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Chapter 21 - : Three Cups of Wine in the Boundless Secular World, a Cup of Tea in the Everlasting Great Cause

Chapter 21: Three Cups of Wine in the Boundless Secular World, a Cup of Tea in the Everlasting Great Cause

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Lin Yi nodded. “It’s just a tool for transportation, don’t make a fuss about it.”

“Transportation, transportation…”

Lin Yi’s words made Li Shucheng deeply feel the malice of the rich.

They actually said that the 20 million-plus Zonda was just for transportation!

Are you joking, Big Brother?

Lin Yi patted Li Shucheng on the shoulder. “I’m leaving now.”

“Okay, okay, okay. I hope that today’s incident won’t cause any trouble for Mr. Lin. On behalf of all the employees of Times Square, I look forward to seeing you again.”

Lin Yi and Xia Xinyu got into the car under the watchful eyes of countless people.

“Where are you going? I can take you home.”

“Just take me home,” Xia Xinyu said with satisfaction.

She was already satisfied to be able to ride a supercar today and even follow Lin Yi around Times Square.


This time, Lin Yi didn’t make Xinyu place any more orders. After all, he had given her a lot of advice. He couldn’t take her money anymore.

Besides, it was just one order. It wasn’t a big deal.

After driving to Tianyi Homstead, Lin Yi took out a phone and handed it to Xinyu.

“This is for you. Thank you for your help.”

“For… for me?”

Xia Xinyu was shocked when she saw the phone Lin Yi handed her.

This was an apple phone worth more than ten thousand dollar!

“What else?”

“That’s not good. I was satisfied to even ride in a supercar.”

“Take it. It’s not much money.”

“Thank you, Brother Yi.”

After getting out of the car, Xia Xinyu watched Lin Yi leave with her phone in her hand. What happened today was too surreal for her.

She casually dialed a Didi and pretended that he was her boyfriend, but she actually met a rich kid who was out trying to experience life.

Life was full of surprises!

After sending Xia Xinyu home, Lin Yi did not take any more orders. Instead, he followed the directions of the GPS and drove to the Zhong Hai International Racetrack.

Lin Yi felt like he was in a dream when he saw the five-and-a-half square-kilometer circuit.

This would be his territory from now on.

Lin Yi walked straight into the office building at the entrance.

The structure was similar to other companies. There was a big reception bar at the entrance with two young women sitting inside. They were chattering non-stop, as if they were gossiping.

“Do you know? I heard that Qin Han is coming to our car racing field,” one of the long-haired women said.

“Who is Qin Han?” The long-haired woman asked curiously. Obviously, she didn’t know this person.

“You are too outdated. Don’t you read Weibo? If you don’t even know the famous Emperor of Shanghai, Qin Han, you are out of date.”

“I really don’t know this person,” the long-haired woman said in a silly and cute manner.

“It’s said that this Young Master Qin is a rich second generation that is even richer than Principal Wang. Moreover, his identity is extremely mysterious. Until now, no one knows what his family does,” the short-haired woman said in a fascinated manner:

“Some people say that he is a wealthy second generation, and some people say that the Qin family is a hidden aristocratic family. In any case, there are different opinions. In short, he is very rich.”

“Such a person should not be someone we can afford to provoke, right?”

“That is for sure. If we are lucky enough to take a photo with him later, we will make a big profit today.”

“As for this appearance… Eh, it seems that someone is coming.”

Seeing that someone had come in, the two of them immediately stopped talking and stood up:

“Sir, we are not open to the public today.”

“I’m here to see your manager. His name is Zhou Haitao, right?”

“What do you want from our manager?”

Lin Yi thought about it. If he were to say that he bought their racetrack, these two would probably think that he was retarded.

After all, he didn’t look like a rich man in his current clothes.

“Just say my name is Lin Yi. You can inform him.”

“Oh, okay, please wait a moment.” The receptionist said.

“Sorry for the trouble.” Lin Yi said

Just as the short-haired woman was about to leave, the door was pushed open, and four people walked in.

They were all very young and in their twenties. In terms of clothing, they were a few grades higher than Lin Yi.

Lin Yi felt that the man in the lead looked familiar.

He seemed to be the Qin Han that they were talking about earlier.

He wasn’t as high-profile as Principal Wang, but his picture was often shared on Weibo.

Qin Han’s expression didn’t look too good when he saw Lin Yi. In fact, he looked a little serious.

“Didn’t I tell you guys to clear the area today? Why are there outsiders here?”

The short-haired woman was startled by Qin Han’s question.

“Young Master Qin, I’m really sorry. This gentleman is looking for our manager Zhou.” The short-haired woman said

“Get Fatty Zhou to come down and deal with this quickly. We have driving practice today and we don’t want anyone to disturb us.” Qin Han snapped.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Qin. I’ll make the arrangements right away.” The short-haired woman said apologetically.

The short-haired woman walked out from the front desk and pulled Lin Yi to the side.

“Let’s go. Follow me to the second floor. Don’t Make Young Master Qin unhappy.” The short-haired woman snapped.

Lin Yi smiled. “Is that necessary? He doesn’t seem to be your leader.”

“He’s not our leader, but he’s the famous Qin Han. Not many people can provoke him in Zhong Hai. If it wasn’t for you, Young Master Qin wouldn’t have lost his temper.”

The short-haired woman sighed in her heart. If it was not for this person, she might have gotten a group photo.

Everything was fine before he arrived, but now it was all ruined.

The two of them went to the second floor together and the short-haired woman knocked on the door.

A deep voice came from inside.

“Come in.”

Lin Yi pushed the door open and entered. There was a mahogany desk inside, with a fat middle-aged man in his forties was sitting behind it, looking at the report in his hand.

“Manager Zhou, there’s a guest…”

Haitao stood up as soon as he saw who came in.

“Hey Lin, why are you here by yourself? You should’ve called me in advance so I could pick you up.”


The short-haired woman paused, looking at Lin Yi in disbelief. Which company’s boss was this?

He was so young!

“There’s no need to make such a big fuss. It’s the same even if you had picked me up yourself.”

Zhou Haitao led Lin Yi to the sofa and ordered,

“Little Zhao, go get a glass of water for our Lin. What are you standing there for?”

“Our boss Lin?”

“Our Zhong Hai International Racetrack has been bought out by Boss Lin. Call him Boss Lin from now on.”

“Bought out!”

The short-haired woman called Zhao was dumbstruck.

The person she had been complaining about was her boss?!

What kind of family did he have? How could he be so rich?

“I know, I know. I’ll go now.”

While the short-haired woman poured the water, Zhou Haitao handed Lin Yi the documents that he had prepared beforehand.

“Lin, this is the company’s production and business numbers for the past half year. Please have a look.”

“I won’t look at these professional things. Everything will be done according to the your previous operational plans. If there’s anything that can’t be solved, just report it to me.”

“Got it, Lin. You can give me any instructions at any time. As subordinates, we will cooperate fully.”

Lin Yi stood up and said,

“I’m not here to show you guys my power. From now on, this place will be my property. Take me down to have a look around the place.”

Three cups of wine in the boundless secular world, a cup of tea in the everlasting great cause.

With this top-class car racing field, his first step to stardom had finally been taken!

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