stream swept out from the tip of the sword and turned into giant waves to slam yonder.

The starlight sword, tinged with icy cold air, fell into the giant waves and instantly caused the waves to freeze.

But it also sealed the starlight sword in ice.

Wang Yao raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw this. Then, with a turning of his mind, the starlight sword exploded instantly.

Its great power rippled outward, and Chen Jingzhai’s robe fluttered. He was fine and intact under the protection of the mirror.


Wang Yao waved his hand again, and the third starlight sword dashed out from behind him.

This sword was black but sharp and exceedingly fast—much faster than the Silent Star Sword.

Chen Jingzhai frowned slightly. He took a little hop on his toes and lifted himself upward directly.

The Five Bamboo Sword collided with the starlight sword, but the starlight sword was not damaged.

He flung the flying starlight sword aside and landed on the Eight Trigrams Platform from the air.

“Actual swords?” Chen Jingzhai looked at Wang Yao in surprise.

“You noticed,” Wang Yao said with a laugh. “These 12 starlight swords are exclusive to our Spot Star Sword Branch, each nurtured with the power of their natal stars. Each starlight sword represents the characteristics of the power of a star. As long as the star power of each sword is continuous and without end, it can quickly evolve and turn into an actual form.”

The sky scripture of the Spot Star Sword Branch inherited the essence of the Sword Scripture, which used the power of the stars to temper the sword vapor. However, it was rare in the entire cultivation world of Pulao Kingdom.

This kind of sky scriptures was not easy to cultivate, so there were not many inner disciples in the branch.

But once they got started, the power they mastered was the starry sword vapor with great prowess.

How could Jiang Liuyun become the eldest senior brother, and how, over the years, was it the Spot Star Sword Branch that took first place at the battle forum most of the time? This was precisely the answer.

“It’s truly mysterious.” Chen Jingzhai looked at Wang Yao’s sword. “Conceivably, it is not a small burden to be in possession of such a mysterious method. I’m afraid disciple nephew Wang won’t be able to hold on for too much longer. Why not use all of your power all at once?”

“Master-Uncle could detect it?” Wang Yao sighed softly. “The power of the stars is not easy to cultivate, and it is burdensome for the likes of us. If I use all my strength, it might be too difficult to control.”

“No one would get hurt on the battle forum,” Chen Jingzhai said. “Let me take a look and see for myself!”

“Might as well!” Wang Yao’s eyes revealed the brilliance of his sword’s will. “I do not wish to lose to Master-Uncle either. So, this time, I’ll let the Master-Uncle experience the swordsmanship of the Spot Star Sword Branch!”

When he finished speaking, he levitated into the air, and the gauzy starry robe that he wore suddenly became more substantial.

Like a burning flame, it was extremely dazzling.

The 12 starlight swords reappeared behind him and merged with each other under Wang Yao’s sword seal.

Twelve became six, and six were divided into three.

Three starlight swords, one in light purple, one in jet black, and the other in dark blue.

These were the three swords that Wang Yao had cultivated the most and also the three swords that had been tempered the most by the power of the stars.

Wang Yao took a deep breath as seals formed in his hands. Then, he slowly stretched his hands out to Chen Jingzhai.

The three starlight swords behind him rushed toward Chen Jingzhai in an instant.

Anyone could see they were very slow, just the total opposite of the starlight swords before.

But Chen Jingzhai had a feeling that it was impossible for him to escape them, even a feeling that he could not resist them.

At this point, Chen Jingzhai was not holding back either.

He tossed the Five Bamboo Sword in his hands into the air. The Golden Flame Sword and the White Jade Sword flew forward eagerly.

Almost at the moment of being unleashed, the Golden Flame Sword and the White Jade Sword quickly manifested.

At first, it was just the fire raven and the jade toad. However, after they became parallel with the Five Bamboo Sword, they immediately manifested in the form of the fire dragon and the ice phoenix.

Although it was somewhat elusive and hazy, after the fire dragon and the ice phoenix manifested, an invisible aura overwhelmed the entire Eight Trigrams Platform.

It even triggered more Restrictions from the Eight Trigrams Platform.


It was like the chiming of a sword but also like the chanting of a dragon or the sound of a phoenix.

The fire dragon and the ice phoenix encircled Chen Jingzhai, one on the left and the other on the right, rotating quickly around the Five Bamboo Sword.

Upon the Five Bamboo Sword, the fire dragon and the ice phoenix intertwined as an overwhelmingly powerful force was on the rise.

“What is this?!”

At that moment, the aura above all the branches of the Luo Sheng Sword School was oscillating.

Several Yuanshen Zhenjun even lost their composure entirely.

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