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Chapter 1003 - Chapter 1003: Surrounding influence (2)

Chapter 1003: Surrounding influence (2)

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Chen Lei’s expedition Army was in the southwest. To the West was the high mountain Alliance, which occupied five great Luo-level universes. To the

North was the celestial worthy fortress, to the northeast was the celestial circle Palace, and to the southeast was the Crimson fate Daoist Palace.

This was only a rough estimate. In fact, the nearest high mountain Alliance would need to fly for more than a thousand years to reach the vast expanse cosmos at the speed of a large battleship. The vast expanse cosmos was previously occupied by the Dragon race. The Dragon race was located in the southeast, which was right in the area of influence of the Crimson life Dao Palace.

It seemed that the Dragon race’s power was the furthest away in Guanglong universe. No wonder they would trade it. It seemed like there was no future for development. After all, if they wanted to expand, they would have to be hostile to other powers. It was not worth it.

However, this was not a bad thing for the heavenly court. The heavenly court’s goal had always been to contain all the universes. They did not enter the

Guanglong universe just for this universe. Instead, they wanted to use it as a Foundation to start a new expedition.

Zhao Qinghe and ao Zhen drank for more than ten days before leaving. He sorted out the information and intelligence he had obtained from ao Zhen and immediately reported it to Emperor Red Kite. On the same day, Emperor Red Kite called for a meeting that only Taiyi gods and demons could attend.

During the meeting, Zhao Qinghe shared all the relevant information. In addition, Emperor Red Kite also took out a more detailed report on the surrounding primordial unity and golden immortal forces.

It turned out that after Red Kite arrived in Guanglong universe, he had used his avatar to search for information. Her red dust avatar could split into thousands of forms, cultivate many divine powers, and had a primordial immortal treasure to protect her body. Thus, she had a clear understanding of the surrounding situation.

However, the time was too short, so he had only heard some news and collected some intelligence, which were all at the primordial unity and golden immortal level. There were few at the zenith heaven level, and the nearby universes only belonged to a certain zenith heaven universe in name.

During the meeting, Emperor Hong Luan and the other grand unity godfiends had a discussion and sent the information they had gathered to the celestial Empress. Following that, they went according to the plan and contacted the surrounding forces to strive for the moon Pavilion’s expansion as soon as possible.

After the meeting ended, Zhao Qinghe returned to his palace. He opened the group chat and talked to everyone about the meeting. At the same time, he shared the information he had gathered and answered some of their questions.

“From what celestial Empress is saying, Guanglong cosmos might become the first stronghold of the Expeditionary Army in the future, but that will have to wait until the future. At the very least, they’ve taken down a great overarching golden immortal-level force.” Tian Feng said, ” unfortunately, the venerable sovereign is still in seclusion.

it’s the heavenly court’s first time in Guanglong universe, so they naturally can’t resort to military tactics. That would cause everyone to panic. Jiang Lin nodded slightly and said, ” it’s indeed a good idea to promote the principle of fair and just transactions and build a neutral organization with business as the core.

Before the venerable sovereigns came out of seclusion, the heavenly court was not so confident. There was no need to make enemies as they were new here. Information was the most important. As long as they understood the situation around them, they would have a choice and would be able to hit the target.

Compared to conquering these universes by force, Jiang Lin was more concerned about the true strength of the Daluo-level factions. However, at the moment, neither Zhao Qinghe nor Emperor Red Kite had detailed information about them. They did not even know how many Daluo-level factions there were. More importantly, they had not been integrated into the factions! “What do we do next?” Zhao Qinghe asked.

‘ keep up the normal pace, ” said kong guang. ” chat and drink more with ao zhen. if he wants to find out more about the heavenly court, you can reveal some information. there’s no need to hide it. ‘

that’s right. Chen fuxiao nodded. even if you don’t show your sincerity, even if you exchange information, you can still secretly carry out your plan if you maintain this friendship, You can only act when the Guanglong universe is stable.

Everyone chimed in and quickly calmed Zhao Qinghe down. It was the stage of getting to know each other. There was no need to do anything unnecessary. Zhao Qinghe listened to everyone and reflected on himself. He felt a little anxious.

The main reason was that he had been provoked. At first, he had thought that since the eight desolate universe was so powerful, there would be several big Luo powers. But now, it seemed that there were many big Luo powers in the universe field, which really made him feel pressured.

“Brother Zhao, don’t overthink it.” Jiang Lin seemed to have noticed that something was wrong and said, ” not to mention that venerable sovereigns are Masters of the Universe and have unfathomable magical powers, you Wanli’s side is enough to stop the various forces from making any moves.

“I just, probably, feel that we’re too small.” Zhao Qinghe wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead and smiled bitterly, ” the universe zone is only so big, but it takes thousands of years to fly between the various forces, not to mention the bigger and more exciting universe countries. We are really frogs in the well.

“even a frog at the bottom of a well can jump out of the well. it’s all thanks to little uncle-master.” Shen Yurong said, ” let’s just follow in little uncle-master’s footsteps. The heavenly court has been around for less than 40000 years and it already has its current power. What are you afraid of? ”

“Not bad!” everyone nodded in unison, even Zhao qinghe.

they had seen the vastness of the universe and understood how unbelievable it was for the heavenly court to reach its current state. if chen jingzhai was not the master of the universe, there would not be the universe today, let alone the vastness of the universe they had seen today.

Zhao qinghe’s beating heart calmed down. after the group meeting ended, he started to act according to his own pace. his main goal was to spread his sect’s disciples in guanglong universe and purchase the sect’s property.

Ao Zhen didn’t disturb him when he was busy. He lived a free life and learned more about the heavenly court. He even knew about Skynet and saw Skynet teleportation. He was amazed.

for this reason, ao Zhen had sought out emperor red kite to obtain the skynet. unfortunately, ao Zhen was not an immortal from the eight desolates universe, so it was impossible for him to obtain the skynet. even emperor red kite was unable to help him. ao Zhen did not try to make things difficult for him. emperor red kite’s attitude explained everything. he was not angry, only curious.

In the end, for some unknown reason, he found a golden immortal heavenly general to read the Skvnet’s content with his heavenlv arm in the Dalace where

Emperor Red Kite worked. The Golden immortal heavenly general had no choice but to do as he was told.

Even so, the Golden immortal heavenly general only gave a selective introduction. For example, there was the starry sky Arena, the Skynet battle platform, and many videos. These were enough to make one dazed. As for other information, it definitely couldn’t be leaked.

time flew by, and five years had passed.

In these five years, monarch Red Kite had gained quite a bit. She had also taken complete control of Guanglong universe with the heavenly troops and generals on the battleship. The powers in the universe were either destroyed or roped in. The heavenly Dao’s net was successfully fully spread in the third year.

In this way, the communication between the heavenly court and the vast expanse universe was more convenient. The full moon Tower had opened throughout the entire vast expanse universe in two years. In the past five years, with the help of ao Zhen, Emperor Red Kite had also contacted the other powers of the universe. Of course, there was not a single great Luo level universe. They were all at the primordial or golden immortal level.

Thanks to monarch Red Kite’s methods, the name and power of Guanglong universe, as well as the content of their trade with the Dragon race, were quickly spread by the good reputation of fair trade. Immortals from other universes within the range of Guanglong universe’s radiation came over.

This result was a result of his hard work. This young man from the Dragon race had to take a golden immortal heavenly General’s video every day. Only a few people could watch the video because the heavenly court had blocked the news. Otherwise, it would have set off a huge wave in the eight desolate universe.

After all, ao Zhen was a true dragon of the dragon clan. He had a lot of money in his pocket, and any bit of it was enough to benefit people greatly. However, the content of ao Zhen’s videos on Skynet had been reviewed, and so far, not many people had seen it.

Zhao Qinghe’s side was also very smooth. The people who came with him were all veterans in the sect and knew about business and publicity. These people were all compensated by Jiang Lin, and he helped to come up with ideas at his own pace. Five years passed in a flash and he did not feel much.

five years later, Zhao qinghe had nothing to do. he took out another jar of wine and went to chat with ao zhen..

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