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Chapter 20 - Diamond Membership

Chapter 20: Diamond Membership

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“Yi Bro, why don’t you go in? I’ll wait outside.”

“What’s the point of waiting outside?” Lin Yi said. “The customer is God. There’s no God who waits outside.”


“Let’s go. We can always buy it at home, so let’s go to another store for now. Don’t they have Armani here?”

Xia Xinyu thanked Lin Yi from the bottom of her heart. To a certain extent, he had protected her dignity.

Although she was a woman, she still had to save face!

They didn’t walk far before they reached the Armani store. The men’s clothes were pretty good, and they were ready to buy a few pieces.

“Sir, Madam, I’m sorry. There’s a rule in the store that forbids streamers from entering.”

Before they could enter the store, they were stopped again.

“What’s wrong with streamers? Is there a need for this?” Lin Yi was a little confused.

They didn’t break the law, so why could they not enter?

“We’re a luxury store. Firstly, filming is forbidden. Honestly, if streamers were to film in our store, it would affect our daily business.”

Lin Yi shook his head. Selling a luxury product wasn’t enough to give him a sense of superiority.

“Then I’ll put away my phone. It should be enough, right?” Xia Xinyu didn’t want Lin Yi to be embarrassed, so she took the initiative to say this.

“It’s up to you whether you want to keep it or not. If you really want to come and spend, we will welcome you. But if you just want to watch, I don’t think we should waste each other’s time.”

“Let’s go to the other shops,” Lin Yi said. “I don’t believe it. All the shops are like this.”

If he shook Xia Xinyu off, no one would stop him from entering.

However, she had been following him this whole time and given him a lot of pertinent advice. Naturally, he couldn’t leave her behind.

Lin Yi didn’t think of himself as a gentleman, but at the very least, he had to be gentlemanly.

“It’s the same if you go to other stores. Unless it’s a domestic brand you won’t be able to enter–international brands like us don’t allow webcasters to enter. You’ll be rejected even if you try, so you’d better go somewhere else,” the female employee from LV said.

Seeing the people from the other stores watching the show, Xia Xinyu was extremely embarrassed.

Were webcasts so unpopular?

She did not do anything wrong!

“Since we can’t buy anything here, let’s go somewhere else,” Lin Yi said lightly, not taking the situation to heart.


Xia Xinyu responded and the two of them walked toward the elevator. Just then, the elevator door opened.

A young man in a suit walked out and ran to Lin Yi’s side.

“Hey, Mr. Lin, I found you.”

“You’re looking for me?”

Lin Yi was a little confused. “I don’t think we know each other.”

“Mr. Lin, let me introduce myself first. I’m Li Shucheng, the manager of Times Square.”

“You’re looking for me?”

“It’s like this. You bought that 17.5 million dollar watch at Patek Philippe’s store just now, and you automatically got a diamond member from Times Square. I’m here to give you a card.”

17.5 million dollars!

Li Shucheng’s words made all the employees in the store gape in shock.

They were in a bad mood.

How could they reject such a super rich man?!

Who gave them the courage to do this?

Li Shucheng handed over a platinum card. It seemed to be covered with real gold dust.

“If there’s such a rule,” Lin Yi said with a smile, “then I’ll take it.”

“Yes, you can get a diamond membership if you spend more than 10 million in our mall.”

“Alright, I’ll take it first. Bye.”

“Mr. Lin, aren’t you going to look around anymore?” Li Shucheng asked when he saw Lin Yi leaving empty-handed.

“They won’t let me in either, what’s the point of walking around for?”

“They won’t let you in?”

Li Shucheng paused for a moment. “How can that be? We’re a high-end mall, we won’t stop customers from entering.”

“My friend is a streamer, so these people are blocking us from entering,” Lin Yi said.

“Maybe they’re afraid that we won’t be able to afford the things inside.”

“No, no, no, sir, please don’t misunderstand.”

A few female employees of LV walked out and stood in front of Lin Yi, apologizing profusely.

“We didn’t mean to offend you. I hope you won’t hold it against us.”

The female employees almost peed their pants.

They could afford 17.5 million dollar watches, so would they not be able to afford a few clothes?

Besides, the diamond members of Times Square had many privileges.

If they complained, they would be fired without any room for negotiation!

This time, they had disturbed a hornet’s nest.

At the same time, the employees of Versace and Armani also stood up and apologized to Lin Yi.

“Sir, I’m really sorry. We didn’t mean it. I hope you can give us a chance.”

Lin Yi looked around and saw the female employees of various specialty stores all standing around and apologizing.

Xia Xinyu’s live broadcast room immediately turned into a large-scale carnival.

“I can’t stand those disgusting mouths of theirs. They think they’re superior just because they’re selling luxury goods. Where does their sense of superiority come from?!”

“Hurry up and file a complaint against them. Fire all of them!”

“They actually dare to look down on Almighty Lin. Don’t they know what they’re doing?!”

“Why don’t you let the webcasters in? They’ve dug their own family’s graves!”

Li Shucheng did not know that such a big commotion was going on in the live broadcast room.

However, from from his expression, the staff knew that he was about to die from anger.

“What’s wrong with you people? How many times have I told you not to judge people based on their appearance? Do you all want to quit?”

Just now, Li Shucheng secretly checked Lin Yi’s spending records.

He found that not only did he buy a 17.5 million watch, but he also bought 20 mobile phones and the latest Mac computer.

He didn’t look at the price of things like this. If it wasn’t for this incident, he could have spent at least a few hundred thousand more.

This was great. He had been ruined by these people!

The female employees all lowered their heads, their arrogant expressions swept away.

In order to protect their jobs, some of them were still apologizing.

“There’s no need to apologize, go back to your work.”

Lin Yi waved his hand lightly and brought Xia Xinyu downstairs.

Li Shucheng lectured the others a few more times before rushing downstairs with Lin Yi.

On the fifth floor, most of the brands were second-tier luxury brands. Both domestic and foreign brands accounted for half of the shops here, and the styles were pretty good.

After buying five sets of clothes in one go, Li Shucheng arranged for someone to help Lin Yi carry them down.

“Mr. Lin, there’s a Panamera not too far away. Is that your car?”

The car had been sold for more than two million dollars, and it was very likely to belong to Lin Yi.

With his status, a car like the BMW no longer suited his temperament.

Lin Yi shook his head. “My car is on the other side of the parking lot.”

Li Shucheng turned around and sucked in a breath of cold air!

“Pa–Paganini Zonda! This, this car should be worth more than twenty million yuan.”

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