I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 114 - : Challenging Wang Yao  

Chapter 114: Challenging Wang Yao

“No matter how many times I see it, I just can’t help but admire him!” Qiao Haisheng said with emotion.

“It’s really beautiful!” Tian Feng nodded.

“The White Luan Bird is also very beautiful.” Shen Yurong couldn’t help but interject.

“It’s different,” Zhao Qinghe said softly. “The White Luan Bird lacks grandeur.”

Shen Yurong was displeased, but her eyes were fixed on that gigantic peacock.

The massive illusion resembled a peacock in real life and was, indeed, more attractive than the White Luan Bird.

It was more arrogant than the White Luan Bird, but it was not lacking in beauty and nobility.

When it appeared, it attracted the attention of many people, including the gazes of those from the branches and those from outside.

Even Chen Jingzhai lost his focus momentarily.

“Peacock light, glittery might!”

But when Kong Guang’s unremarkable voice sounded in his ears, Chen Jingzhai was quickly brought back to reality.

He saw the giant peacock dancing with great agility as its glorious tail feathers swept in his direction.

Chen Jingzhai’s face changed slightly, and he stabbed the Five Bamboo Sword backhanded into the ground.

An earthen wall formed instantly, directly blocking him from the front.

Nonetheless, at the same time, a gorgeous sword light pierced the earthen wall that was erected.

Chen Jingzhai turned slightly to the side, barely dodging the peripheral power of the sword light.

“So fast!” Chen Jingzhai murmured to himself. “Is it actually light?”

He dared not underestimate Kong Guang, but he did not expect that the other party would give him such a great surprise.

The peacock had been fully manifested, and Kong Guang’s swordsmanship had been completed while still in the Foundation Establishment Plane.

Only his cultivation had not yet been elevated to the Complete Foundation Plane!

No wonder Kong Guang had the confidence that he would seize first place at the battle forum.

Conversely, Kong Guang also had a look of surprise in his eyes at that time.

The Little Master-Uncle’s reflex was unbelievably quick.

In the past, even Senior Brother Jiang Liuyun had not been able to escape this one move of his.


“Peacock’s tail, open wide!”

Kong Guang did not give Chen Jingzhai a chance, as the giant peacock opened its tail feathers like a fan.

On the tail feathers, patterns that resembled eyeballs appeared with brilliance.

The light was colorful and extremely unusual.

Kong Guang raised his hand and aimed at Chen Jingzhai. “Peacock light, rapid blasts!”

The eyeball pattern on the tail feathers suddenly burst out with colorful sword lights that were so dense they were like a rain of arrows.

They covered the area Chen Jingzhai was in, piercing through the void as if to poke holes in Chen Jingzhai like a sieve.

Chen Jingzhai’s expression changed slightly, and without any hesitation, the Great Heaven Mirror appeared in front of him.

The palm-sized Great Heaven Mirror instantly expanded to ten feet in height.

The peacock light from the tail feathers shot out, all of which hit the Great Heaven Mirror’s surface.

What no one expected was that the mirror’s surface remained unscathed, and the peacock lights were reflected back.

A massive amount of the peacock light reflected back to Kong Guang.

The entire Eight Trigrams Platform was immediately covered by these interspersed colorful lights.

It looked extremely dazzling, but there were hidden dangers as well.

Kong Guang’s face darkened slightly. He did not expect that the magic treasure wielded by the Little Master-Uncle could withstand the peacock light.

It was true that though there was a massive amount of peacock light, its power was only at the level of spiritual items.

Therefore, it was no wonder that the magic treasure was not damaged, especially considering the magic treasure in the hands of the Little Master-Uncle was at the level of Advanced Grade 3.

However, the reflected light from the Great Heaven Mirror was something he had never imagined.

Could it be that a mirror was actually his nemesis?

A reluctant Kong Guang took direct control of the peacock light to eliminate the colorful lights that were reflected back at him.

Then, a gorgeous sword appeared in his hand.

With his left hand working the sword seal, his fingers moved up and down on the sword as a faint spiritual light emerged from the sword itself.

More than that, the aura of his body had spread to the peacock, which endowed the peacock with a little more inspiration.

“Gather!” Kong Guang let out a great shout as he pointed the tip of his sword at Chen Jingzhai.

The peacock light was instantly mobilized and focused on the tip of his sword.

A large amount of peacock light gathered before it washed toward Chen Jingzhai. Those tiny sword lights now turned into a great beam of light.

Facing such terrifying peacock light, Chen Jingzhai responded with a mere smile, not at all panicked.

The spiritual power was transmitted into the Great Heaven Mirror as he activated the Restriction inside the mirror.

Then, a light flew out of the mirror, not unlike a small needle, which directly broke through the beam of light.

Following the beam of light, the light from the mirror reversed its direction and aimed solely at Kong Guang.

Kong Guang did not expect that the light from the mirror could be so domineering that even the beam of light gathered by the peacock light could not stop it in its tracks.

In a moment of carelessness, the tip of the sword was hit by the mirror light and brushed past Kong Guang’s face as it rushed to the protective Restriction of the Eight Trigrams Platform.

As a result, three layers of the protective Restriction were breached, as a shallow pit appeared at the place of impact.

The magic treasure robe that Kong Guang was wearing had automatically blocked the remaining power of the light from the mirror.

But even just that slightest contact had affected the Restriction on the robe.

While Kong Guang was still stunned by what was happening, and before he had time to react, a massive beam of light was already reflected back at him.

Just as it was about to hit, the gigantic peacock in the air automatically shrank to about two-thirds of its original size.

Then, the peacock fully opened its tail fan and blocked Kong Guang.

Although the light was blocked out, the peacock also sustained considerable damage.

“Stop, stop, stop!”

Seeing that Chen Jingzhai was going to continue the offensive, Kong Guang immediately shouted, “I submit!”

“On the Eight Trigrams Platform, it is forbidden to admit defeat!” Chen Jingzhai gave a small smile. “This is just a warm-up. Why do you want to leave in such a hurry? Let’s have a good time.”

“Master-Uncle’s magic treasure completely blocked my style of combat, so it is meaningless to continue the fight.” Kong Guang shook his head. “It’s true that one is forbidden to admit defeat on the Eight Trigrams Platform, but it is not forbidden for me to leave.”

When he finished speaking, he took a step forward. Then, as the peacock dissipated, he too appeared outside the Eight Trigrams Platform.

The jade token flew out, and the light of Restriction instantly wrapped around Kong Guang and took him back.

Everyone was a little speechless. However, they did not object to such an outcome.

“Senior brother, if you kept going, you would have won!” Shen Yurong said unhappily.

“You are wrong,” Kong Guang explained with resignation. “Apart from the magic treasure that restrained me, Master-Uncle’s spiritual power is also extremely mighty, not much less than my own. If we continue to fight, I am afraid the result would be difficult to tell even if we fight for three days and three nights. If the Master-Uncle unleashed the real power of the magic treasure, I would have already lost.”

“Indeed.” Wang Yao nodded. “Master-Uncle has a solid foundation, and with the help of a magic treasure, his prowess is not much different from yours and mine in reality. If we don’t have the strength that could decidedly crush our opponent, it’s really difficult to determine who’s the winner and loser.”

“Another few years, or even just until the next time, the Little Master-Uncle will be at the level of the eldest Senior Brother Jiang Liuyun,” Kong Guang said, not without a little melancholy. “At that time, even if I have successfully completed the Foundation Establishment Plane, I will not be able to beat the Little Master-Uncle.”

“That couldn’t be!” Shen Yurong was stunned by his statement.

She admired Jiang Liuyun the most because she felt the eldest senior brother was the most outstanding figure among their generation of peers in the clan.

She didn’t expect Senior Brother Kong to compare the Master-Uncle with Senior Brother Jiang Liuyun.

“You haven’t come to that realization yet?

“Little Master-Uncle has not demonstrated his true strength yet.

“On the other hand, Tian Feng, Qiao Haisheng, and you have all demonstrated the same amount of strength.

“He is very good at concealment. Without an exchange, no one can really understand the depth of Master-Uncle’s power.”

Kong Guang stared thoughtfully at Chen Jingzhai, who was on the Eight Trigrams Platform, calibrating his breathing and recovering his spiritual power.

Initially, he thought that the Little Master-Uncle and Shen Yurong were about the same in strength.

He was even secretly displeased when the Master-Uncle did not leave him for the last challenge.

Now it seemed that the Master-Uncle was a lot deeper than met the eye.

Of course, he did not exert all his strength in the fight that just took place, but neither did the Little Master-Uncle.

The Little Master-Uncle was good at concealing his strength and was fond of seeking out his opponent’s weaknesses while fighting, especially when the Little Master-Uncle employed the Great Heaven Mirror while Kong Guang was the challenger.

At first, he thought that it was because the Little Master-Uncle’s strength was lacking, so he had to resort to using magic treasure.

He didn’t expect that it was the Master-Uncle’s attempt to find his weakness.

When he thought of the Master-Uncle using the mirror to reflect the sword light, Kong Guang’s mind became extremely disquieted.

“Is he using different strengths for different opponents?” Shen Yurong’s expression changed slightly.

But when she thought a little more about it, that really seemed to be the case.

For the disciples in the Beginning Foundation Plane, Chen Jingzhai used spells on all of them.

For the disciples in the Intermediate Foundation Plane, Chen Jingzhai used double swords to fend off his opponents.

For the disciples in the Advanced Foundation Plane, Chen Jingzhai used the Five Bamboo Sword and the Great Heaven Mirror.

But Chen Jingzhai used different strategies for different disciples in the Advanced Foundation Plane, and the strengths that he displayed varied as well.

When he dealt with Li Yifei, he used formation against formation.

When he dealt with Qiao Haisheng, he used the illusion technique to target the opponent’s consciousness.

When he dealt with her, he used the destructive force of the five elements.

Master-Uncle seemed to have endless strategies, and each time he made a move, he was able to use his opponent’s weaknesses.

“This is a good thing,” Zhao Qinghe said thoughtfully. “This is Master-Uncle’s way of trying to teach us.”

“That’s right.” Qiao Haisheng nodded. “I already know my weaknesses, so next, I will try my best to overcome them, striving for my own improvement so that no one can use them against me.”

“That’s exactly it.” Kong Guang smiled and nodded. “Since I understand that the magic treasure mirror can restrain my sword light, I will have to develop more strategies in the future.”

“Senior brother could have used sword vapor. And clearly, you haven’t even used the sword’s will yet.” Shen Yurong shook her head.

“Sword vapor is useless. Its power has not yet elevated above the level of spiritual item, so it is impossible to inflict any damage on the Little Master-Uncle.” Kong Guang shook his head. “Even if you use the sword’s will, you are still unable to get to him with one sword because the Master-Uncle has comprehended the Dharma Intent.”

“That’s it!” Qiao Haisheng nodded but was thinking back to his own experience.

He let out the intrinsic sword vapor, as well as inspired a trace of the sword’s spirit in its basic form. The purpose was to try to break free from the Little Master-Uncle’s spell.

In fact, if it weren’t for the superficial Dharma Intent of the spell, it would have been very difficult for him to break free.

So, was it because the Little Master-Uncle decided to go easy on him?

Qiao Haisheng sighed silently, feeling a little ashamed.

When everyone was talking, another jade token lit up.

After everyone saw it, they were stunned. Then, all of them looked at Jiang Youning strangely.

“Is this how the Little Master-Uncle takes special care of Junior Brother Jiang?” Shen Yurong asked.

No one spoke. Everyone, including Jiang Youning, directed their attention to the Eight Trigrams Platform.

On the Eight Trigrams Platform, Wang Yao appeared in front of Chen Jingzhai.

“Does the Master-Uncle think that Junior Brother Jiang Youning is stronger than me?” Wang Yao asked with an inscrutable face.

“That’s not it!” Chen Jingzhai said with a smile. “I just wanted to learn from disciple nephew Wang.”

“Master-Uncle can say that, but I don’t believe it.” Wang Yao looked at him. “It doesn’t matter either way. Anyway, I can watch the battle between Master-Uncle and Junior Brother Jiang Youning later. At this moment, I myself am itching for a good fight.”

Disciples of the sword branches mostly wanted to fight against other powerful opponents.

Previously, he thought that only Kong Guang could be his opponent, but he did not expect that geniuses would emerge everywhere.

Qiao Haisheng aside, even Zhang Kui and Shen Yurong’s fights were extremely unforgettable to him.

Aside from them, the person that most attracted Wang Yao’s attention was Chen Jingzhai.

Among the disciples of the Spot Star lineage, Senior Brother Jiang Liuyun was the one who took first place last time.

This time, as Jiang Liuyun’s junior brother, Wang Yao, didn’t want to lose either.

In the end, he lost on the piece concerning the Zhengdu battle.

The Little Master-Uncle was a step ahead and won first place in the Zhengdu battle.

Initially, Wang Yao was unconvinced and even wanted to challenge Chen Jingzhai.

But the more Chen Jingzhai fought, the more he was unable to fathom Chen Jingzhai’s depth.

After Chen Jingzhai defeated Qiao Haisheng, Wang Yao no longer dared to underestimate him.

At this moment, Wang Yao completely acknowledged Chen Jingzhai’s status as the Little Master-Uncle.

He was in a calm state of mind and would not be upset that he was challenged before Jiang Youning.

He just wanted to fight with Chen Jingzhai.

He was really curious as to what other means the Master-Uncle could have up his sleeves.

The Restriction was lifted, and the purple brilliance flashed in Wang Yao’s eyes.

The sword in his hand stabbed toward Chen Jingzhai.

A galaxy instantly descended from the heavens and swept toward Chen Jingzhai.

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