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Chapter 1006 - Chapter 1006: New mission (1)

Chapter 1006: New mission (1)

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Ao Zhen had gained a lot, and so had Zhao Qinghe. The restrictions of the Dragon race mostly relied on Dragon marks, which were also Dragon characters. Although ao Zhen did not teach them all, even one dragon character was a big gain for Zhao Qinghe. In the future, he could also obtain the complete inheritance from the Dragon horse avatar.

When it was their turn to chat, Zhao Qinghe naturally avoided talking about the battleship. Even though ao Zhen was very interested in it, Zhao Qinghe didn’t dare to talk about it. The battleship was an important weapon of the heavenly court and one of the Trump cards and foundations of the Luofu sect. If he revealed the secrets of the battleship, not to mention the heavenly court, even his fellow disciples would not let him off.

ao Zhen didn’t ask any further questions. he only knew some things about refining weapons and restrictions. Zhao qinghe didn’t care. as long as it didn’t involve the core issues, he was very generous. time passed quietly as the two discussed dao.

a few years later, Zhao qinghe went into seclusion to digest what he had learned from the dao discussion.

Zhao Qinghe, who was in seclusion, was not in a hurry to cultivate. Instead, he organized the relevant information and sent it to monarch Red Kite before sharing it with his fellow disciples.

congratulations, your plan has succeeded. Jiang Lin said with a smile.

it’s just the beginning. Zhao Qinghe was not so optimistic. it might not be a problem now that I’m with ao Zhen, but if I Enter the Dragon clan, I’m afraid there’s a risk of being seen through. My idea is to upgrade the Dragon horse as soon as possible. Only by successfully upgrading it to a Dragon can the difference in spirit souls be explained.

the spirit beast avatar technique completely digested and refined the spirit beast’s origin from its origin. in theory, there were no flaws, but there was some disharmony between the spirit souls. this was the biggest flaw. however, as long as the dragon horse avatar was given an opportunity, this problem could be perfectly resolved.

that’s simple, ” Jiang Lin said. I got a true dragon pill from the celestial

Empress. It was developed by the elixir Palace based on Dragon-type materials obtained from a trade. It can temper one’s bloodline and soul. You can give it to the Dragon-horse avatar to consume and further strengthen its bloodline while washing away traces.

“thank you, senior brother. you’re so thoughtful.” Zhao Qinghe heaved a sigh of relief.

“If you want to thank someone, then thank the Empress!” Jiang Lin shook his head. if it wasn’t for the Empress’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. The true dragon pill is very precious. This time, the Empress gave it to you for free. Her goal is very simple. She just wants information. We still know too little about the outside world.

“Is there anything new in the celestial heavens?” Zhao Qinghe received the pill bottle from Skynet and asked with a sigh of relief.

the information about Guanglong universe and the information you compiled have caused a quarrel between many parties. Shen Yurong said, ” many powers want to join Guanglong universe and conquer the surrounding universes. More importantly, the abominable big Luo has already come to Chen Lei’s side from the middle path. He will probably arrive at Guanglong universe in a few hundred years.

“What do they want to do?” Zhao Qinghe’s expression did not look good. it wasn’t easy for us to open up the situation in Guanglong cosmos.

it’s no use, ” chen fuxiao interrupted him and said in a low voice. ” it’s thought that it’s natural for guanglong universe to open up the situation. this universe was obtained by you wanli’s trade. you’re only going to receive it. it’s normal to open up the situation. the key is that everyone has been provoked by the nearby universe. ‘

For more than ten years after they took over Guanglong universe, the heavenly court and the heavenly net had quarrels. All forces were eager to go to Guanglong universe to drink and eat. They couldn’t just watch the allheaven immortal sect and the Luofu sect eat. As for the information compiled by Zhao Qinghe, it was also one of their excuses.

This time, the ten great immortal sects were the ones who jumped the most. They had no other choice. Ever since the Empress thoroughly investigated the matter of exterminating the immortal sects and Dao sects through the matter of the reincarnation underworld, the ten great immortal sects had become the leaders of the various immortal sects and Dao sects. They all stood on the side of the ten great immortal sects to protect themselves.

This time, the ten great immortal sects did not obtain much benefits and benefits in Guanglong universe. Naturally, they were unwilling to accept this. Using the excuse of contacting other zenith heaven universes, they hoped that the heavenly court would send more primordial Immortals and golden Immortals over to deal with the possible adverse situation in the future, including protecting Guanglong universe.

Not only did they want to come, but they also wanted to come quickly and in large numbers. They didn’t want to be restricted and restricted by the heavenly court. Because of this, the ten immortal sects led the immortal sects and Daoist sects to fight and argue constantly. Even on the heavenly net, a large number of Immortals wanted to come. They didn’t want to get a share of the loot, but they wanted to make a contribution to the heavenly court.

“What’s the venerable sovereign’s attitude?” Zhao Qinghe asked. He was either in closed-door cultivation or drinking with ao Zhen. He also had to take time to sort out his clone, so he really didn’t notice these things.

that’s where the trouble lies. The Empress hasn’t expressed her opinion, “Shen Yurong said dejectedly. if the Empress really lets go of the restrictions and makes Guanglong universe the new base, you’ll have to be prepared on your side. You can’t hand over the benefits to others.

over the years, the luofu sect’s industry in guanglong universe had developed rapidly. under the banner of the heavenly court, it could be said that it was on par with the development of the allheaven immortal pavilion. now that the luofu sect had a large enterprise, immortals in all aspects had to consume a large amount of resources. the successful arrangement of the industry in guanglong universe could be said to be a blessing.

Therefore, no matter what the reason was, the Luofu sect did not want the top ten immortal sects to really open up the vast universe. If they did, the immortals from the various immortal sects and Daoist sects would swarm in and easily break the balance, causing the Luofu sect’s interests to be damaged. However, they could do nothing now..

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