I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Robert’s Invitation

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The next day, Jiang Chen woke up when the first ray of sunshine shone into the room.

He looked at the EP. When the EP was not fully deployed, the appearance was similar to a classy but odd looking watch.


User Name: Jiang Chen

Muscle Strength: 25

Bone Strength: 27

Reflex: 29

Brain Cell Strength: 14


The three body conditions increased by one or two points, and that concluded the full potential of the gene vaccine. Any additional improvements would have to come from working out or more advanced medication. Sun Jiao’s ridiculous numbers were the result of near death experiences that triggered more potential from the gene vaccine. Sun Jiao and Jiang Chen both used the standard type of gene vaccine, but he could only reach her numbers in Fury mode. It was not too hard to imagine the danger she must have had to face.

He closed his EP and looked at the sleeping Liu Yao.

Jiang Chen didn’t wake her up and walked onto the balcony.

He leaned against the fence and breathed in the refreshing sea wind that was blowing into his face. He poured himself a cup of wine and waited for the sunrise.

Relaxing, calming, luxurious…

“What’s next? What have I not experienced?” He mumbled in deep thought.

After he had returned to this world, his mental state became more stable. The bloody scene faded from his heart, and he felt his sanity was back to normal again.

He sighed, he didn’t like the taste of wine, but he still took a sip.

“It’s not good for you to drink wine in the morning.”

“Oh? You are awake.” Jiang Chen paused slightly and turned around.

“Mhmm.” Liu Yao tidied her hair against the sea wind. She didn’t wear anything but was covered by a simple bathrobe. She looked quite graceful in the middle of the sea wind.

“Ok, why don’t you watch the sunrise with me.” He left the wine on the table beside him.

Liu Yao gracefully walked towards Jiang Chen and slightly leaned against him. The rising sun reflected a golden shadow on her beautiful face. Jiang Chen, who peaked at her, was stunned.

“Are you looking at me, or are you watching the sunrise?”

“Beauty, and the sunrise.” Jiang Chen smiled. His vision extended beyond the horizon.

“I don’t understand.”

“Hmm?” Liu Yao fixed her slightly messy hair.

“You are gorgeous and smart, but why are you not popular?” Jiang Chen cracked a smile. He saw the film <That Year>, and although it was to chase after the girl who didn’t end up liking him back, he still finished the movie.

The supporting actresses only had a few scenes to emphasize the supporting actor’s unfortunate existence. However, those scenes left deep impressions in Jiang Chen’s heart. Her acting was astonishing for a supporting actress.

“Beauties can also be unfortunate. Particularly for an unsupported person like me.” Liu Yao’s lip pursed slightly. It was a mockery of reality and a self-mockery. However, she still gazed at Jiang Chen with some expectation.

Jiang Chen didn’t continue the conversation. He saw the expectation in her eyes, but he didn’t want to respond.

Everyone has their tragedies, but that’s their story. Jiang Chen only wanted to touch the graceful and delicate chapters, not the sorrow-filled stories.

Live life to the fullest.

Even through the odd encounter with her, Jiang Chen was nobody in the crowded world.

Since it was a vacation, let’s just temporarily forget about life.


The electronic bell disrupted Jiang Chen’s peace. He lazily turned over the iPad terminal.

“Who is this?” Jiang Chen opened the front camera. It was Bruce’s fully mustached face.

“My dear friend, did you forget about me in just one night?” Bruce’s humorously accused. His fluent Han always shocked Jiang Chen.

“Haha, of course not. Let me open the door for you.” Jiang Chen closed the terminal and put on his slippers.

“Your friend?” Liu Yao looked at the white male on the iPad with curiosity.

“Business partner I guess?” Jiang Chen shrugged. Liu Yao kept her mouth closed. In her eyes, Jiang Chen was an elite that attended an international gathering. It would be rude of her to ask more questioned. However, what she didn’t know was that the guy was only a mercenary, and no business would happen until later.

Jiang Chen was good at making people think too much.

“Smart People” always saved him the trouble of explaining things.

“Do you need me to leave?”

“No… but, why don’t you go check out from your hotel and put your luggage here.” Jiang Chen said with a naughty smile. “You won’t have any chances to go back.”

Jiang Chen decided it was better for Liu Yao to not be present.

These rooms always prepared extra clothes for the wealthy. However, no one bothered to wear the clothes they provided.

To Jiang Chen’s surprise, there was actual business for him.

“My old friend, aren’t you a bodyguard for the Saudi Prince? What brings you here?” Jiang Chen took a waft of Bruce’s cigar.

“Hehe.” Bruce hesitated for a moment but soon cut straight to the chase. “My ex-employer overheard our conversation yesterday. He’s interested in you and wants me to make a formal introduction. ”

“Oh?” Jiang Chen was caught off guard. [Does he want to hire me?] He didn’t want to carry an assault rifle to a military hotspot to fight wars. He had better business to do. “I don’t want to ruin my vacation here.”

“I think you are misunderstanding the situation,” Bruce read the uncertainty in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He took a breath and then blew a ring. Then in a genuine voice, he began, “Roberts Smith is a respectable middleman. He is in the crude oil and gold business. He once hired me in Iraq. Quite a nice fellow. He came here to attend the gathering of an old customer, and he is now living in the presidential suite on the seventh floor.”

“Gold?” Jiang Chen eyes lit up. [Looks like I must see him.]

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