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Chapter 1004 - Chapter 1004: Dragon horse (1)

Chapter 1004: Dragon horse (1)

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Ao Zhen was very happy to see Zhao Qinghe. He was not short of good wine now. Jiang Lin’s wine was up at the moon Pavilion and could be purchased as long as he had enough essence Qi coins or heavenly court immortal coins. To the rich dragon race, this was nothing. Therefore, he had been drinking for the past five years.

“How do you feel?” Zhao Qinghe didn’t take out any wine. He just sat opposite him and asked with a smile, ” do you have any new understanding of the heavenly court? ”

“Of course, it’s a pleasant surprise.” Ao Zhen nodded and laughed. I love watching the battles in the starry sky Arena. There are battles almost every day, and it’s very refreshing. It’s just that it’s very rare to encounter high-quality battles, which is a pity. Of course, it would be even better if I could publish my video.

“You should be able to understand. After all, you’re not one of us.” Zhao Qinghe said, ” the existence of Skynet makes it easy for knowledge and ideas to spread. A lot of content is monitored and managed. Not only you, but we will also be warned if we spout nonsense. Even if it’s just a joke, we will be punished.

“It’s very strict, so I didn’t complain.” Ao Zhen nodded with a smile. He was indeed very curious about the heavenly court and had made some tests on the Skynet. He had thought that the heavenly court would not mind. After all, how could such a large force not have loopholes? however, reality had slapped his face.

The heavenly court was not only powerful, but also very strict. Even on an open platform like Skynet, it was not so easy to express his own opinions. His various tests were like the tricks of a clown. Other than being funny, it did not make people laugh, so he had stopped testing.

Not only that, he had a clear sense of the heavenly court and he could sense the threat it posed. Therefore, he had already sent the relevant information back to the dragon clan. The dragon clan had already given him new instructions to make friends with this new power. He would not make an enemy of this power for a long time to come.

Zhao Qinghe noticed his attitude, so he smiled naturally and continued, ” then, are you interested in trying our food? ”

“Of course.” Ao Zhen’s eyes lit up. to be honest, I never thought that there would be so many types of wine and food could be so delicious. I heard that everything in the world can be eaten. This is something I’ve never heard of before, especially cooking skills. I’ve never even thought about it. It’s simply an art.

He had tasted many delicacies, but Immortals rarely had a desire for good food.

Those who liked to drink simply liked to drink. However, this time, Imperial Emperor Red Kite had brought Immortals over, and there were Immortals who had entered the Dao through cooking. His goal was to use them to break the barrier and strengthen their relationship. Who knew that Zhao Qinghe would be so outstanding?

Zhao Qinghe brought ao Zhen to the battleship. The immortal chef had already prepared a large table of dishes, which looked very heavy, but it was nothing compared to the Dragon race’s appetite. Zhao Qinghe asked the immortal chef to prepare 100 tables for ao Zhen to eat to his heart’s content. He also ate and drank while chatting with ao Zhen.

I’ve already told you everything I need to know. I also know about the forces around your team. What else do you want to know? ” Ao Zhen looked at him curiously.

we want to make a deal with the Dragon Tribe. Zhao Qinghe smiled. we want to maintain a long-term and stable deal. However, this time, we’re not representing the heavenly court but the Luofu sect. We’re also not looking for the Dragon Tribe. We’re looking for brother ao. I wonder if brother ao is interested in this.

After he said that, he opened the Skynet and listed the goods that the Luofu sect had sold. Ao Zhen didn’t care at first. Even if it was just a deal with him, not everyone had the qualifications to do so, let alone just any force. However, when ao Zhen saw the light warships that the Luofu sect was selling, he immediately became interested.

“You’re even selling warships?” He asked in surprise.

it’s just a light warship, so there aren’t many restrictions. Zhao Qinghe nodded slightly and said with a smile, ” I think you can give it a try. We Taiyi can indeed travel around the universe, but how is flying by ourselves the same as flying by a warship? It’s also good to have your own warship, or to build your own warship team.”

“it’s indeed very good.” Ao Zhen couldn’t help but nod.

In fact, in addition to being infatuated with the heavenly net, he had also been drooling over the warships of the celestial heavens. Unfortunately, Red Kite didn’t care about him at all, so his proposal to buy the warship didn’t work. Red Kite clearly stated that the warship was not for sale, but seeing his good attitude, he still took him to the warship to have some fun.

The result was terrible. Ao Zhen clearly felt a shiver. This meant that the battleship had the possibility of killing him. Even if it was just a very dangerous possibility, it still scared ao Zhen. In addition, he was personally piloting the battleship. He would probably never forget that feeling for the rest of his life.

if it’s really free to trade, I’d even want a light warship. Ao Zhen said bluntly,

“as for our long-term deal, it’s better to put it aside. It’s not that I don’t think highly of it, but I have a better choice in the Saint universe. Between us, only battleships can be traded.

“That’s fine too,” Zhao Qinghe smiled and nodded.

In fact, he had no intention of convincing ao Zhen from the start. From you

Wanli’s feedback, ao Zhen did not have much power at all. The reason why Zhao Qinghe said that was only to test the waters. His goal was to promote the warship and pull ao Zhen in through the warship trade.

Without a doubt, he had succeeded..

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