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Chapter 1007 - Chapter 1007: New mission (2)

Chapter 1007: New mission (2)

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“The Empress might be waiting for Emperor Red Kite’s response. Don’t worry,” Zhao Qinghe took a deep breath and said, ” I’m afraid that the Guanglong cosmos will not release the restrictions.

Guanglong universe was not considered peaceful. With the threat of Daluo-level powers on the outside and the various demon clans on the inside, celestial Empress might agree to send Taiyi godfiends over, but if she really released the restrictions to allow Immortals to come over, the consumption of Skynet teleportation alone would make one’s scalp numb.

“No matter what the result is, you should make your own plans.” Jiang Lin said, ‘ if there’s anything, just contact us directly. Don’t fight it by yourself. We will find a way to help you. Even if we can’t help, we can ask the venerable sovereign to see you. Remember, you’re not alone.

“i understand, senior brother.” Zhao Qinghe nodded and hung up after a short chat.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Qinghe still had no clue. He sent the true dragon pill to the Dragon horse avatar through the heavenly net. This was the vast universe, and with the help of the heavenly Dao net, even if the Dragon horse avatar was by ao Zhen’s side, he was not afraid of being discovered. Moreover, ao Zhen was currently in seclusion.

After swallowing the pill, the Dragon horse avatar immediately went into seclusion. It was not that easy to digest this pill, and it would take a certain amount of time. Zhao Qinghe, who originally wanted to go into seclusion, did not think much of it. After meeting with Celestial Emperor Red Kite, Zhao Qinghe began to patrol the properties of his sect, afraid that something would happen.

After that, Guanglong universe was peaceful.

Other than the immortals from the nearby universe coming over to trade at all times, Emperor Red Kite had also used many methods. With the help of a large numDer or neaven1Y soldiers ana generals, ne Degan to conter tne title or star God. He conferred the title of primordial Immortals and golden Immortals that belonged to the celestial Empress and the heavenly court. He did not even touch the primordial Immortals of sects like Zhao Qinghe.

Grand unity Immortals were in charge of the Galaxy, while golden Immortals were in charge of the planet. Just like that, the vast universe completely belonged to the heavenly court. Everything was done according to the heavenly court’s system and rules. Especially after the heavenly Dao net was spread, the entire vast universe became their base camp. Monarch Red Kite had already arranged for battleships to conduct drills and patrol outside.

In year 37530 of the eight barren calendar, Emperor Red Kite gained complete control of the vast universe and used his battleships to persuade the surrounding universes to form an alliance. The heavenly Dao net also silently appeared in the surrounding universes. The immortals here had obtained the heavenly net imprint but were unable to connect to the heavenly court, so they were not considered Immortals of the heavenly court.

They were only Immortals who had submitted to the universe, and they were connected to the Skynet content with Guanglong universe as the core. This was obviously the work of the heavenly court. In fact, celestial Empress had used her authority to grade the Skynet. The eight desolate universe was the first grade, and below it was the great Luo universe and the Taiyi universe.

in other words, the skynet content of the eight barren universe could only be seen by the immortals of the great luo universe that they had submitted to. the grand unity universe could not see it. there were no local immortals in the guanglong universe. they were all demons, and they had to select a few demon immortals to obtain the skynet imprint. the surrounding subsidiary universes also had no immortals, and they could only see the Skynet content of the guanglong universe through the skynet imprint.

In year 37550 of the octoterra calendar, Emperor Red Kite held a Skynet meeting. All Immortals at the Golden immortal realm and above participated. During the meeting, Emperor Red Kite read out the Empress’s decision and personnel arrangements. To Zhao Qinghe’s surprise, he was actually promoted. Although he was only a rank two, he was now responsible for contacting and trading with the Dragon race.

it was also at this time that he found out that you wanli had already made an agreement with the dragon race in the sage cosmos. for a long time in the future, the dragon race would stand with the heavenly court. as for the guanglong cosmos, although the dragon race would not interfere directly, they could still complete the transaction. ao Zhen would be the person in charge.

Zhao Qinghe had no reason to reject such an arrangement. What made him feel at ease was that the celestial Empress had not lifted the restrictions on the vast long universe. At least for now, the immortals of the heavenly court could not come to the vast long universe at any time. The entire vast long universe was still managed by a team led by Emperor Red Kite.

after the meeting ended, Zhao qinghe was asked to stay behind. other than him, the grand unity immortals of the other immortal sects and dao sects were also present.

the Dragon race wants the warship’s refinement method, ” Emperor Red Kite said with a calm expression. you Wanli has already used the warship’s refinement method to exchange for a batch of Dragon-type materials and resources. In addition, we have also established contact with the Crimson life Dao Palace. You will need to make a trip to the Crimson life Dao Palace.

“How?” Zhao Qinghe asked with a frown.

The Scarlet life Dao Palace was extremely far away from the vast expanse cosmos. Even if a grand unity God flew at full speed, it would still take several thousand years. Even if they used a large battleship, it wouldn’t be much faster. Thus, this was a difficult task. Who knew what the Scarlet life Dao Palace’s attitude would be? ao Zhen had said that the Scarlet life Dao Palace belonged to the human race’s Saint universe.

we’ve traded a batch of Star Stones, and they will be sent over through the

Grand illusionary array, ” Emperor Red Kite said. my clone will bring you there. Five of the ten great immortal sects must come, and Zhao Qinghe must also have a clone. In total, there will be seven. The other immortal sects and Daoist sects will send two, so nine will be enough.

The Crimson life Dao Palace was a top zenith heaven power in the eight

desolates universe. It was established by human Immortals, so the heavenly court would not let go of this opportunity to contact them. Although you Wanli was doing well in the Saint universe and could trade many items, the Saint universe of the human race was the most important.

It would be for the best if they could obtain the right and method to enter the Saint’s universe from the Scarlet life Dao Palace. At the very least, they had to be on good terms with the Scarlet life Dao Palace. As such, the celestial Empress had to send the clone of monarch Red Kite. She would not be at ease if she handed it over to someone else. Thus, you Wanli had even sent over a teleportation array disc and a star stone.

Without much discussion, the specific number of grand unity Immortals was quickly determined. After picking a time, Emperor Red Kite activated the array disc, and Zhao Qinghe’s avatar entered it and disappeared. Zhao Qinghe was a little dumbfounded when he saw the array disc and the star stone turn to dust.

it’s a one-time use? ”

if it’s not a one-time thing, we won’t be able to afford it. ” emperor red kite sighed softly. ” compared to the top zenith heaven powers, we are still lacking in resources. even if we have a specific formation, it will be very difficult to set it up. the key is that star stones are hard to come by. we need to open up new business channels and obtain more resources. ‘

you wanli had paid a considerable price to send over the star stones and formation disks. although star stones were rare, they could still be sold. in the end, star stones were consumables that contained a lot of energy. however, formation disks were very rare and difficult to refine. one formation disk was equivalent to the price of a great luo immortal treasure.

This was only a small array disc. A large array disc was already a legendary item that only ancient forces could have. Moreover, every large array disc was refined by a Saint, so it was extremely difficult to obtain it. You Wanli had the chance, but what could he use to trade? Nothing would be suitable.

Fortunately, this time, in addition to the array disc, the specific array method had also been obtained. The heavenly court had also released the restrictions and allowed the array Masters of the array Department to study it. Immortal plum couldn’t help but be curious and began to study it in seclusion. In addition to the array method, you Wanli had also obtained a communication shell.

thinking of this, red kite took out a communication shell and handed it to Zhao qinghe. ” this time, we obtained a ten-inch communication shell, more than ten nine-inch communication shells, and hundreds of eight-inch communication shells. i’ll give this eight-inch communication shell to you. you must have a good conversation with ao Zhen and exchange contact information with him. ‘

“Alright!” as Zhao qinghe spoke, he took the communication shell and started refining it immediately.

The refining of the communication shell was very simple. He touched the shell with his immortal sense and wrapped the shell with immortal essence. In just a moment, Zhao Qinghe completely refined it and mastered the first communication shell in his life. He instantly understood some basic operations of the communication shell and put it away after playing with it for a while.

To be honest, the communication shell was not as rich and stable as the Skynet imprint. However, the Skynet imprint consumed too much energy and needed the help of the heavenly Dao net. If it was an unfamiliar universe or in extreme situations, the communication shell would be the best choice..

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