I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Liu Yao

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A gathering of this caliber obviously would attract the attention of other tourists. They could only look from afar under the close watch of security. A lot of fan girls screamed when they saw the muscular Dwayne Johnson. However, the elites all left with their female companion, under the protection of their bodyguards, .

People who attended the dinner were obviously either rich or important. This became an obvious target for girls who were looking for sugar daddy. It would be life changing if they managed to create something romantic here.

The opportunity always existed. Some of the celebrities actually preferred these types of girls. There was even an event that made national news consisting of these celebrities.

Sheraton didn’t make too much of an commotion over these people. They allowed pretty looking girls to enter the hotel even if they lived elsewhere.

If the place was too orderly, where would the fun be?

“Hi, handsome. Are you by yourself?” A beauty with the most pleasant smile casually flirted with Jiang Chen. She was wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses and a simple bikini.

The elegant curves of her breasts were at least a D cup. Her delicate and thin waist matched with her long and flawless legs, and slightly curled hairstyle gave her vibe that was both pure and graceful. She was no doubt sexy, but who knew if her breasts were real? Or if she was actually pure on the inside?

“Indeed I am alone. Is there anything I can help you with, beauty?” Jiang Chen gazed at her dazzling smile and smiled as well. He had no moral grounds to hold back. If the possibility of a one night stand presented itself, he would not resist the offer.

“Of course, I am missing a male companion to enjoy the beach with.” The beauty sensed that there was an opportunity and a confident smile appeared on her face. She strutted towards Jiang Chen and then leaned into him.

With a light but hot and seductive breathe, Jiang Chen felt a rush of desire into his abs.

“Oh? That’s perfect then. My mansion at the beach also lacks the presence of a female companion.” Jiang Chen approached the beauty’s ear and whispered.

The warm breath of air and the explosive news made the beauty gasp in shock. Sheraton’s beach mansion cost at least twenty to thirty thousand a day. When she discovered she hit the jackpot, she immediately became more enthusiastic. She hopped energetically beside Jiang Chen and grabbed him by the arm.

“Excellent, can you show me your mansion?” Her pristine eyes portrayed her as an innocent girl, as her pair of boobs “accidentally” pressed against Jiang Chen’s arm. She had a kind of pureness to her attraction.

Her soft and sweet voice made Jiang Chen want to eat her on the spot.

“My name is Jiang Chen, may I ask what your name is, beauty?” With chivalry, Jiang Chen hugged the graceful figure and smiled.

“Liu Yao. I don’t know if you have watched <That Year> before, but I am the supporting actress in it.” Liu Yao seductively and gently breathed on Jiang Chen’s ear’s most sensitive spot and grazed her teeth against it. Her eyes were like a crest, “you can call me Yaoyao.”

Teen dramas have been quite popular in recent years. Low production costs along with high reception rates made this genre of films fill every screen across the country. Although in Jiang Chen’s teenage years there was no abortion, leaving the country or someone dying made up the majority of these film’s plotlines. Jiang Chen was also not necessarily interested in the unrealistic scenarios, but he still went to a movie with a university classmate he had a crush on.

Something interesting to note was that by the end of the date, Jiang Chen didn’t even manage to hold the girl’s hand.

“The busty but innocent looking math class representative Chen Lele? That’s a shame. There were only a few seconds for such an attractive character.” He glanced at the massive pair of boobs and smiled. He would never tell Liu Yao that he went to see the movie with a female classmate and even masturbated to it before. “I’ll call you Lele. I prefer this name better.”

The name Yaoyao belonged to an adorable girl.

Liu Yao without a clue smiled and followed Jiang Chen to the mansion at the beach.

When they stepped through the door, her delightful figure was immediately pressed against Jiang Chen’s body. Liu Yao proactively offered her seductive lips.

He felt her impressive breasts push up against his chest as well as her flirtatious tongue dancing in his mouth. Jiang Chen’s repressed desire was reignited.

Liu Yao was skillful in knowing a man’s sensitive spots, and she used her gentle hands to push Jiang Chen to his emotional climax. It was a fantastic time to have sex with an experienced woman as they knew all the weaknesses. They will proactively attack those weaknesses and lead the way to happiness.

Also, responsibility was never an issue afterward.

“Lele, let’s shower together.” Jiang Chen’s heavy breathing resonated beside Liu Yao’s ear. His annoying clothing had long been removed by Liu Yao’s teasing touch.

“Student Jiang Chen, you have to be respectful.” With his warm and firm muscles, Liu Yao also felt a little wet. However, she suddenly frowned and “rejected” Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was confused as he didn’t realize what she was doing. Though when he felt the warmth of her hands still on his body and saw her desire filled eyes, he immediately understood everything.

No wonder she is an actress. Although she was a third tier at best, her acting skills were superb.

With a smirk, Jiang Chen roughly grabbed Liu Yao and whispered into her ear, “this is not up to you, my math class representative.”

Water splashed again as the soothing hot spring became a steamy love bed.

As Lele was already in her bikini, there was no need to remove it. Liu Yao fiercely “resisted” against Jiang Chen’s attack, but at the same accepted his waves of thrust.

In the water; beside the hot tub; on the beach chair; those two left their battle marks everywhere.


“Did it feel nice?” Liu Yao laid comfortably on the bed like a gentle cat and gazed sweetly at Jiang Chen.

“You devil.” Jiang Chen jokingly cursed at her while he slapped her butt. His actions made her scorn.

The softness of the bed along with the soft melody whispered into his ears gently massaged his head. The occasional sea wind only made the moment more soothing.

What a time to be alive.

Jiang Chen exclaimed from the bottom of his heart.

“What do you think, student Jiang Chen, of the math class representative’s private tutor lesson? Are you satisfied?” Liu Yao gently joked, as she leaned towards Jiang Chen, with her chin resting on her palm.

It’s believed that women are more attractive from this angle.

“Extremely.” Jiang Chen gave her a warm smile and reached out to touch her delicate face.

Like fine porcelain, crafted to perfection.

“Am I beautiful?”

“You’re beautiful.” Jiang Chen answered honestly as he began to play with her fluffy hair.

“Where is your girlfriend?” Liu Yao, all of the sudden, changed the topic. A sign of ambition emerged from her gentle, watery eyes.

“In a different world.” It would be considered a different world no doubt if Sun Jiao was considered his girlfriend. Jiang Chen didn’t lie.

Except the words were interpreted differently by Liu Yao as the obvious explanation was she passed away. Jiang Chen’s identity all the sudden changed from a wealthy man seeking for a one night stand to a successful business man that just lost the love of his life. This ignited the desire in Liu Yao’s eyes.

With a slight sorrowful expression on her face, Liu Yao gently hugged Jiang Chen’s head and used her soft breasts to comfort his remorse spirit.

In her eyes, Jiang Chen’s silence was because of his lost.

Jiang Chen didn’t bother explaining. He quietly enjoyed Liu Yao’s small gestures as little Jiang Chen, who just finished a hard fought battle, began to show signs of life again.

Sensing Jiang Chen’s movement, Liu Yao understandingly smiled and tapped his chest with her finger. She stopped Jiang Chen from getting up.

“Leave it to me.” She enchantingly smiled and gracefully move her body before lowering her head.

After a long and tiring session, Liu Yao swallowed the fruit of victory in front Jiang Chen. She was delighted when she noticed Jiang Chen’s brief excitement at the act.

“Are you feeling better now?”

“Excellent. I feel like I am about to fly.” Jiang Chen exaggerated.

“Travelling by yourself is lonely right?” She took a napkin and wiped the edge of her mouth. She then resumed to rest on the spot and innocently shook out her long and seductive legs.

“Of course. No wonder a good vacation requires a beauty.” Jiang Chen satisfyingly stretched out his limbs.

“Do you want me to always be with you?” Liu Yao touchingly gazed at Jiang Chen.

“I have seven days of vacation. I hope you’ll be with me for those seven days.” Jiang Chen euphemistically but determinedly rejected Liu Yao.

He didn’t mind sharing a memorable experience with a supporting actress from the movie, but he would never accept her as one of his own. He didn’t have any moral codes to abide by, but it didn’t mean he was willing to accept.

Liu Yao paused for a moment before she awkwardly smiled. She didn’t insist. She knew too well the certainty in a man’s words. She also clearly understood that Jiang Chen would accept her as his woman, she had the realization the moment she entered the acting scene.

Except, she still felt slightly at a loss.

Jiang Chen is young and powerful, which is significantly better compared to the beer-bellied movie investors. Jiang Chen’s looks also appealed to her taste and were able to meet her materialistic needs. However, the reality was like what happened in the movie, Lele and the main actor didn’t manage to be together.

“In the next seven days, you’ll have an allowance of ten thousand dollars a day. Buy something with it. You can also use my mansion free at will.” Jiang Chen softly caressed Liu Yao’s face and whispered.

“Mhmm,” Liu Yao closed her eyes and covered Jiang Chen’s hand as she gently replied.

This amount was significantly higher than her salary, and the job was much more relaxing. There was nothing she was unsatisfied about. Jiang Chen had no weird fetishes and always treated her with gentleness.

She thought about it before she slowly climbed on top of Jiang Chen.

If that is the case, at least for the next few days, let’s enjoy this rare vacation.

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